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WIP guide to FOB building/deployables. (v10)

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  • [GUIDE] WIP guide to FOB building/deployables. (v10)

    I felt like writing down some of the principles I've distilled defending radios(FOBs), by use of deployables. Will update gauging interest.

    In my personal taxonomy of FOBs, there are two distinct categories that indicate how they should be constructed:

    1) The HIDDEN FOB:
    -Built off flag.
    -Used only as troop reinforcement, or resupply point.
    -Should have minimum amount of structure for stealth
    -Usually radio+hab+ammo+repair
    -Usually for attack or regrouping when losing a flag

    -Built on flag
    -Used as the center of a strongpoint that will be defended by bodies and off course for resupply
    -May have defensive structures built

    Now the info following on the different deployables pertains almost exclusively to the DEFENSIVE FOB.


    1) Radio

    -Should go as much as possible in the middle of the defended area. Experienced opponents (or lucky ones) will destroy your radio by proximity. Try to keep the radio protected from direct fire, in a building is better, but it is very important that it not be on the edge of the defended area.

    2) HAB

    -Inside of a building whenever possible. Protects and hides the spawn, especially if you built lots of things around, it becomes more difficult to find and camp the hab. In a way the HAB is most important. The key principle perhaps affecting this type of defense is whether friendlies that spawn when you are under attack, have the time to get situational awareness, and the means (cover) to fight out of the hab effectively.

    -Placement: make sure at least one exit is usable by exactly lining up one of the far side exits when deploying. The other two are behind you so you cannot place them accurately. Secondly but very important: try not to have any parts sticking through a wall that the enemy will be on.

    3) Ammo

    Often overlooked, ammo placement can cost lots of lives. If the fight heats up ammo is one of your main advantages over the attackers. Many friendlies will be running to and from the ammo. Placing it in grenade country can cost dozens of lives, including through explosion of the ammo crate itself.

    Ammo should be put in the corners, in cover. put it where you would want to reload if the enemies are on the walls. Put it away from main traffic in the area, so that you don't create congestion (e.g. right next to hab). It should be in houses, in recesses, away from infantry traffic.

    Place at least three when possible, again to spread out the bodies and maximize your ammo advantage.

    4) Machine guns and machine gun bunkers

    Here I feel I need to discern between two usage cases:

    A) Anti-vehicle:
    -Placement more more liberal free.
    -Larger FOV
    -Manned and fired exclusively to counter vehicles
    -Can be on roof

    B) Anti-infantry
    -RESTRICTED FOV; preferably anything you can see from the gun, you can also shoot. Ideally, anything that can see you, you can shoot from the gun position.
    -Covers the main infantry entry/exit points. In my opinion one entrance should always be left open, this should be the best one for infantry to exit when under attack.This entrance left open then also attracts the initial attack to your best defenses.

    -Best placement: in windows,
    or otherwise surrounded by as much hard protection as possible. Deploying on windows has to be done very carefully for height. In v10 I believe both machine gun bunkers (as previously) and now too some stand alone MGs can be deployed on top of crouching soldiers. MGs deployed in this way are the only ones that got actual kills and presented an actual problem for attackers.

    5) Hesco bunker with roof (US/RU)

    -This is next to the hesc imo the best defensive deployable in the game. I think lots of these should be used. They are often a more effective firing position than a machine gun emplacement. I think many won't believe me on this, but I can only say I have experience camping fobs.
    -Can be placed on roofs, nearly anywhere really.
    -Can block entrances just like the Hesco, but with added mortar and grenade protection from the roof.
    -Decent mortar and grenade resistance.

    6) Hesco

    -2nd best of all the deployables.
    -Good grenade and mortar resistance
    -Used for cover, as a grenade trap (not sandbags please), and for blocking entrances
    -Is a grenade/mortar resistant ladder

    7) Single hesco

    -This is your new sandbag wall. Due to sandbags having become useless mostly because of grenade damage, this should be used whenever possible when a hesco wall is not suitable. You can never count on the sandbags covering you to be there the next second. But this tiny hesco fulfills that role perfectly it will give you cover when you really need it against almost anything, throughout the engagement. Well worth the cost.

    8)Sandbag walls

    -Not to be used whenever you can avoid it.
    -Only advantage is that you can stack them three high. The grenade damage change has made them stupidly useless. They are more likely to get you killed than help your defense.
    -Main use currently is adjusting height, for an MG to deploy on, or for an infantry to be able to shoot through a high window.
    Unless playing as insurgent or militia, one should never waste time and resources on something this unreliable, this likely to get you killed. It attracts grenades by Jove!
    -In summary: do not build.

    9) Oil barrels

    -Good hard cover as far as I know equivalent to hescos and resistant to large caliber weapons.
    Useful to channel traffic and provide hardcover.
    -Disadvantage: low and climbable.

    10) Wooden walls

    -Good height, but climbable
    -Because of height and color usually preferable over oil barrels.
    -Decent resistance vs grenades and mortars
    -I'm unsure about high caliber penetration on these, if someone knows plz tell me.

    11) AA deployable and SPG deployable
    I have never used these effectively so I can't offer any principles on these.



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