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Squad 22 MAR 2017 Kohat, assault on Mohd Zai.

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  • [AAR] Squad 22 MAR 2017 Kohat, assault on Mohd Zai.

    The round started with competent infantry squads forming. My squad, four strong, grabbed a Crows Humvee, and proceeded to try a very long flank on the east side, to see if we could effectively support the infantry from the hilltop east of Mohd Zai. I didn't really think it would work from that far away, but that road is also my favorite road to drive.

    By the time we arrived the squads on our team had already secured the previous flag and were preparing to move on Mohd Zai. We looked to be steaming ahead, but the infantry were beaten back and a long battle for Mohd Zai ensued.

    From the hill we were able to see nearly all movement below, except for the flats of the valleys. The Humvee weapon at this range did not seem very effective for killing infantry. Our gunner did not register many kills. But it did seem effective at keeping them confined to the flats with tree-cover.
    In the video below you can see this when the team alerts us that an enemy squad is coming from the valley trying to flank our defenders. They end up being caught between that squad and the crows. But what surprised me this round was how easy it was for us to engage enemy vehicles.

    After a back and forth our infantry got a good grip on Mohd Zai, and a full squad among which Dispo's moved in on the north side of the buildings. They fought for what seemed ages over those few buildings. And right at the end, a BTR rolls up in the middle of them. When we get alerted of this, we are able to easily finish him off, at the end of the first part of the video.

    In the 2nd part of the video the enemy is pushed back more and bringing out armor rather desperately. Our position again allowed us to deal with them easily, although that might have not been the case from the viewpoint of our infantry :p.

    Overall for our squad the position was surprisingly effective. We were able to finish off at least 4 to 6 vehicles, without losing any. With a full squad this would have probably been ineffective. It would have been impossible to coordinate our fire as effectively with the SL in the valley. It would have put too many players too far from the battle.

    A general remark:
    Squadleaders, make a habit of putting everything on the map. I often notice squadleaders omitting to put contacts on the map when they have the time, even armor. Never expect that your squad-mate is not going to hit him, or that some friendly armor will not help you. In the midst of battle not all communications come through first time.

    In this video you see Dispo and the other squads reporting the vehicles, putting them on the map accurately, and updating the markers. That is the only reason we were able to so easily kill them; because we knew exactly where the targets were before engaging.

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    THAT is how you use this crop of vehicles. Mobile support platforms and troop carriers. Beautiful work. Now, imagine when you get to build a TOW and mortar pits in the near future.....

    Nicely done Al - you raise good points with the map markers - it is so easy to get lost in the battle when SL and any visual markers can make life easier.


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      Lack of map markers from other SLs to mark positions is a constant source of frustration with me. I abuse those red markers. SL to SL direct channels, coupled with markers are force multipliers. People need to learn this concept.

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        just amazing!




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