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Gorodok AAS v4 8/1/2018

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  • [AAR] Gorodok AAS v4 8/1/2018

    Started off the round by taking a transport truck to Radio. After a mishap with a enemy trench and railtracks, we dropped rally and went to assist squad 1 in securing the point.

    Held Radio Tower for half the round, almost by ourselves as the rest of the team pushed Akim from the north. Set a spawn on the east side outside the actual point which I think worked really well. The enemy spent a good amount of time mortaring the point but since we were defending from outside the flag, it had little impact.

    Place an outpost with TOW, MG bunkers, and ammo north of the point on the small hill overlooking the river to help keep the enemy from pushing the flank.

    Almost lost the point as friendlies capped Akim. A call for aid resulted in squad 1 spawning back at radio to reinforce the point while the rest of the team finished capping Akim. A squad had preemptively placed themselves on Shipping flag and started capping that but because of the lack of numbers on Akim, we started losing that flag as well.

    We left Radio Tower in a transport track provided by squad 5 and recklessly stormed the southwest corner of Akim to cap the neutral flag back our way, completely surprising the enemy who was focused on pushing the friendly HAB to the north.

    Moved on to Shipping after the team was successful in the attack there and held the south hill with more MG bunkers as the Russians tried to cross the field towards the point. Meanwhile, half my squad took and destroyed an enemy radio near Akim and used an abandoned transport truck to catch up with us at Shipping.

    We then took said transport truck and headed to Farmland, snuck in the south side and took the enemy defensive line from the rear, sowing some pretty serious chaos and gaining good intel on spawn locations as squad 2 moved in from the north. Match ended before we could take the point though.

    Good game to the Russians, that fight on Radio was tough. Couldn't seem to eradicate them completely.
    Fantastic work from my squad, listened to orders well, prompt execution of commands, and overall great cohesion and teamplay. Clutch shots on flanking enemies kept us winning the fight on Radio.
    Props to our medics for great work, pretty sure the only reason we didn't lose Radio was because of timely revives.
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    Originally posted by Shade View Post
    Props to our medics for great work, pretty sure the only reason we didn't lose Radio was because of timely revives.
    I wanted to emphasize the medics, because too often we ask our squadies to fill up those medic slots, and rarely offer thanks in return. Great job guys.

    Another thing I noticed that helped us keep Radio was watching each others backs. More than a few times we kept each other alive by watching the opposite direction, and getting a surprise shot on an unsuspecting enemy which left unchecked may have wiped the squad.

    Always remember to watch each others backs!


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      Nice report!




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