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    Agreed to the above. Even simple kills. Where is the context? There is much more to the value of a kill than it's arbitrary ticket cost.

    How much is the medic worth someone drops that prevents the SL revive that prevents the new RP that allows the wipe that stops the fob that allows the cap.

    Contrast that single kill with the mass kills your lone wolf Optic LMG gets, engaging when you don't want, giving your position away and opening up a fight on another front you can't deal with, that leads to Squad getting overrun and failing to cap a point.

    That one Logi kill that stalls the whole enemy team and leads to a domino collapse of 3 flags as opposed to the 4 vehicles another AT gets running all over the map to get, leaving you short handed.

    How much the kill that someone turns down to preserve a stealthy approach and take down a radio?
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      Wicks , We were playing fools road I believe two nights ago and I moved my BTR and LAT to village to deter the american supply line. This resulted in their loss of mortars onto hilltop which allowed us to defend the point and eventually win the match.

      The point in my growth with this game hit a new level when I understood the big picture vs the current fire fight. Losing a point might be something that needs to happen to allow your team to set themselves up, vs everyone rush the obj we obviously lost instead of building up a proper defense at our next point. Also, removing the constant supply of logistic points is huge.


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        Originally posted by Wicks View Post
        Pretty much every genuine stat I can think has potential to negatively affect individuals. Add accuracy, player refuses to suppress etc
        My overall low accuracy stat would be a monument to my ability to suppress. It's what I'm best at even when I'm intending to aim accurately.


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          Gaunt Yup, sometimes a handful of kills with few/zero deaths in 'dead ground' between flags or interdiction of a key vehicle/Squad can be worth a lot more strategically than a much bigger number of kills on a meat grinder flag that is often balanced out by losses.


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            Statistics do have a place in showing why a particular team won or lost the day but the current implementation is pretty useless.

            I think the end game stats could be presented in a way that encourages better strategies in the next round but prevents a sabermetrics dominated approach to Squad that I think most of us seem to agree would harm the game. Specifically I'd like to see stats that simply relate to the entire team rather then showing individual squad and individual squad member performance. Some of these stats are already in game such as overall team kills, downs, kills, and revives.

            Potential team statistic ideas I can conjure off the top of my head include:
            • Team vehicles lost/destroyed
            • Enemy infantry suppressed
            • Mortar rounds fired
            • Supplies delivered/used
            • FOBs created/lost
            • Rallies created/lost
            • Time spent talking on squad leader chat
            • Time spent in objectives
            • Distance travelled
            The idea is to only emphasize the performance of the team. It may seem extreme but I think it should be impossible for a player to ever discern their individual K/D ratio. I am consistently guilty of checking my score during the match. If we get people more focused on making the team look good then we may just yet encourage players to start thinking about the big picture. Players should become focused on neither how many 30MM kills they have, nor get upset when they die 5 times in a row. It's bigger than that.

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              Where to even begin?

              I despise the meta game and am liable to look favorably upon anything that keeps people focused on objectives instead of tickets. Personally I would like to remove the scoreboard entirely during the round. I dont believe in giving the player any information that is not either realistic or essential for gameplay. No one needs scoring info mid round to play the game at its full potential and it is easy to argue that such info can be detrimental to play.

              That includes ticket count. KeithMann's proposal to hide it in a colored bar similar to ammo is excellent. Call it morale instead of tickets and suddenly the boost you get from capping a flag makes some kind of sense.

              End of round is a different animal. I find the final scoreboard quite boring at the moment.

              The No. 1 end game change I would like to see is gradations of victory. Decisive, Minor, Draw, etc. Show me which team held what objectives and possibly statistics surrounding that. Combine that with team (and maybe squad) related stats and I think you are getting somewhere. Tell me a story about the ebb and flow of the round.

              On the flip side, its a bit heretical in this company but I actually miss the BF2 statistics about best medic and the like. Not that I would want to copy and paste it but I would be fun to see useless stats like who walked the farthest. Stuff that people are unlikely to try and game but adds some fun to round's end.


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                - Remove the K/D/A scoreboard: the individual performance in a pure numbers capacity means very little in this game and showcasing these statistics promotes bad behaviour.
                - Pivot the post-game scoreboard to team or squad metrics related to the game-mode objectives, e.g. time on effective defense/attack.

                If it is a simple iteration to convert current scoreboard to some sort of ticket value, that would probably be an improvement, but that still has the intra-team competition and blame-assignment issues pointed out in the thread. Ultimately, anything that reduces individual and squad actions and outcomes to scored values is going to motivate a good percentage of players to game those scores, regardless of how that affects the team.


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                  Remember BF2 and 2142 battlerecorder? That's what I want.
                  * I want the ability to go back to a point in the game and see where that grenade landed.
                  * I want to replay that failed assault and figure out what it was that we did so horribly wrong.
                  Yes, nobody asked if I wanted a battlerecorder.... Back to the topic at hand.

                  I want every stat there is. I want an overwhelming amount of stats at the end of every round. I also want to be able to spend as much time as I like browsing them - they should stay up on my screen until I am ready for the next round. I liked the way BF4 stored the stats and let you check them the next day if you wanted. Imagine that with battlerecorder!

                  Stats I want to see: Bullets fired. Bandages used. Grenades thrown. Enemies suppressed. Seconds on VOIP. Miles ran. Miles crawled. Time spent with binoculars. Time spent with a shovel. If you can measure it, I want it.

                  Yes, this is whimsical and likely to result in meta-gaming. But we are in Alpha! We can test it out and see how well it fares.

                  And how about this: the ability to hide or show your own stats! Everyone can see the squad/team stats, but your own stats may be hidden or shown - your choice. I would be the guy showing off my shovel time and hiding my number of trees hit while driving stats.




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