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Ribbon Awards August 2, 2017

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Ribbon Awards August 2, 2017


    The Squad Admin team is pleased to announce our latest recipients of recognition for excellence by their peers.


    Combat Action, Class 1

    Awarded for: The Combat Action ribbon is awarded to players who possess a keen sense of battlefield awareness, survival, lethalness and tactical action on the battlefield.


    Who: Pro-ActiveDeath

    What: Combat Action, Class I

    When: Multiple occasions, but specifically 7/19/2017 - Al Basrah AAS V1

    Why: US side. Our Squad was assigned to invade and capture Village, using a Striker as support. I was as a driver and MrSoup as Gunner. When we reached the village on the NW side, our men began to dismount and as soon as Pro-ActiveDeath dismount from Striker immediately he saw an enemy LAT approaching on our right flank, we could not avoid the first HIT we received, but with the good call that The Pro-ActiveDeath did as soon as he was on the ground, MrSoup was able to eliminate that enemy LAT quickly.

    After our men cleaned the north side of the village, we continued to clean and secure the southern perimeter, arriving in the SE part of the village we had more contacts and even found an enemy HAB already active. Striker stayed behind to support Squad as well as P-AD that was with the Marksman kit, taking care of our right flank, thanks to his calls, it was possible to avoid 3 more hits of enemies' LAT's because with great mastery he was able to designate The targets for Striker to shoot down, as well as managed to clean up a lot of the enemies that were on our right flank.

    After capturing and securing the village our squad continued eastward to support the Gas Station flag, arriving there we were received under heavy enemy fire from the buildings, this time P-AD entered one of the tallest buildings and from there it continued giving us the Position of enemy troops making it capable of keeping the Striker safe and lethal almost the entire match.
    After capturing Gas Station, our team was assigned to advance to Mosque, since we had another team capturing Fringe on the south side of the map. After losing Striker under the fatality of running over a mine, as we were entering the city and heading towards Mosque, our SL designated that I, P-AD and another buddy to respawn and we were assigned to form a FT and continue advancing and cross the bridge to Alleys, where previously P-AD had detected a enemy Mortar Pit.
    Me and the other soldier crossed the bridge while P-AD gave us cover from the top of a building all the time, eliminating some threats and guiding us through the alleys until we managed to eliminate that enemy Mortar Pit. Thanks to the good calls and precision in the shots of P-AD we were able to go back to Mosque and help the rest of the team to finish the capture.

    Pro-ActiveDeath actions exemplifies what it means to be a team player and duo his actions you can notice that he possess a keen sense of battlefield awareness, survival, lethalness and tactical action on the battlefield, always remainimg calm in the most diverse and adverse situations. I could nominate him to the distinguished sniper, since we all know that he has great effectiveness with this kit, however, I believe that more than a good sniper, Pro-ActiveDeath is a great and lethal soldier so it's with great honor I nominate him to the Combat Action Ribbon.


    Please join me in congratulating our newest ribbon recipients!

    If you know of someone deserving of recognition for rising above and beyond what is expected, please consider taking a few minutes out of your day to write up a nomination to recognize them for their efforts.

    For a description of our ribbons program and available ribbons, please visit this page

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Bravo, well done, richly deserved old chap!


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      Yes sir! Congrats brother.


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        Congrats Pro-ActiveDeath well deserved!


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          Well done!


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              Unstoppable. Well deserved.


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                Thanks All! I am back home and at my PC, so I'm looking forward to some gaming tonight. Hope people are around.


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                  Congrats man!




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