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Don't hold your weapon like that!

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  • Don't hold your weapon like that!

    Does anyone know if the current implementation of how your in game avatar supports his weapon with his off hand (ie the godawful 'mag well grip') is a place holder or the finished article?

    I hates it, I hates it with a passion. It's only a little thing but I hates it. It looks stupid, in game and in real life. Its lazy, poor technique that seems to have gotten popular because it may be a little more comfortable.

    I hates it because you're sacrificing muzzle control, weapon control and accuracy. Jeez its practically a two handed pistol grip. You enter a room like that and you have no positive control over the front 50% of your weapon, including the important part where the bang bang comes out.

    A friend of mine who just got out after a long military career actually said you would get a slap round the head for holding your weapon that way in training unless you were resting it on a wall etc.

    Is this tactical travesty and visual monstrosity here to stay or a temporary thing. Looks like Goldeneye lol.

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    Re: Don't hold your weapon like that!

    ***you must spread...yada yada....***

    Great post.
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      Re: Don't hold your weapon like that!

      Grunt! Come and play Squad with us!


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        Re: Don't hold your weapon like that!

        I have a feeling they would fix something like that prior to full release.

        On another note, Goldeneye was an amazing game. :P




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