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  • [AAR] Official Squad AAR Thread

    Have a great game and want to tell the world about it? This is the thread for that!

    Post your stories of heroism and daring-do on the battlefield here to share with your friends and the community. Feel free to include screenshots or videos. Don't forget to consider nominating some of your outstanding teammates for a ribbon!

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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Eventually I will figure out to post here first! This discussion was on Discord. Hope it shows in the pictures.

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      Mission: Kohat Toi
      Time: 2100 Hours EST
      Server: Tactical Gamer

      Playing as Insurgents we started off the match pretty rough. Losing Suni Khel pretty quickly we were under siege at Chakar Kot. The US forces were surrounding us it seemed, putting an FOB near Ali Abad just east of us and their incoming HMMV strafing attacks from the west. Across the river south west of Chakar Kot, they set up multiple MG Bunkers strafing our mountain side defenses to the North which took away the tactical advantage of elevation. As the battle continued, we were pushing and shoving each other on the caps, Suni and Chakar... multiple caps and recaps!
      I decided I couldn't do much as LAT since we had so many already and shooting Frag RPGs at single flesh targets lost its appeal when you had to fight your way back up the hill dodging MG fire to resupply your rockets. So I went Marksman with the SVD and moved my way up to the large hilltop North of Chakar and started firing on targets to the effect of a blind man firing a weapon... worst rifle ever... or so I thought.
      I started to notice M4 and M249 fire above me on the hilltop, so I swung around to the far north and saw the M249 gunner prone raining hell down upon my friends Dirka Dan and Taliban Stan... So i casually rolled a grenade between his legs and I'm guessing he heard the "thud" because he got up just in time to see the grin on my face as he turned into giblets. I then moved down their entire squads firing line as they all laid in the prone position. A single round to the back of their heads with my pistol did the trick!
      As I was hooting and hollering over comms to Expendable and Wah I saw their SL move up the hill, as I scrambled away from being so exposed I emptied the remaining rounds in my pistol. Yelling to my squad to give me cover fire I moved to a flanking position with my rifle and one shot killed the guy in the head! Then an HMMV came up and demolished my face in with a .50 round... multiple of them.
      We soon lost Chakar Kot after this. Probably due to the US Forces rallying their troops to avenge their fellow squad that was all taken out by a single sniper. So I moved to the southern foothills using hit and run tactics. I ended up firing and moving against a full squad, killing or injuring multiple targets. Waiting for medics to revive then shooting them both, you know that kind of bastard like killing. :) After about a 5 minute cat and mouse game they finally ended up killing me by eventually rushing my position all at once while I was under constant M249 controlled bursts.
      We ended up winning the around making a stand in Ali Abad, but my story is something that I can honestly say was the best thing I've had happen to me in this game!

      Take Care!

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        Had a blast last night on the PW night - we should post all our AARs in here.


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          Had a great round here. Thanks to an update I got in quick enough to get into a squad...woot!

          Well it's a jumpy stream but the game played well for me.
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