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  • What is Squad

    I see a lot of people on the TG discord playing Squad.
    Would someone be so kind and give me a quick rundown? :)
    Saw that it's early access but they must be doing something right if so many people play it. Is it worth getting?

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    Fenster, it is the evolution of Project Reality, which as you may or may not know, was a very popular mod for Battlefield 2.

    We have a very active community and I would suggest you check them out, like our own pocket of TG at Arma, the guys over at Squad are quite welcoming.

    Pop in their discord channel and say hello.

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      Hi Fenster

      I think Dimi gave a fine summation to your general question. If you have any more specific questions, please feel free to ask here, or in the Discord channel. Also, for more info on Squad, their website is


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        Might have a new summernight game to play!
        Only played Project Reality very little but I enjoyed it a bunch!


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          I've been enjoying Squad more and more the last several months as it's developed into a more full experience with vehicles and more kits. Teamwork is rewarded by the game mechanics (generally) and TG's Squad Admins do a great job of making sure the server is free of griefers and selfish players. Definitely worth the price as is stands, and the developers are active and ambitious so it should just keep getting better.




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