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  • Marksmen and DMRs

    Currently ive been loathing the Marksman class , due to its killing range potential , sneakiness and the ability to hold down an entire point from 100-300 metres away , but many people portray the class as useless and people including me , would rather see another LAT or Autorifleman on the field so here some ideas that i would like to say maybe be added for the class to make it more versatile
    - A Bipod (Many people find it hard to deal with the second shot recoil of the SVD and M110 SASS , even though its recoil normality is only small , its hard to escape after the first bullet if you miss
    - A Rangefinder /w marking capabilities (the ability to tag and also tell the range of an enemy gives two positives , the ability to zero on the target quicker and able to tag enemies a squad leader might not be able to see without having to give a rough estimate
    -The Ability to deploy a prone sniper camouflage net like this ( this gives the marksmen a advantage after the first shot as it hides them from sight
    -A Spotting Scope ( this is a small idea but when the actually Sniper category comes out , which i dont know if it will , this will force a marksman to be chosen as the sniper needs the range , windage and other factors when shooting , increasing the amount of marksman chosen

    Currently and i hate to say this , Marksman are been chosen by people with wack aim and no strategy , this is not their fault as they havent had time to practise

    These are some short and snappy ideas i had and just wondering what you guys think about the Marksman class and what can be done to improve it , comment below :D

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    There is fantastic discussion located here on the marksman class:

    It's an older discussion but it checks out. Definitely add to it and get it going again.

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