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    Hey guys,
    I'm new to the Tactical Gamer community. I just want to give kudos out to the TG Squad server. It is the only server that I really really try to play when I'm playing Squad. The manner of professionalism and skill on this server is outstanding. And you don't have some recruiter trying to hound you in joining either. I actually had to hunt you guys out to find out how to join the community. Some specific shout-outs to Crazydrunk, Bopat, and Packettrace. These guys were some great guys to play with. Again, thank you for the opportunity to join this group and I will see yall on the battlefield.

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    I noticed that you have already visited the topic "introduce yourself"
    But in any case, welcome and enjoy everything the tactical gamer community has to offer.
    And that's why it's worth every penny of the subscription haha
    Welcome abord Nighthauk and enjoy!


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      Moved to CAA.
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        Hey thanks Night. I only play about 3 nights a week. But be glad to have ya if you see me on.


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          Awesome. See ya on soon.


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            Originally posted by Jeepo

            Hi Nighthauk, great to have you at TG, looking forward to getting shot in the face.

            For things like this where you want to report any sort of incident, we use the Contact an Admin thread -

            You can use that to report things or players, or if you have a question specifically for admins. Of course, you can also grab us in TS or Discord.

            For this specific sort of incident, unless some rule is being breached, then they are free to jump on and create their squads and invite their friends. If their chatter is not game related, and is impinging on peoples ability to play, that is a different issue.
            I appreciate it. I'll go through the right channels then. Yes, their chatter was impairing other squad leaders.




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