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  • Grandfathers Bronze Star WriteUp

    Sharing this with you guys... Going through some old papers I had while in the military, I used to correspond with my grandfather regularly and found a copy of his Bronze Star write up. After the war he became a master plumber and raised two children. He passed away in 2005, surviving 3 types of cancer, the 4th ended up taking his life. This man could still do one armed push ups at the age of 70, flew up for my boot camp graduation even when he was in a state not recommended for travel.

    For those of you that would like to know what happened, He was part of an artillery division called "The Ozarks". While in Germany they lost communications with their forward observer. My grandfather was tasked to find and repair the break in the phone line. While he and another were making their trip, tracing the line they came across enemy fire. My grandfather lost 1/4 of his left calf due a rifle round by an entranced enemy position. As his buddy and he struggled to get themselves into hard cover and return fire, mortars came raining down and gravely wounded both of them. He received shrapnel wounds to his face and right side of his body. His buddy lost his arm and received shrapnel in his back. My grandfather stopped performed first aid to his buddy and proceeded to return fire. He doesn't know what happened with the enemy but after it was quiet for some time and daylight ran out he pulled his buddy as far as he could outside of the area they received fire from and crawled back to his squad and started yelling for medical attention when within earshot.

    I am not joking in saying this man was a hero for me growing up and a helluva soldier. When you see an old man with a WW2, Korean, or Vietnam hat on... please say thank you. At one point in time they were more of a badass that any of us will ever be.

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    Can't figure out how to "like" a post so I'll just say ... Very cool Gaunt. The WWII vets are an amazing group. That whole generation saw and did things we will never be able to even imagine. Thank you for your service and thanks for sharing this story about your grandfather.


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      Amazing man, Gaunt. Thank you for sharing your grandfather with us.

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."


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        One more reason they are the greatest generation!

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