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Private Server - Fri Oct 7 - Squad Leading

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  • Private Server - Fri Oct 7 - Squad Leading

    I'd like to request the private server for a period on Friday night if some of you would like to share it with me. If we can get enough players who would like to share the squad lead we could all get a chance to learn the user interface for squad leaders.

    Cody & I were on a few weeks back but we could not build a Forward Outpost and so forth without more players. So, I would appeal to you guys to let me know who is interested in getting more comfortable with the game to reply here. If there are those who are skilled and would share a little time to walk through the bits and bobs it would be very appreciated.

    The intent would be to cycle through the players so we can all get familiar with the assets, the vehicles ect...then hit the server. Any takers?

    If there is already plans for that instance then sorry & I am flexible on the time yet. I was thinking about 8pm New York so I can get my chores out of the way.
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    The server is free Friday night. I'll get you set up with the password to the server on Friday via PM.





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