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  • Care for a Smoke?

    Howdy everyone!

    It was suggested in the Discord, to start a conversation on the use of Smoke Grenades, so here it is!

    I personally tend to use them more while playing medic, to conceal my recovery efforts, but have started using them more as a standard rifleman to conceal maneuvering. As a squad leader, I have been ordering their use even more for the above reasons. So, knowing the super usefulness of smokes, I am going to ask the question of you all for discussion - What situations would call for the use of a smoke grenade, and how would one use it most effectively?

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    I'm a big fan of the tactical uses of smoke. That said popping smoke ON a casualty is just throwing up a big "I'm going for the revive now, please shoot this area!" sign. If the fire is coming from down a known direction, throw the grenades AT that location not right where you are going to be reviving. You want to revive BEHIND the smoke, not in it.


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      Smoke has a special place in my heart, from crashing my PC to saving an entire squad under its cover to fooling a Warrior.
      Its uses are many, its effectiveness varying. Here's my opinion on the usage and effectiveness of smoke in Squad itself, (minus Grenadier, since I have very little experience).

      Smoke is just concealment, not cover, meaning it only hides you. But it cannot, will not and should not stop bullets from entering its cloud of LAG, I mean, protection. Effective use of your situational awareness is key to using smoke.

      Medics are (most likely) the highest users of smoke grenades, as they are usually trying to move between people or corpses and require more protection in the form of a blanket of smoke. But honestly smoke should be used more then just by the medic.

      Tossing smoke close to yourself or your friendly does help them to have concealment, but also announces your actions depending if the enemy is watching. In situations where the enemy is in a prepared position (Planned Cover), its best to throw your smoke infront of them or on them. This way they must move to fire effectively, therefore losing his prepared position, or they could stay put and blind fire. If you're attacking a prepared position, smoking them can also give you an opportunity to shoot a guy moving to a new spot. If a machine gunner is shooting bursts into a cloud of smoke, use at own risk.

      Deceit: Using smoke can also be used to fool an enemy into thinking about where the smoke is. I had once been pinned by a Warrior and popped smoke towards my left facing him. Once it got thick he started firing into it while I dashed for the right side. Risky, but it worked and can work on people who think too much about smoke on the field. I'm pretty sure people think coloured smoke is also a important marker, meaning this can be used to your advantage if you're trying to employ a ruse.
      At the most coloured smoke can also be used in spotting situations, although I haven't really done that.


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        • Smoke when assaulting or breaking contact: when you need to obscure enemies' line of sight.
        • Avoid using smoke when you do not want to draw attention to your position: it is inappropriate to use smoke when trying to move unseen.
        • Place smoke between your position and/or your destination, and the enemy position.
        • In general, the closer you can place smoke to the enemy's position, the better (obscures more of their field of view).
        • Coordinate with your squad mates when deploying smokescreens: if you need a wide line of concealment, you'll want a line of smokes deployed simultaneously, but if you need to smoke a narrow but lengthy corridor, you'll want to stagger smoke deployment as you advance.
        • Keep aware of opportunities to resupply, since you can always make use of smokes (or bandages, frags, sandbags, magazines, etc.)


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          I found that just lying down on or next to the body for a revive even under enemy fire is often safer then popping smoke, or throw the smoke on enemy bodies so they fire that way thinking your picking up a friendly.

          The kit that has the smoke launcher is my go to weapon set if we get into a firefight where I need fast cover for a squad, usually I get and fire every color I have in a column to obscure line of sight. or again to mislead the enemy into misfire, by doing the same thing and getting away from the smoke, its a nice way to throw them off.

          And one more use though only used it a few times to draw fire, smoke in front of you and a teamy and then run a small line firing intermittently through it from different points - gives the impression there is more of you there then their actually is, and can buy time for medics if ur squad got squished and ur the last fellah there.

          But then i'm no master,




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