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RIbbon Awards June 2, 2017

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] RIbbon Awards June 2, 2017

    The admin team has been busy discussing, vetting and voting on a number of ribbon nominations over the past week. I'd like to thank each of you that took the time to nominate your fellow players to be recognized for their efforts both on the virtual battlefield and within the TG community as a whole.

    A quick word about the nomination and approval process:

    Not every nomination receives approval from the admin team, even if the ribbon itself is judged to be well deserved. We have a set of standards and guidelines that we follow as best we can when it comes to Ribbons. A Ribbon is the highest form of public recognition that we offer at Tactical Gamer. Receiving one is meant to be the highest formal honor that you can receive within our community, and as such, we judge not only the player receiving the nomination but also the written nomination itself. A poorly written nomination will not receive approval, as it does not maintain the level of integrity we desire for a ribbon award. We do not look to cheapen the value of ribbons, both new and especially those that have been awarded, by lowering the standard to the point where we will award them for anything.

    A few tips about writing nominations that will not only help them get approved but also add value to the ribbon itself (and make the player receiving the award feel really good):
    • Make sure the nomination tells the story of what occurred. It's not enough to say "Player Y is a great marksman, he really saved our bacon with his amazing head shots.". Instead, write it up as it actually happened: "We were trying to assault the Market flag from the west. Player Y took up position for overwatch as we crossed the open fields to reach the objective, providing information on contacts he saw so we could avoid fire as well as suppressing those contacts that were a direct threat to us as we were exposed." Put the reader in the middle of the action with you so that anyone reading it will truly understand why you are nominating the player and why they deserve the recognition. This is probably the most important factor.
    • Make sure that the actions you are nominating the player for go above and beyond what you would expect from your average Squad player. Everyone expects players to be able to shovel, bandage, revive, etc. What is it that this player did that stood out to you as a "Wow!" moment?
    • Video and or screen shots would be cool (but aren't necessarily a requirement).

    Lastly, remember that ribbon nominations are to be anonymous. Quid Pro Quo is frowned upon and will result in automatic rejection of a nomination if it is suspected. Let's work hard to ensure that ribbons truly mean something and their value is not diminished.

    With that out of the way, the Admin Team is proud to announce this week's Ribbon Awards!


    Valorous Unit, Class 1


    |TG-Irr|Gaunt, |TG|BleedingKnee, Straylight, Saber4, Bearjew2995, |TG-X|Mantak, Joker, |TG|BigGayAl, Portable.Cougar, |TG|Masterjack

    Gaunt , BleedingKnee , saber , Bearjew 2995 , BigGaayAl , Portable.Cougar , Masterjack, @Stray Light

    When: Saturday, May 20 - Yehorivka AAS v2

    My squad was tasked with taking and defending the Village flag at the beginning of the round. We were organized as a Mech-Inf squad, with Portable.Cougar driving our BTR-80 and |TG-Irr|Gaunt serving as gunner. We also took a logistics truck with us to help us supply a radio so we could deploy a forward spawn for our team as we anticipated the main bulk of the fighting to be between the Village point and South Stepne.

    We deployed without incident to the AO and quickly established a defensive perimeter to defend against a possible enemy rush to our flag. Once our radio was deployed, |TG|Masterjack began making supply runs to our position as well as supplying other positions in use by our team.

    Almost immediately after we had established our radio position and constructed our HAB (as well as repair station for the BTR), we came under assault from our north, which was our rear flank, by both infantry as well as an enemy 30mm BTR. My squad reacted to this contact with precision and aggression, moving in a coordinated manner to engage the enemy before they could close to direct contact with us on the point. What was even more impressive was that we did not over-react to this contact and several squad members maintained their positions on the south flank, toward the South Stepne point. This was the tendency of the squad during the entire round; re-acting but not over-committing to contact and preserving our defensive perimeter.

    This first wave of contact was met with precise infantry fire coordinated with our BTR crew in full support, suppressing and destroying enemy infantry. This allowed our anti-tank personnel to move toward and engage the enemy BTR, which was a substantial threat to our APC support. After engaging and damaging their BTR, our BTR crew (driven by Portable.Cougar) moved to flank the enemy BTR and destroyed it.

    The enemy had a spawn point established north which allowed them to continue their assault. Time after time, my squad worked well together with crisp, clear communication, excellent fire and maneuver, and fantastic medic work to repulse each wave. Most notably, our defense was very aggressive and we continued to push toward the enemy spawn point, eventually over-running and neutralizing it.

    As we were destroying the assault to the north, the enemy team began assaulting our position to the south. As mentioned previously, my squad was very disciplined and maintained our defensive posture to the south flank. Because of this, we were able to hold off the enemy assault on our southern flank until the squad was able to regroup and respond with force. Again, well executed coordination between our infantry element and our BTR support repelled several waves of assaults.

    Eventually we were attacked from multiple directions simultaneously in a well coordinated push by the enemy team, lost our BTR and were pushed off the flag. After this I ordered my squad to fall back to our next defensible flag, which was SE Petrivka. We fell back to immediately be confronted by an enemy presence that had just captured this point. At this point we were without any armor support for our assault, but again the squad worked as a cohesive unit, surrounding and destroying the enemy infantry as well as their APC support. We were able to clear the point and recapture it as the round drew to a close.

    During this entire match this squad performed far beyond what I what I consider to be the norm. We had some small turn-over throughout the course of the match (losing Portable.Cougar and Masterjack to real-life responsibilities), but our replacements filled in as though they had been in the squad since the start of the round. Our overall performance was astonishing, with a squad KDR of 142-29. We very well could have exceeded 150 kills total if our disconnects had been in the final tally. The KDR is just an indication of how well our squad performed and worked together during that round.

    Each of the members named exemplifies the teamwork and dedication to playing the game "the way it is meant to be played" that we espouse at TacticalGamer, and in doing so have brought great credit both to themselves and to the TacticalGamer community. I consider their efforts during this engagement as well above our established standards of "normal", and in doing so it is my distinct honor to nominate each of them for the Valorous Unit ribbon.


    Distinguished Volunteer, Class 1


    Who: |TG-Irr| Asta85


    When: Daily

    Asta has thoroughly distinguished himself as a cornerstone to the TG Community for Squad. His daily duties are that of a Game Admin, IHS Officer, TGU Instructor, and a Supporting Member.

    This nomination is due to the countless hours Asta has dedicated on the forums, discord, and in-game to further the experience of every TG member and guest that enters our community.

    Over the past few months, Asta has worked towards building the ranks of the Irregulars as an IHS Game Officer. Monitoring the admin channel in Discord, ensuring server playability as an in-game admin. Finally, Asta continues to be a beacon of SL leadership on the virtual battlefield.

    Through his actions, Asta exemplifies what it means to be an excellent member of the Tactical Gamer community. So, it is with great honor that I nominate Asta for the ribbon of Distinguished Volunteer, Class I.


    To submit a Ribbon nomination, please post the nomination in our Contact an Admin forum

    For more information about ribbons, please see: Ribbons. What are they and how can I get one?

    We will try to post our Ribbon winners every Friday.
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    Congratulations to all, great nominations for well deserving candidates.


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      Well deserved ribbons! Congrats to all you guys!


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        Congrats to all!


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          Good job to all the recipients!


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            WTG, guys!
            |TG| Mannerism


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              Well done, all!


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                Still don't know how to add the ribbons lol


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                  Still don't know how to add the ribbons lol
                  I guess it's the pretty much like you add your signature bro!


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                    Yeah I just save the ribbon picture and then upload it to my signature. To make it clean I have edited them in paint.


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                      I can help out. Just get a list of your awards Rambo




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