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  • [IMAGES] Map layer braintrust

    As Wicks always preaches:

    "Discord lacks substance, take it to the forums" -Wicks 206BC

    In this case he is right, alot of stuff gets lost quickly and therefor I'm making this post so that we can coordinate our efforts.

    The tool that I, and others, are using is
    With it you can create your own map layers, tactics or whatever. You can sign in with steam and let others join your session via linking your session.

    My latest endeavours have led me to create these:

    Fool's Road INVASION:
    My first brainchild. The intention to have the middle caps so close to eachother to have that area feature the most intense battles.

    Al Basrah AAS:
    This was a collaboration between me, dispo and mantak (Through the tool I linked). It adds big capzones in the city to let the insurgents play like insurgents (hide and seek).

    "Yeah, the thinking here is that the US is invading, so they're coming down the MSR and taking objectives that make sense - the airfield, a VCP, a bridge on the MSR, the refinery. THen, big cap zones in the city to control a neighborhood and not just a city block. Insurgents can rush out to defend the access to their city but they really can't easily stall the US advance to airport (but fighting over that area would be so cool)
    Also, the airfield now becomes the "super fob" location of the US, with mortars, etc. Insurgents can attack it regardless if it is in play or not
    I'd rather see VCP and Bridge be the control points to access refinery and then go to the city, then the island" -DisposableHero

    Gordok AAS:
    My next project would take me to Gorodok, and how to make it fun. Being a fan of symmetry I came up with this, where both factions seem to have equal oppurtunity to rush radiostation(middle flag).


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    my only worry with that layout of Gorodoc is that all 5 of those flags can be active at once. there are not enough players on the server currently to support that many active flags.


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      I like the Fools Road layer surprisingly. It's probably my most hated map in the game but that one actually looks like it could be some fun. Doesn't look like it would be so much of a rush or lose round.


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          Explain the Narva layer...too many flags and too close.

          I like the Fools Road layer, but maybe without the Ammo flag and then have flags 2 and 3 on both sides need to be under control to attack Hilltop?

          "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
          |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

          No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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            the Narva layer is a Inf seeder map.
            the fools road layer had alot of design points. we decided on this one instead of the 2-1-2 layout to try something more asymmetrical and to focus the fighting around strategic points of interest.




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