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-=GFS=- RoomyPants Have Admin?!

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  • -=GFS=- RoomyPants Have Admin?!

    Was playing in the great TG server (600ish hours, many many times playing for the win within TG) and joined Mr. RoomyPants's squad... We were doing pretty decent overall imho, but then sheit hit somewhat of a fan (enemies started killing and seems like the flank was given up by our BTR).

    Me and and a few members were kicked from the squad... which is understandable if those me and the few members were long wolfing and rambo'ing, etc -- but the strange thing was that we were following the SQ's (RoomyPants) orders.

    When we were kicked from squad ( we all did not know each other, btw -- completely randoms that were all bitching the same tune about RoomyPants 'whiny decision' ), I asked in game chat...
    'Why were we kicked when we followed your direction and lead'.

    He didnt respond...(i gave a minute for squad discussions taking priority)
    Then I asked again... No response.

    I know how squad leading is, so i gave it time - then asked the very legitimate question once again -- i didn't want to rush him (especially if he was legit and i screwed up).

    Time goes by - then he responds with 'Quit Spamming Chat'


    At this time, I am watching his keystrokes on the map... he was not moving and at the same time, was able to warn me about my ..hmm...inobedient behavior.

    There was no team members waiting to join his squad..,. it was 6/9 after the kicking; and remained.

    I responded with ' Seems very cowardish...hmmm'


    I was then kicked from the server.

    So... just a few questions...
    Is 'RoomyPants' one of your admins that moderate the regular players of your server?


    Can we be kicked from asking a 'moderator' why he kicked us...seemingly very able members following the lead of our SQ?


    Just a fan of PR that wants THIS game to grow in the best way possible -- if there's cancerous admins of servers; then i want to make sure ill advocate against a possible newbies horrible experience - and i believe you have on in your ranks (if he is admin, of course). Not only me, a veteran of the game, but new names i haven't seen before said all the common thing about a person and a confusion of power.


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    Hi Deprivation,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us to hopefully resolve your issue. To the best of my knowledge, Roomypants is not an admin with our server. Before we can fully address the issue, you will need to submit your post to this link Be sure you are up to date on our Primer and Server Rules No further contact will be made on this thread. Thank you for your patience and playing with us on TG.




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