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Finding a Solution to Filling the Server

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  • Finding a Solution to Filling the Server

    Feeling the urge to play Squad, start TS but no one's there. Oh well, maybe they're just not on TS, You hop on Squad. Opening the server tab, where's the TG server? Scroll down, down, down, and down... There it is! 0/78(+2).

    We've probably all been there, and when finding an empty server, one usually boots up another game.

    Seeding is usually pretty boring and can drag along for quite a while before you get any traction. What I suspect is that there are several people at a given time that want to play Squad, but seeding feels like a complete waste of time if you have to do it from scratch. Just 3-6 people is often enough to get the ball rolling, and when you get to 20, people start surging into the server. With 3 people per team you can start fobbing and fight over who can build the neatest castle.

    The problem is that they don't know about eachother, they log on, look at the server and think "meh" and move along.

    Is there a potential solution to this?

    You can shout out that you are in the mood, but messages get lost quickly. Maybe a "#Squad Seeding" channel where you announce your interest?

    You can idle in the Squad TS channel while playing some other game, to mark your interest.

    Similar to Discord but in the form of a thread which you respond to.

    Thought and ideas?

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    I think just sitting in TS is the best bet, or using the Squad general chat in Discord as well to see who is on or interested.


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      The devs need to push something out soon.


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        The issue I find with seeding, besides the whole "the party must be someplace else" atmosphere that we human gamer herds find ourselves in is the problem when you have very low numbers and one side decides they are going to blitzkrieg the other side with no warning that they are going hot. You find yourself in a very discouraging situation when you are bopping around the map or creating a fortified area practicing different building schemes and suddenly your squad is wiped, your fob is gone, all your vehicles have been destroyed and you are trudging out of main against a team that has rolled armor up to your closest point. Immediately the ones that were in the low key mindset leave and you find the server bleeding players. The server can go from 5 v 5 to 3 v 2 in a blink and now you start all over. A server message about seeding rules would help to at least notify people that this isn't the way to do it unless everyone agrees.




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