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The Marksman Class - Pariah of the 9 Man Squad or Lethality Incarnate?

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    Originally posted by Wicks View Post
    Copied from my post elsewhere as its much more relevant to this discussion:

    I actually welcome the 8x scope. If you're going to have a DMR in a Squad I personally want it used as a DMR not a poor version of the scoped rifle as it's currently used by many. This would in fact actually legitimise it's choice in the proper circumstances, i.e. long range fire support and target interdiction.

    I think the scope will actually define the role better and ensure it handas limited but effective application. It will become very effective at its intended purpose and an even poorer choice for unintended ones.

    I personally welcome that kind of kit diversity as it adds depth a touch of realism.

    I think we'll actually see an increase in Squad Leaders asking for a Marksman with an 8x when deployed s become a thing.
    I totally agree. The higher power scopes will finally allow the Marksman kit to differentiate itself from the Rifleman Optic kit and become a valuable and easy choice when kitting out the rest of the squad.

    My issue with the higher power scopes from the other thread is that they are going serve as even further bait for the type of player that should not be within 100 miles of the kit and are better off being issued decoy rocks as their main weapon.

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