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How to potentially increase your FPS by using Windows 10 Game mode

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  • How to potentially increase your FPS by using Windows 10 Game mode

    For those of you struggling to run squad, most likely due to outdated hardware, there is something quick and simple you can try to potentially boost your FPS. It involves using Windows 10's new built in "game mode" that was added in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

    The fastest and simplest way to see if you have the Windows 10 Creators Update is by checking if the "gaming" menu exists in your windows options menu.

    gaming menu.jpg

    If this menu does not exist, you do not have the Creators Update. In which case, go to this link:

    And press "Update Now" to download and install the Creators Update.

    The update will take a while because it is essentially installing a Windows Service Pack, much like in the days of previous Windows iterations.

    Once Installed, open Squad and press "Windows Key + G" to open the windows gaming menu. If the menu does not open, try switching your game to windowed or borderless mode.
    Once the menu opens, press the cog wheel that says "Settings" Then check the box that says "Use Game Mode for this Game"

    game mode.jpg

    Now Game Mode is enabled, and you should get a few more FPS. This will primarily benefit people using low end rigs, but may not help people with high end rigs.
    Also, don't forget to close all background applications (Internet Browsers, Email Clients, Video Conference Calls etc.) to maximize performance.

    I hope this helps!
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