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  • [EVENT] Squad Leadership Course

    Squad Leader Training Course

    What: A leadership training course for players who want to learn how to lead a squad or current SLs who want to improve their ability to lead.
    When: Sunday, August 19th 3pm Central US (2000 GMT)
    Where: Tactical Gamer Discord Server, TGU Channels
    Who: Anyone is welcome to attend. There are no sign-ups, just show up.
    Why: The success and longevity of the Squad community will be determined by the success of the Squad Leader. It is a crucial role to the team. As a community, TG cannot grow without increasing the ranks of our regular SLs.

    This class will be offered as a lecture in Discord. We've put together a panel of experienced Squad Leaders to present this class, each with a variety of styles and experiences leading squads in game (and some outside of the game). It is our hope that by providing multiple points of view and experiences we will be able to help each of you find a niche that you can fill and help ease you into that first round as being a squad leader in game.

    Your instructors:
    • |TG-X|DisposableHero
    • |TG-X|JohnWayne
    • |TG-X|Celt
    • |TG-X|Mikes
    • |TG-95th|Treefinger
    • |TG-95th|Shade
    • fuzzhead

    A small sample of the topics to be discussed and covered are as follows (final outline provided before the course):
    • What makes a good SL?
    • How to lead a squad
    • Filling the team's needs
    • Situational awareness
    • Attitude
    • Multi-tasking (taming the wild coms channel)

    If you've ever thought about leading a squad but were always afraid to try then come to the class and see if maybe we can help you take that first step. If you've lead squads before but feel like you are unsure if you're doing a good job then stop by and see if we can answer your questions and give you come insights. If you're an experienced SL then by all means this is for you, too. Maybe you'll have some advice we didn't think of or maybe you'll learn something new. No matter what your experience level is, this class is for you.

    There is no capacity limit to the class and no sign-ups. Information will be posted both here as well as in our Tactical Gamer University #class-announcements channel on Discord.

    Hope to see everyone there!

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    Will it be like listening in on a podcast, or will you take questions from the audience and take it from there?


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      This will be held in Discord and there will be Q&A from the students/listeners. We think that the best way to control the time and the conversation is going to restrict students, at least initially, to listen only on Discord and submit questions via a text channel.

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        This sounds great. Iíll stop by and take a listen. Thereís some good squad leaders, and Fuzz, on the ticket.


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          Any chance this is archived anywhere? And is this for SL's in general or "Squad" Leads for that particular game?





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