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    Yesterday I had a lot of success with this. I did the following...

    Fire Team Hippo, (4) Soldiers, Point Squad
    Fire Team Sexy Tiger, (5) Soldiers, Support

    Pretty much Hippo would take point and Sexy Tiger would be in the rear. I wanted to make sure that we barely saw each other so if one of us came under contact the enemy position would not know I had another fire team in the area.

    Hippo was engaged, I had Sexy Tiger pull a 360 around me while I got reports in from Hippo Lead of reported enemy positions. After I marked on map and got confirmation of enemy positions I split Sexy Tiger into two fire teams. SL and Medic were still Sexy Tiger, while the remaining 3 soldiers formed Cuby-wubby.

    I sent Cuby-wubby on a flanking move while Sexy Tiger feel back to place a new Rally Point down. By the time I got back the fight was pretty much over and we sustained minimal casualties.

    We moved onto the final cap that was heavily defended. I took my squad in a wide arch using the same point and support setup as before. After placing an FOB, Hippo reported finding enemy FOB. I had my entire squad rally up on Hippo, took any AR, GL, or scoped weapons and sat them up on an elevated position then sent the remaining on a flank. Once the flanking squad tossed their grenades we all just let loose and pretty much came in like a wrecking ball.

    All in all, this one a one off for me. Just a quick game in the afternoon then off to take care of the monsters.....erh I mean my kids. :)


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      Cool beans!

      Screenshots and videos next time!


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        I think that it's time to revisit fireteams! I haven't done it in a while due to herding kittens, but I have an urge to have at it again.


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          Something I use a lot still.


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            Resurrecting this because of Discord discussion.

            Did have something meaningful to add though, don't worry.
            Fire teams give you the freedom to have an attacking element and a suppressing element. Which, based on a few of the comments above, is very effective on eliminating enemy positions, even in game. Superiority of fire is super important and not practiced enough in-game imho.

            A few days ago, JohnWayne and I were on a hill south of Ammo on Fools Road with a bunch of pubs and we started taking fire from a hill over. I immediately called out heading in local and John and I unloaded on the ridge. The pubs with us fired off 2 or 3 rounds then went silent and stared at the hill as we emptied a whole mag apiece toward the enemy fire. (A important detail is we had friendlies orientate, then start pushing up the side of the hill to the top to get at the enemy so we were covering them as well as getting the enemies heads down so our medics could revive.)

            I was discussing with some other guys video game behavior in that people only fire at things they think they can kill. Also, chasing that almighty accuracy stat from COD which keeps them from shooting "randomly." Kind of a different discussion from fireteams, I know, but related as 2 bases of fire give you freedom to have 1 moving and 1 shooting and it's already established who does what instead of making it up as you come under fire.


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              What a Thread! Excellent read and I'm glad Shade revived it because I missed it earlier.

              An important factor to consider why Fireteams may work better now but not before, is the extended planning time at the beginning of the round. There is arguably enough time that if you had 3 TG guys in the squad (SL, FTL1, FTL2) you could pick the remainder of your fireteam playground style. e.g. "Pub1, BlueBerry, & 2Cool4School, you are with Pro-ActiveDeath." "Archer, Pub2, & KnuckleHead are with Celt".

              Just thinking aloud.




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