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Quick and Dirty Infantry Tips

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  • [GUIDE] Quick and Dirty Infantry Tips

    Quick and Dirty Infantry Tips

    1. Slow down. Combat is about timing and control. Exercise control over your movement speed. Rapid movement attracts the eye. Use rapid movement when you can't be seen to relocate/flank.

    2. Use all your senses fully. Learn to use your eyes better. Pause, stay still and relax your eyes/focus. Don't try and drill a hole in the middle of your screen with lazer vision. Use your peripheral vision to spot movement. Don't turn to see it, let your eyes do their job (turning your whole body gives your position away). Your peripheral vision will pick up tiny movements quicker than focusing on a small area to your direct front.

    3. Don't shoot the first guy you see. Observe, see how many there are, where they're coming from and where they're going. Most people run in a straight line from the reinforcement point. Simply trace their direction of movement back. This may lead you to a fob or rp.

    4. When it's time to engage in an ambush scenario try and shoot the last man, then the first man in the column. This will confuse the enemy, is it contact front, contact rear, contact from the side? This can 'bracket' the enemy and fix them in place, which makes an easier clean up.

    5. Don't engage from a downward slope. That's just a nice backboard for all types of splash damage and you stick out like a sore thumb.

    6. High ground is good but people never look down. Look down, whats happening underneath your nose. If you hold the high ground don't skyline yourself, be mindful of your background at all times.

    7. Don't be afraid to use the low ground to maneuver. What appears to be open terrain can often be crossed out of sight if you move like water and always seek the lowest path. Be patient. You may get there quickly in one's or two's or you can get there a little slower as a full squad.

    8. Pick an appropriate weapon for the job.

    9. If someone died rushing into a building, don't copy them. You have grenades, use them. If you have to push in to clear frag the building first then push in. Get through the door fast whilst shooting and step to the side, working the wall round, get more guns in the room. Do it quick. If you don't need to go in, i.e. its a shallow room, blow it up.

    10. Peeking a corner is great but not something you want to repeat more than once in the same spot and ideally you should vary your height on the second peek. Visualise your shot before peeking and be ready to engage instantly if your spotted. If spotted don't peek again.

    11. Consider taking your hardest shot first if you get the drop on multiple targets. Try and get as many targets as possible in your 'lane' (i.e. bunched in a manner that doesn't require you to shift your point of aim) before engaging. Once things go loud your accuracy will diminish, your targets will not only start moving, they will start shooting back. Start with the headshots and work down to body shots.

    12. Know how to read and respond to a flanking move by your opponent. A lot of flanking isn't supported by the fixing in place of the target, they aren't pinned by fire and by definition still retain freedom of movement. Sadly they don't realise this and simply stay in place and split their focus in two directions and get overrun. This type of situation is like boxing. A flank is just a big old right hook after a jab from your front. The trick is to see it coming and step out of your opponents reach. Anticipate the flank and withdraw, watch the flank swing past your nose and then pile drive them with a straight right. You will essentially be fighting in the same direction you always were with both squads lined up in front of you. You simply have to step back and to your left (or right if it's a left flank). Like boxing its about footwork. See what's happening and move, reposition yourself with your 'feet' firmly planted and pick your punches.

    13. Don't pop your cork before the squad is ready. Get as many guns in the fight as possible, identify your targets, assign them if you can, then drop them at the same time. Nothing is more disorientating then 4 or 5 guys in your squad being dropped near simultaneously. Odds are pretty good you've killed the SL and a medic and the rest of them will probably have no idea where the shots came from as comms will be overrun with 4/5 different expletive filled contact reports.

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    Re-reading! Great post!


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      A short video which kinda demonstrates why sitting on a hill without much in the way of security is not always a great idea. I actually bagged more than I thought in that sequence according to the end game stats but wasn't sure. Regardless, the high ground can be good, just make sure you know what's around you.


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        Grenades. As a medic, it's the one thing I miss, and yet, whenever I play a rifleman, I forget about them at least half the time.


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          If you absolutely have to clear a compound push in! Get through the breach and use leaning whilst rounding corners moving steadily. Don't pause at each corner, don't stop and peek if you have momentum. Each corner you stop and engage from is a fixed location that the enemy can defend against.

          Pressure them with speed and forward movement, drive at them. If you plan to take the compound you have to outpace their ability to revive and reinforce. Swarm them, shoot on the move, drive to the corners and winkle them out. Use your frags quickly and get back on your gun.

          The natural counter to a fixed defense is constantly shifting angles of attack. This applies down to a micro, even one on one, level. Keep moving, flow through the objective, purge your enemy.

          You only get the element of surprise once, commit, hard.

          Conversely, plinking at a defended/garrisoned location whilst fun is a rather meaningless exchange of ammunition in which the defenders hold the upper hand. Furthermore they'll likely report your location to their friends who will come to find you whilst you're otherwise engaged.




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