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What can you do to help you squadleader?

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  • [GUIDE] What can you do to help you squadleader?

    Okay fellas! Let's help our SLs out by giving eachother tips and tricks to lighten their burden.

    Squadleading is mentally draining, but with the right preconditions it can be a joy to lead a squad on the battlefield.

    “So what can I do as a simple squad member?” You ask yourself.

    First and foremost you have to start thinking about when and when not to use your squad net chat. Most times using squad net is not nessecary.

    Examples when not to use squad net:
    1. During a firefight (the guy next to you needs the information you have, not the whole squad. Use local instead)
    2. Foot patrol banter. (Your SL might be talking to other SLs and needs to pay attention. Use local instead)
    3. If your message isn’t urgent like “Hi! What kit do you need and where?”. I try to use squad text chat for that instead.

    Examples when squad net is appropriate:
    1. Contact report when defending (if the defence is spread out then you have to report your contact somehow)
    2. You are cut off from your squad.

    To summarize using local instead of squad net is generally a good idea. Much of what you say is more impactful if you use local, that way your buddy also gets an audio cue of where you are if you are moving mutually.

    “Okay, sounds fair, but I want to help out more!” You say.

    If you feel up to it you can opt to take up a junior leadership role. The SL can only be at so many places so if you think it might be a good idea for you to take charge and lead a small team according to the SLs orders you can work wonders on the micro levels of battle. In that case ask your SL if you can lead a fireteam, then he can either assign you a few guys or deny that he needs a fireteam.

    “Cool! I've wanted to start leading, but I feel I don't have experience. This is perfect for me!”

    Okay then, if you're in battle with a few squadmates, on a flanking maneuver, then take charge and start leading the team you're with. Tell one to cover while another crosses, order them to pop smoke, report progress to your SL. Your squadmates will naturally follow the commands.


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    Oh good topic!

    I'll add the following:

    When you join a squad:

    1. If it's in the middle of the round, introduce yourself to the squad so the SL knows who you are and that you're new to the squad
    2. Hold you spawn and ask the SL where he would like you to spawn at. Patience is key.
    3. Before spawning, ask what kit he needs and when he tells you, take that kit and not the one you really want to play.
    4. If you see that there is only 1 medic in the squad then ignore #3 above and fill that open medic slot. Nothing tells your new SL and squad mates that you are a team player than taking the medic slot without being told to.

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