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Ribbons Revamp!

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Ribbons Revamp!

    Ribbons Revamped!

    Hi everyone,

    From this point forward the Ribbons process is being simplified to make it easier and quicker to use.

    Under the new process when nominating a fellow player or Community member for a Ribbon you simply need to do the following:-

    - Create a new thread in the Contact an Admin Section for the relevant game as follows "Ribbon Nomination - (Insert Player name)"

    - The Admin Team will acknowledge your nomination within that thread (that only you and the Admins can view)

    - The Nomination will be taken into consideration and then you will receive a reply either confirming the award, declining it or potentially a request for more information in respect of the nomination

    - Any successful nominations will be announced by the Game Officer or appointed Admin in the game/title forums in due course.

    That's it. Nice and simple. There is no change to the nature of the Ribbons nor any change to the requirements for Ribbon Nominations.


    - Ribbon nominations must be kept private, don't tell someone you've nominated them

    - Ribbon nominations should tell us 'When, Who, What'. They should paint a picture for those who weren't there so we can see why the individual is deserving of recognition.

    - Example "A good ribbon candidate - Someone who distinguishes themselves in their actions among those who routinely play at the expected level of TG quality play. Someone who demonstrated superior handling of a tank in support of an infantry assault on a contested, or remarkable leadership and motivation of a squad while under heavy fire holding a crucial point during a round."

    - Example "A less good ribbon candidate - Dave is awesome, he killed a lot of dudes, he does that a lot"

    Further information about Ribbons can be found here, including a breakdown of the different Ribbons available.

    So get those nominations in for your fellow players and lets recognise those among us who go over and above.



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