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Ribbons Awards June 16, 2017

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Ribbons Awards June 16, 2017


    The Squad Admin team is pleased to announce our latest recipients of recognition for excellence by their peers.


    Distinguished Anti-Tank, Class 1

    Description: The Distinguished Anti-Tank Service Ribbon is awarded on a selective basis to soldiers demonstrating an exceptional ability in the role of Anti-Tank. They have a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their armored opponents, and are able to leverage that knowledge to defeat armored targets as an infantry soldier.

    |TG-Irr|BitmapLuke BitmapLuke

    When: Gorodok- Militia - 6/13 - Midnight

    I decided to run an ambush squad as SL on Gorodok as militia. The goal of said squad was to plant FOBs behind enemy lines, set up ambushes, and run down enemy logis with our 2 gun techies if it got past our strong points. While various squad members either drove techies or manned the HMGs and emplacements, I actually forbade BitmapLuke from driving or gunning because he had chosen the Militia LAT kit. This proved to be an extremely fortuitous decision as his LAT performance on numerous occasions throughout the round guaranteed our stunning success.

    Specific examples from during the round:

    1.Wild Logi - As Shade and Luke were building an emplacement, a US Logi attempted to run our strongpoint. Without hesitation, Luke was able to instantly switch from shovel, to HEAT round and landed an extremely well placed shot on a high speed Logi as it was bypassing our position. A later SPG shot from Shade finished the job.

    2. Humvee Ambush - When Shade, myself and Luke were bringing up a new Techie from Main, we ran into an Open Top Humvee headed into Pavlov.. With myself as driver, Shade as gunner, and Luke as passenger, naturally we decided to immediately engage the Humvee. A close range battle ensued where our Techie became entangled with the Humvee and its infantry dismounts. Shade and I died before we could finish off the Humvee. Luke however, survived the engagement and was immediately able to bring his RPG to bear on the Humvee, quickly destroying it and also dispatching the remaining infantry and also still better, saving our own Techie.

    3. They Shall Not Pass - My squad setup a strongpoint specifically located at M7 on the eastern US road. This is where we encountered and destroyed the majority of the US Logis and Humvee. Each time a Logi or Humvee attempted to run or bypass the strongpoint, I witnessed Luke consistently hitting extremely fast moving targets with the RPG and making it vastly easier for our various emplacements and Techies to finish off the vehicles.

    Overall, BitmatLuke was an essential part of our ambush squad on Gorodok for that round. At no time did his high level of LAT kit performance dip during the round and I have personally recognized that he was a key part of our Squads success and I doubt we would have done as well as the Squad did had a couple of RPG shots from Luke not been as clutch.

    The ambush squad that night overall destroyed an estimated 4-5 US Logis and 4-5 US Crows and Open Top Humvees. BitmapLuke was workmanlike in LAT performance. His high level of play guaranteed my squad's lethality and his performance with the Militia LAT makes him deserving of the Distinguished Anti Tank Ribbon.


    Please join me in congratulating our newest ribbon recipients!

    If you know of someone deserving of recognition for rising above and beyond what is expected, please consider taking a few minutes out of your day to write up a nomination to recognize them for their efforts.

    For a description of our ribbons program and available ribbons, please visit this page

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Congrats BitmapLuke !! I have witnessed and documented your excellence with the AT classes. Good Work!


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      Congratulations BitmapLuke well done!


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        Thank you mates! This was only possible with the help of the TG community/players that allows me to raise my game.


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            |TG-X| mp40x

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              Luke doesn't seem capable of such results but I accept the outcome.

              Distinguished Squad Leader


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                Congrats Luke!


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                  Well deserved Luke. Congrats!


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                    tks Gaunt and ExpendableCrew buut

                    Originally posted by C0pernicus View Post
                    Luke doesn't seem capable of such results but I accept the outcome.
                    Yeah, probably I've used aimbot. Shame on me :/


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                        Congrats! Stick em on.


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                          Congrats Luke!!!




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