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Squad Animation Update - May 2017

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  • Squad Animation Update - May 2017




    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    that map though


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        Originally posted by K1LL3R 0F 4LL View Post
        that map though
        I'm excited... one more map for me to perform clueless FOB placement when I SL


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          Man, excited about free look more than anything!


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            AA guns!


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              FYI Narva 4x4km, the city itself is about the same size as Fools Road.


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                the prone lean is something I have needed in game. Glad it is almost here.


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                  Here's hoping for TrackIR support for free look! I think that bipods for the SAW and RPK is going to be a game changer for that kit, and you will be able to lock down angles/sectors much more effectively without having to be prone.

                  A lot of interesting updates, that is for sure. New maps are a good thing.


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                    The 8x scope for the marksman kit previewed as well as a the suppressor for the M110 I'm sure will inspire an entirely new generation of Squad players to believe that they too can be the most elite army/navy ghillie suit captain price coriolis effect wind calculating snipers that ever graced a 9 man squad. And just when I thought we had begun to rehabilitate it's reputation.

                    Distinguished Squad Leader


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                      I don't think the suppressor will make it into the game as that could very well be the old animation model they used to simply showcase the scope. Someone alluded to as much on the Squad Reddit I believe.

                      Alternatively it could but bearing in mind the M110 isn't using subsonic ammo, well it's still a pretty loud and distinctive sound when fired. The pitch and tone is different and the sound is much flatter and harder to discern as regards point of origin but it's still audible at some distance. It's quite a loud 'ptish' sound lol.

                      Judging by the incredible work on gun sounds in Squad so far I would imagine it would emulate a closer to reality sound as opposed to the whisper quiet nonsense of Hollywood.

                      Also I actually welcome the 8x scope. If you're going to have a DMR in a Squad I personally want it used as a Dmr not a poor version of the scoped rifle as it's currently used by many. This would in fact actually legitimise it's choice in the proper circumstances, ie long range fire support and target interdiction.

                      Currently many select it, somewhat understandably, simply to have another scoped weapon in the Squad. Unfortunately that's something of a misuse of the role and restricts other kits that may be more essential.

                      If it's selected because a higher magnification scope is required and it's the only platform that can deliver that, that makes sense. It's worth the tradeoff in losing another support kit because you need that range.

                      The role excels and is designed to extend the engagement envelope beyond that of the regular rifleman. It is a poor rifleman kit. Less ammo etc.

                      As more assets/features are introduced an 8x DMR will come onto its own as a counter to bipod'd lmgs which will be able to deploy accurate 'area effect' fire at very long ranges. That is the perfect time for the Dmr to step up and engage from the outer limits of the LMG's effective range. Same thing with mounted/static hmg etc.

                      Ironically it's the 'aggressive recon' style DMR players that are in strictness 'doing it wrong', that's an unfortunate spillover from games like BF etc where 'snipers' shoot at people from 20 feet. However the current 'hybrid/rifleman' kit is as much a product of the implementation in game, ie the 4x scope as anything along with the tricky visuals making having another scope, any scope, being better than nothing. The kit selection is then defended by saying I'm sticking with my Squad and doing work on the flag, so... teamwork.

                      What's overlooked is that it's a poor choice for that role, period. If that's all your needed for at that time pick rifleman. When you need a DMR get one.

                      I think the scope will actually define the role better and ensure it has limited but effective application. It will become very effective at its intended purpose and an even poorer choice for unintended ones.

                      Marksman, not assaulter/breacher.

                      I personally welcome that kind of kit diversity as it adds depth and a touch of realism.
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                        I welcome the 8x scope. Recently as SL I've more so than not enjoyed the perks of the marksman. Especially on base defense! Just last night I was tasking my marksman to roam my flanks and find good scouting positions to identify any incoming threats. More times than not they will be able to identify something. Such as mortars, FOBS, HABS, enemy movement.

                        The two things I want in this game more than anything that doesn't involve game play is...
                        1. Head and mouth movement in game when free look and VOIP are being used.
                        2. Ability to include patches. I think having an IHS patch on uniforms would be cool. I know Arma does this and back in the day R6 was the first I can remember allowing you to do that.

                        The game is making strides... with the Humble Bundle sale I'd have to imagine they are going to be releasing the update sometime soon... 2-3 weeks?


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                          I think we'll actually see an increase in Squad Leaders asking for a Marksman with an 8x when deployed lmgs become a thing.

                          This is only my opinion but I can't stress enough how much 2 properly deployable lmgs per infantry section is a game changer for Squad. The ability to put down that volume of fire highly accurately at medium range and create beaten zones at long range is a big, big deal for Infantry combat.

                          If you don't have vehicle support you may very well want to consider a kit that will allow you to identify and eliminate lmg gunners right at the edge of their effectiveness. Otherwise you either go static and hope you have two lmgs to reply with, bearing in mind they may see and engage you first or risk legging it across open terrain and being cut to pieces.


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                            Enjoyed your thoughts on the DMR. I think because many people picked it just to get a scope gave the role a bad name. I agree that it's an important role when it's needed, and a bit of a waste when it's not needed.

                            I think people mistakenly think that guns are just for killing people. There's plenty of uses for the weapon that don't involve actually killing anyone, like suppression, area denial, etc. So the AR is brilliant for that sh*t. The Marksmen, however, is one, as far as I can tell, that is meant to kill people. Maybe this is why people love to grab that one? :)




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