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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Free Weekend and TG

    Yep, Free Weekend. It's that time when all sane Squad players decide to enjoy the great outdoors or find another game to play while the Squad servers are being overrun with new players who don't have a clue on how to play the game. There will be an endless supply of players not in squads, players getting into APCs and not understanding why the can't drive it away or get into the gunner's seat. People who will decide to respawn on the rally point with only 1 spawn left on it. People who will teamkill friendlies because they can't tell the difference between Russians and Brits on Kohat. Worse, people with an hour of game time starting their own squad.....

    It will be madness.

    It's also a great opportunity for us to grow our community. That's right. It's an opportunity. The server will be full of fertile young minds ripe for capturing and keeping around our community.

    Well, it will be, if we all have the right attitude about it.

    So, consider this post a call to arms. A rallying cry.

    We need dedicated Squad Leaders who will be welcoming to new players. We need Squad Leaders with an abundance of patience and a willingness to sacrifice some initial squad performance in order to teach these new players some of the basics. Things like:
    • how to bandage yourself and how to bandage others
    • the critical difference between right clicking and left clicking with their shovels
    • the difference between a rally, a HAB and a radio (or FOB - which is stupid at this point)
    • what a crewman kit is and why you need it
    • the importance of waiting for a medic and not giving up right away
    • why you want to stay with your squad

    The list is endless. We also need, desperately, the help of experienced players who are not Squad Leaders to help their friendly SL herd the cats and teach them the ropes. It's got to be a team effort. Let's work hard to try to give these new players a great experience so they fall in love with the game and want to keep playing it, whether that is with us at TG or elsewhere.

    Here's a few other things that we're going to ask of everyone:
    • Don't pack your favorite SLs squad full of TG players. Leave some room for new people to get in.
    • In light of the first point, start a squad and call it "Learn Squad" or "Learn TG", and run it as a learning squad. If you see a "Learn" squad and there are already 2 or 3 TG people in that squad, join a different squad.
    • If you join a squad with a brand new Squad Leader (you know it's going to happen), try to be helpful explaining the game and the role to the player without taking over the squad. Most importantly, BE SUPPORTIVE of the Squad Leader vocally in front of the rest of the squad. Don't let some idiot with 300 hours start berating the new SL because they don't know how to place a rally point or because they're unaware of the "meta" and do something "wrong". Have the SLs back.

    Most importantly, let's try to keep the teams as evenly balanced as possible with SLs and leadership. We don't need one team full of TG players and the other full of new players. I can't think of a faster way to chase these players away from our server or from the game itself other than steamrolling them back to their main in 15 minutes, round after round.

    Let's all work together to give these new players a "HOLY SH!T" Squad moment this weekend. You know the kind of moment I'm talking about, one of those moments that you can only get in Squad.

    Lastly, help the admins out. I know that there will be intentional and unintentional disruptions and rules violations this weekend. Please be patient with the admins, we'll probably have our hands full. The first line of defense is to try to educate the new players of any rules we have that they might be breaking. We don't have that many complicated ones, so this should be simple. If there is a problem, the best help you can give them is to report any violations without doing it repeatedly. Second to that, if you can take screenshots or video evidence of any serious issues, the admins can use that after the fact to make sure the issue is addressed. One thing that the admins do not need is to be told to ban someone, kick someone, or anything else.

    Simple rules to remember, learned from years in youth baseball that can easily be modified to fit Squad:

    Players play.
    Coaches coach.
    Umpires umpire.
    Parents cheer.

    Clearly defined roles for everyone and if everyone stays in their role there is no issue. Problems arise when one group tries to act in the role of another group.

    So, for Squad, it's fewer groups but still the same philosophy: stay in your role.

    Players play.
    Admins admin.


    Ok, speech is over. I look forward to seeing everyone on the server this weekend putting their best foot forward to represent the TG community and the overall Squad community in the best possible light.

    Thanks everyone!

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Looking forward to the weekend, it's been a long time coming for me... How does Squad stand-up vs. PR?


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      That comparison would be unfair at this point since Squad is still in Early Access, and very much incomplete. Whereas, PR is complete, and has had many years of additions.


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        I enjoyed the experience, so I just got Squad on sale. Looking forward to playing soon with you guys!


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          Originally posted by |TG-Irr|Nixon View Post
          I enjoyed the experience, so I just got Squad on sale. Looking forward to playing soon with you guys!
          Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. See you in game!
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