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    Originally posted by cris View Post
    After leaving the Planetside2 pastures for Squad pastures, my first time SL'ing had another SL start hampering on me during the match, turning me off right away. Yeah, I was new to Squad, but I'm not new to leading a bunch of dudes to glory or death.
    Another thing related, is Squad leader to Squad Leader chat. Many times other squad leaders will attempt to control/direct the team when in reality, they don't have any control over the others. When you talk to another squad wanting something, a request is what should be used, not an order. This also applies to complaining and calling out other squads for doing something, don't, ask the dude if he wants feedback, or request him to change his objective. (Edit: This will change when the Chain of Command is upgraded with a Commander)
    Agreed. I know it's easier said than done, but don't let toxic or rude SLs dissuade you from finding your feet as an SL. I find it is best to ignore them: mute and go about your business with the remaining squads that want to work with you.

    Originally posted by cris View Post
    Currently, I have no way of hosting a solo server and turning on no-clip to go explore the map. The lack of a more detailed map is pretty hurting, and we don't have helicopters or UAV's. Jumping into a empty server is painfully slow to explore in a truck and difficult to get a bird's eye view.
    Map's like Mestia are pretty bad for getting a know the terrain from the map.
    The in-game maps definitely need some work. I'd love topographic maps instead of the messy pseudo-satellite maps we have now.


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      Ive only squad lead a a few times so here is some on my thoughts

      Dont get stressed or abandon your plan, just because other squad leaders think you are not helping enough. I often see sqds just rush into the meat grinder, instead of choosing where the battle should be by maneuvering. Using 5 min. to flank or find a better way to assault instead of doing the same thing over and over often leads to victory.

      One thing ive noticed is that many SL apparently dont have a keypad, and often goes, hey sqd 2 bla bla bla... and then have sqd 2 reply the same way on the SL channel thereby spamming every SL. Always when its not pertinent to every one, talk to the specific sqd.


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        Originally posted by jmlane View Post
        I find it is best to ignore them: mute and go about your business with the remaining squads that want to work with you.
        I would like to amend your statement by asking to also report toxic SLs to the admins. This was a horrible problem on US servers in squad from the start. The only reason it is playable now is that the admins have been pro-active in cleaning up the server.

        If you are getting shouted at, or someone is swearing at you or other SLs, they should be reported. Often admins won't kick a player. But if the behaviour persists then the reports will build up and the repeat offenders can be removed.

        We all say something emotional at times, but it is important to at least log bad behaviour to protect the enjoyment of all on the server.


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          I don't play this game enough. That's why.


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            With the FTL position a thing now, I am much more comfortable in that position. Plus its usually late at night when I play so I am tired before you US folks all jump on.


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              Its hard to keep up the enthusiasm needed to be an effective squad leader round after round.

              I really can't play more than one or two rounds in a row, especially after squad leading. So usually I will SL on the full round I play and ride with someone else if I join mid game.


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                Boils down to two very simple things, that happen to me as an SL week after week. Number one: Squad members not listening, and leaving my squad after the game has begun, and we're in combat. And two: extra chatter on both the SL coms and Squad coms (read: non-priority noise).

                I'm well aware that I cannot force people to join, nor can I lock people in a little cage to make sure they don't leave. We're all here to have fun, and if my style of SLing isn't acceptable for someone in my Squad, I would certainly encourage them to leave. But every time that happens, I find two things happening. A, I wonder what am I doing wrong, that I see people leave my squad in every single game. And B, I was relying on those people to fulfill certain tasks. Tasks which - I no longer have the manpower to complete. My 'in-game plan' has just been changed, and simultaneously made significantly harder.

                The second thing, would be com chatter. I myself am terrible at multitasking. Which is one of the fundamental concepts of being an SL. When I have 6 SL's, 8 Squad members, and potentially some local coms along with gunfire, and vehicle noise - I find myself asking half the people to repeat themselves, while I crouch in a corner trying to figure out which building just exploded. It's draining. Everyone wants to have fun playing Squad, and sometimes that'l include being a bit more happy and energetic on certain days where you'll inevitably end up talking more.

                Fact is there's 0 solution to either of these problems, and it's rude of me to expect people to uphold my personal standards. But it's my truth for why I find myself SLing once or twice a day, then feeling so burnt - all I want to do is focus on one thing that I'm quite good at. Firing tank rounds.


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                  I'd like to point out some recent trends I've noticed in the last few weeks with most of TG including myself.

                  1. Squad Leader Burnout

                  In general it seems like many of our regular SLs are burned out at the moment. I've felt and probably been a part of a large increase in negatively when dealing with new people, dealing with other squads, being on a losing team.

                  2. Intolerance for the Less Skilled

                  Obviously we all love being in a stacked TG Squad full of competent shooters, but I've felt lately we've lost the spirit that we once had when we made a much better effort to disperse ourselves among the team in order to bring everyone else up. It seems to be this new trend where the TG squad is an island and every other squad else is barely tolerated or looked down on with contempt.

                  3. General Low Morale

                  Especially when we feel we are on the inferior team, there has just been a general disdain and lack of enthusiasm in trying to put up a fight. I think we all can agree being on the losing side is fine as long as we thought we put up a good fight. Lately being on the losing side has been unbearable as TG members either quit early or complain nearly the entire match.

                  Why this is happening:

                  V12 made the game significantly more complicated. Ammo management, armor, TOWs, and other new systems have made it so that executing a competent course of gameplay requires even more coordination then ever before. Not having a logi squad was once merely inconvenient, can now be a death sentence. Accidentally mismanaging armor can sink an entire team. Not having a TOW up can jeopardize half of the map.


                  Now more then ever we need a commander. The game as reached a state that it's too much for the SLs to try and run a team strategy by committee. (pls OWI plssssss)

                  Back to basics. Instead trying to execute fancy offensive maneuvers and sneaky flanks where half your team has no fire discipline, just get your squad in the fight and go from there.

                  Defense. If you suspect your team is inferior, get as many squads as you can to play defense. Work on TOW emplacements and guarding sectors. Bad teams are much better at playing defense then getting overextended on offense.

                  Mindset. The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your goddamn mindset.

                  Also take a break and don't play just Squad.


                  Also, I suspect the internal Scrim we played gave everyone who played in it a glimpse into how truly organized and just cool Squad can be when both teams are filled with extremely competent players. So heading back into public afterwords is definitely a huge letdown. Trying to achieve that same level of teamwork fidelity in public play is only going to lead to constant frustration.
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                    The answer to what keeps me from leading will be generally the same as others have stated. The worry of ruining other peoples fun because I was a bad or ineffective Squad leader. I find myself happily running a fire team, but much more hesitant to run a whole squad.

                    There is also the matter of fun, after a long day of work and family, most times I find that all I really want is for someone to point me in a direction and let me kill stuff. Games in general are a release and outlet for stress and frustration, and squad leading tends to include those rather than be an outlet for releasing them.

                    I have taken a couple of forays into squad leading as of late. Generally unintentionally, after a squad leader quits mid game. I had such an incident occur a couple nights ago. To be honest most times that happens if someone doesn't want squad lead I would have just left to find a different squad. I had however just joined TG and put on the tags and felt it was my duty to try an be a good team player and example so I went ahead and kept squad lead and did what I could for the remainder of the round.

                    I would like to thank |TG-95th|Browning for joining the squad and helping me out. He made suggestions but wasn't pushy, executed the orders I did give well, and stuck out the round with me despite my inexperience squad leading.


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                      Done some squad leading when we have had some dc's or when people have had unexpected things happen. Usually just pushed the squad straight into a defense point and told the squad to hold it down. Has worked a couple of times.

                      Would probably do some more leading, but what keeps me from it is that i probably aren't used to it or to be the "Commanding" voice that is needed when it is really needed. Also the fact that i am not good at being the front person and being the one that gets the blame if something goes wrong.

                      I used to sit alot thinking of attack patterns and defense patterns when i was playing WoT competitively a few years ago and got some good strategies going, but i didn't lead the attacks or defense.

                      I am much better at following orders or being in a smaller group like fireteam leader.




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