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    Use proximity chat more! Use Squad chat less!

    If you're next to someone or in proximity chat range use it to communicate small details or stuff that is relevant to your area. Only broadcast stuff to the squad that's relevant to the SL or entire squad.

    If you are next to a teammate or squad mate and spot something/enemy etc tell him the full details but give an abridged version to your squad/SL. The fine details, descriptors of location (third bush left on the left side of the two storey building at 220 degrees), are only relevant to people in your exact location. Then decide if it's relevant to your squad and THEN pass the information on in a concise format. If your SL doesn't ask for more detail don't provide.

    Information is largely perishable. It has a shelf life. Things change as time moves. A lone enemy moving from point a to b won't be where you reported them to be in a few minutes. Once you've reported it if relevant get off the net. The SL has heard you, so has the squad, and is processing the information. He's figuring out patterns of movement, points of origin, reinforcement movement from other flags etc, distance to possible contact, direction of contact, enemy likely flanking routes and how to position his squad. Stop talking on Squad chat and let him think, plan and issue orders.

    One of the biggest issues for me at the moment is the staggering amount of distracting comms as a Squad Member, let alone as Squad Leader with Command chat on top. People having extended conversations about irrelevant stuff across the top of the whole squad etc. Sometimes it's meant well, it's just general shooting the breeze. Sometimes it's people just not really caring and akin to an open mic night for the world's worst comedians. Either way the effect is the same, it distracts the entire squad and renders them deaf to battlefield sounds. In addition it overloads the SL with superfluous comms, making his job a lot the harder. It also makes it harder to issue orders for a lot of SL's.

    The solution is simple. Stop. Switch to proximity and in any situation evaluate whether it's appropriate to be 'chatting'. If your driving to an objective miles away from contact, I'm sure people won't mind some banter. If you're in close contact or the SL is busy, probably best you don't clutter the airwaves with why you like pizza.

    Remember, you might not care about this sort of thing, it might not bother you. Perhaps you love to unburden yourself when you're dead. The problem is your in a squad with 8 other people and they might like to be able to hear the game they're playing. It's a teamwork game, be a good teammate, exercise a little discipline.

    Lastly, if you're dead, say so, give a location and any other quick Intel, then be dead....Quiet. Let your squad mates hear what's going on, hear the enemy, communicate effectively, you've got a much better chance of being revived if you don't handicap them.

    Most TG players are good at this but we all lapse from time to time, help new players understand why this is important, set a good example. Let's show people why TG has the reputation it does and help develop new Squad players while we're at it.
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    The use of the squad net versus proximity voice should be a "smell" that your squad and fireteam cohesion needs work. If your buddies can't hear you, you're too far away.


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      Originally posted by KeithMann View Post
      If your buddies can't hear you, you're too far away.
      This may be the best line I've read about squad communications in a long time.

      I will be stealing it.


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        Originally posted by ExpendableCrew View Post

        This may be the best line I've read about squad communications in a long time.

        I will be stealing it.

        I'm also a fan of "dead men can't talk", I feel it takes away from my immersion when a dude gets killed in CQB and reports everything he sees post mortum.

        I've been trying to teach comms dicipline, but it's hard for some people (Including me at times). If I'm in a good mood while playing I'll start making "LEARN TG" squads to try to enhance the quality of play on the server.




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