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    Ahoy Mates!

    |TG-Irr| Asta85 and |TG-Irr| Gaunt, here! We have to tell you that some Irregular things have been happening lately. It’s been a few weeks since it has started, and you might have noticed it. You might have even asked about it. If you haven’t noticed it, we have to tell you it’s truly a really big deal. But if you don’t know why it’s a big deal, well, we are about to tell you!

    What Irregular things are we talking about, you ask? The Tactical Gamer In-House Squad (IHS), The Irregulars (Irr), is alive and well in the Squad game title!

    OK, you have some questions, and we get that, so we are going to answer a few. Namely:
    • What is an IHS?
    • What is their purpose?
    • What are The Irregulars and where do they fit in the TG community?
    • How can I become a part of The Irregulars?

    Since most of what we will cover has been said before, we will quote from other posts. Let’s begin!

    What Is An IHS?

    Who knew there was a deeper side to TG than just wearing the tags? Well there is, and it’s called an In House Squad. But what is it?

    “Tactical Gamer In House Squads (IHS) are small factions, not independent of TG, but formed to allow groups to more closely work together to develop tactics, procedures and missions. Able to operate as individual units they are most powerful when called in to represent TG, bringing their own flavor and style into helping the community as a whole.”

    “An IHS is simply a group of players who have banded together under a single title / tag within the Tactical Gamer (TG) community. These players have the desire to work together as a unit within the greater TG team.”

    What Is Their Purpose?

    “In house squads were created not to be exclusive, not to be inherently competitive with one another, but they were created to allow for training in small units. The squads are not supposed to be exclusive of one another or better than you are; rather a more cooperative feel because ultimately everybody here is TG and we’re all Tactical Gamers FIRST. In House Squads are just ways for people to specialize in areas of the game they like and excel at those so they can work with other squads and the community as a whole.”

    “There tends to be one single overarching purpose of an IHS, and that is to grow and learn from friends to become a better functioning unit as a whole than the sum of the individual parts. In other words, the members of an IHS learn and practice to function stronger together.

    However, each IHS does have their own goals and desires. Some players have come together for the enjoyment of roleplaying and diving deeper into the finer aspects of simulation gaming, acting out their roles on the battlefield. Other players have formed an IHS because they enjoy the laughter and commentary that can only exist amongst friends.

    All In-house Squads are becoming better team players in their own way”

    What Are The Irregulars and Where Do They Fit In The TG Community?

    “Some In-house Squads focus on only one game or mod, while others have interest and participate in multiple games / mods.”

    “We understand that not all players have the means or desires to become a supporting member. Fortunately theIrregulars provide many of the benefits of being in an IHS and do not have a Supporting Membership requirement.

    The Irregulars fall somewhere between a full In-house Squad and regular players. The Irregulars have a public discussion forum and accept supporting and non-supporting members alike without any SM requirement or limitation on size. The Irregulars also serve as a stepping stone into joining the ranks of a full IHS, as many In-house Squads recruit from this pool of players.

    The Irregulars are also a great way to explore what sort of IHS is most appealing to you.”

    As noted in the above quote, The Irregulars serve as a bridge between the TG community as a whole, and the IHS system. Many of the IHS’s look to The Irregulars for players ready to take the next step up. A good way to look at this is like the Major Leagues farming from a AAA Ball Club. If you think you want to try for an IHS, and haven’t been directly recruited into one (as often times happens in the big leagues), but aren’t sure if you want to, then The Irregulars are a great way to test the waters!

    One of the other big differences between a “regular” IHS and The Irregulars, is that The Irregulars can be (or are) a part of ALL game titles or mods played within the TG community. And, unlike regular IHS’s, you don’t have to have a Supporting Membership to be a part of them. So, if you don’t have the ability to make a financial commitment, or can’t invest a large amount of time into an regular IHS at the time, but want to spice it up a bit, The Irregulars are for you.

    How Can I Become A Part of The Irregulars?

    Though all who wear the TG tags are exceptional, The Irregulars attract those who desire to be more in game and in the community, but we only accept those who work to do more.

    To be a part of The Irregulars, in the appropriate forum thread, you have to affirm and adhere to the following:

    “I, as a member of the Irregulars, hereby promise to fulfill the following expectations and to uphold the following guideline of behavior:

    - Read and uphold the mentality outlined in the TG Primer
    - Read and abide by the server rules outlined for every game I play on TG servers
    - Act with maturity at all times while playing on TG servers AND while posting on the TG forums
    - Treat all members and visitors to TG, in game and on the forums, with respect
    - Notify the Petty Officers of any prolonged absence or significant drop in activity.
    - Keep up to date on the Irregulars' Code and community guidelines.

    - Maintain an open attitude toward other players; Do not lock squads with the intention to keep out non-TG players
    - Remain open to constructive criticism; The Irregulars are here to help you grow as a player. Be open to advice.
    - Maintain a regular amount of activity in the forums. This is not an expectation, this is required.

    I acknowledge that the failure to uphold any of the above expectations or rules may result in my removal from The Irregulars roster.”

    As previously stated, EVERYONE who wears the TG tags is exceptional. Though the above is a tall order for many, it is truly a small step for those in the TG community.

    If you think you have what it takes to become an Irregular, then step up to the plank and go to these two links and complete the tasks given:

    If you have any questions, just post them below and we will try to answer them. We look forward to the adventures beyond the horizon!


    |TG-Irr| Asta85 and |TG-Irr| Gaunt,

    Irregulars Officers, Squad Division

    P.S. - Some perks to being in the Irregulars:

    - Participation in private In House Squad trainings.
    - Ability to play in internal IHS v IHS scrimmage events.
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      That is humorous =)

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        Originally posted by Celt View Post
        If you're having Irregular bowel movements, you should see your local medic.

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          "Step up to the plank..." That sounds like something entirely different from stepping up to the plate.

          Nice post, Asta. And I'm glad you're getting help with your irregularity.

          Arrr mateys!


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            Nice to see that the IHS still gets some love. Been a couple of years since I was part, but it was always a good bunch of weirdos.
            Keep up the work and I'm glad you guys found a new game in squad. In my time (around 2010) it was bf2142 and project reality.
            Proud to have been an Irregular!

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              Alright guys, all joking aside! We are excited to get the ball moving on this! If anyone has any questions please message Asta or I!


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                  I am shamelessly bumping this back to the front. I also added a small P.S. with a couple of perks to being in the Irregulars. And, since the original post, we have added some really great guys to the Irregulars. Namely:

                  Pro-Active Death

                  Our numbers are growing, and that means TG is growing. Very, very soon we will be adding even more great names to this list! The question is, will you be one?


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                    I need my daily fiber




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