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  • Duties of a Squad Leader

    Hello again everyone!

    So, same premise as this thread I know I am at a certain level of play as a squad leader (SL), but still have much to learn and apply in that role.

    At the most basic level of SL, I know and try to apply with my squads:

    1. Be a leader and give your squad an objective to work at, whether offense or defense. Without a goal/task the group begins to wander, thus a breakdown in the battle line.

    2. Communicate intel to your squad. An informed squad can respond at a higher level than a blindsided squad can.

    3. To the best of your ability, mark on the map reports given to you by your squad.

    4. Supply their needs as best you can. (Rally point, ammo crate, sandbags, etc.)

    As SLing relates to other SLs:

    1. Communicate pertinent intel to the respective SLs, and let them know where you have marked it on the map.

    2. Coordinate attack/defense with the other SLs.

    3. Remember they are probably herding cats also.

    Not a long list, and I know there are holes, so what did I miss?

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    Pretty well covered Asta, so I don't have much, if any, new to add to it. However, I'll add my own flavor to some of this:

    Squad leading, if done right, is an exercise in multi-tasking and sacrifice. You need a decent amount of patience, you need to be able to communicate and you need to be able to think on your feet.

    Your primary job is to lead your squad. Sounds simple and obvious, but in reality it is not always an easy task. I've found through the years of SL'ing that the best time and place to get your squad to follow you is before the round even starts. Establishing roles (how many medics, what other specialty kits), communicating to your squad that you are working with the other SLs on a plan, and outlining your initial task/objective for the squad, telling them what vehicle to move to and where it is are all key to having a good squad. It lets people in your squad know that you are on the ball and that you have an idea of what you are doing. Players are more than willing to follow you if you make it clear to them you have a plan and are worthy of following.

    Expanding on that, you should *always* communicate the current objective of your squad via VOIP as well as marking the objective on the map. It seems so simple but people have a tendency to wander or do what they think is best if it seems as though the SL is not sure what to do or doesn't keep reminding them "Hey, we need to be here or we are defending this point or we are assaulting this point from this position." Keep the flow of information moving, it keeps the squad invested in the overall objective and makes them be part of the larger team.

    Speaking of information, once deployed into the field, the SLs #1 job is to be a conduit of information, both from the other SLs to his squad as well as from his squad to the other SLs. I'm often amazed at the lack of team markers placed on the map by other SLs. Placing a simple red marker on an enemy position alerts the other 34 players on the team instantly where the threat is, not just the other 8 in your own squad. SLs have a responsibility to the team, not just the guys in their own squad.

    This leads into the sacrifice part. A lot of times being SL kinda sucks. Not just kinda, it does suck. Coms coming at you from every direction, toxic SLs on your own team who feel they know every detail of what your squad is doing and like to berate other squads, squad members who aren't communicating and wander off on their own, back seat SLs in your squad who second-guess your every move, the constant bombardment of "we need a rally" when you can't place one for a variety of reasons, "I need ammo" - you name it. It's a constant stream of voices and information. It can be physically and mentally draining with real stress. The sacrifice is the willingness to take all of this on and give up some of your fun in the game (which is shooting people or blowing things up, let's be honest) to put your squad in the best position you can to achieve an objective. However, when you do that, and you take that point, or hold a point over and over, or pull off a beautiful, crazy flank, it makes it all worthwhile.

    tldr; Your duty as a SL is to the other 8 guys in your squad and the rest of the players on your team. Your job is to help put your squad and your team in the best position possible to achieve an objective.

    Now, we have something at TacticalGamer called TGU - Tactical Gamer University. We offer a SL course where we run through the basics of squad leading, how to do the different tasks that are unique to the SL (deployables, etc.) and some simple tactics discussion. I am interested in running this class on our private server at some point in the near future. If anyone is interested in taking this class please PM me and let me know. If I can get 6-8 interested parties (or more), then I will definitely run this class. Let me know.

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      I am so down to learn leading for squad. I got my OBS set up...ready to roll!
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