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  • Shout Out to |TG|Mikes

    So, yesterday I had a really great day playing and I feel I owe that to Mikes.

    Short history: Back in '09 when I first joined TG, I had a really sadly obsolete laptop that barely ran 10-12fps on any of my games. However, I still managed to love playing them on the TG servers. Eventually in '10 I had to format my drive, not having anything backed up (I cried). Then I get married later that year, and the need for a budget just wouldn't allow me rebuild my game library since finances were short (I cried more, but not because I got married). Then the money became more flexible, but I couldn't invest money into games just to play on that pathetic laptop, so I decided to wait for a new PC (and I cried even more).

    Finally, about a month ago, my laptop gave up the ghost, and I was "forced" (not really, but that's what I told my wife :P) to get/build a new desktop that can run nearly anything I want, and it was (and still is) glorious! The first thing I do then is download Steam, log in, and redownload what I had managed to repurchase over time. Shortly thereafter I came here to the forums to see what was new, and that's when I found Squad. I quickly joined the TG server and I was soon in love with my new favorite game.

    Shortly after playing my first round, I came across Mikes who was squad leading, and followed his every move while my brain was trying to sort out the hi-def visual clutter that makes the game so cool, and learn the gameplay. I had the pleasure of playing under Mikes for several days in a row while I learned the game. Mikes was skilled at the position, and was very patient with me as I was learning. I believe it was on the last round that we played together, Mikes tells me I needed to SL that round. I'm thinking, "Are you nuts? I haven't played in years, and I barely know the game!" But I did it, and he coached me. What he did was instill a sense of confidence in me that I could SL, and since then I have with a greater frequency.

    Now, yesterday I played 7 rounds, 6 of which I was SL. First round at SL we lost, but my squad was second best by within 100 points. Second round we lost narrowly, but this time my squad was top scoring. Rounds three through five we won decently well, and my squad scored second, each time being within 100 points of the top squad. Sixth round we won by a good margin, and my squad took top squad by nearly 300 points (that's a good feeling). Seventh round I decided to sit out as SL, and though the squad did good, we got our butts handed to us, and it would've been closer had I been SL. Knowing that, even though we lost, made me feel good.

    All of this to say that yesterday I had a great day playing. But I know it would not have been so without Mikes and his leadership, and then kicking me out of the nest. So, thank you Mikes for being a great guy and improving my experience!

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    Welcome back to TG Asta, and welcome to the Squad community!

    Mike is a great SL and definitely a credit to TG. Looking forward to seeing you on the server more often!

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      I also want to give a shout out to both Mike and Asta for squad leading last night. I had a blast and really enjoy playing on the TG server. Thank you for having a great community!


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        You are all too kind!

        Asta,I remember the fear in your voice when I said your up next. You did great!




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