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  • We want YOU!

    Do you think you represent what TG is?
    Do you want to make a better, bigger community?
    Would yuo like to take a ragtag crew of guys and lead them to glory?

    Then considering creating a LEARN TG squad when you're playing.

    The LEARN TG squad is meant to rope in the wanderers, the vagabonds, and the lost. Show the persons who join your squad the TG way of maturity, respect, and not playing solely to win but by having tactical fun.

    The LEARN TG squad can be great for practicing patience and building character, where you might meet someone who's first round of squad it is or someone who just wants to play for himself. You might want some help by TGites(TM), but don't fill the squad to the brim with them as the more room there is for guys wanting to learn about TG the better.

    So why not take this oppurtunity to help build a bigger, better community!

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    Nice post Crawling! I think this is a great idea! I think I will run a Learn TG squad tonight and limit it to only two additional TG members. Let's find some new blood!

    -TGite out! krsch


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      I would slow down the squads movements at first, make some maneuvers (even if just patrolling through friendly territory) just to introduce a slower more deliberate way of moving. I think it might be really fun!




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