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Taking the MilSim up a notch

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  • Taking the MilSim up a notch

    Now that vehicles are in place, would anyone be interested in discussing how to take the MilSim aspect of Squad to the next level? Right now, it's pretty run-and-gun in most games, with only the barest attention to strategy and tactics, but I think we can develop some good principles that squad leaders (alone and in concert) can apply. There's already good groundwork in place from PR.

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    *crawlingeye uses resurrection on thread*

    I find it hard to have a vehicle in my squads... too much to think about for me. I do however like the idea of mechanized infantry if the vehicle and infantry are seperate. Given the enormous ammount of soldiers a BTR can hold it would be no problem. The only problem I see at the moment is the inability to lock a squad, meaning that the BTR squad might get a full when they only want a driver and a gunner.

    Maybe a a vehicle squad is food for thought. Usually there are at least 3 vehicles on a map, maybe there could be a vehicle squad that are tasked with driving APCs (humvees are a bit to small for this imo) and Supply trucks. I think it could work, but it requires alot of coordination.


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      Mech Inf is very difficult to do in just one squad as a SL. You have to worry about not only the ground elements of your squad but also the vehicle itself. There is too much to control to make that effective.

      Locked squads would help this out a great deal, because right now it is impossible to run a full "BTR Squad" when you have 9 slots that are going to fill but, at most, 4 slots available for actual BTR work. I guess you could fill the remainder with medics and AT kits, then work with 2 other squads to do transport, but currently that is a majority of one team.

      BTW - this is thread I started about Mech Inf a while ago, so I'd just give us a gentle nudge in that direction if we want to discuss MECH INF in the current state of Squad. :)

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