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Logistics: The most important vehicles in the game

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    What Crawlingeye and the Dev were talking about, this defence squad with combined logistice, I have tried this and prefer it as a 4 man squad. One is driving, the rest guarding a radio/hab(/flag). I think with 4 people it's not taking away too much in v9.

    I always have my small defensive unit in a good location away from and in support range of the other defenders. With 4 one has acces to a kit. You can have a sniper sitting on an ammo crate, able to switch to L-AT instantly.

    I agree with Dispo's reservation. Taking 8 guys might not efficient. You have to move too much imo. In a stationary fight you could just add your guys to defense. But in this game things are always changing and the infantry part ends up being too useless too much of the time. You end up just being an infantry squad that also does logistics.

    Locked squads is the number one feature I am anticipating in squad. In BF2 and PR, I feel there was a culture of earning your spot in the squad. People wanted to join good players and good squads, and adjusted their behavior, creating an upwards trend overall. Some of the disadvantages then lead to the famous "learn TG squads".

    We need a dev-whisperer :p.


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      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******




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