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  • [INFO] Reporting issues on the server


    TacticalBot recently went into the shop for a few upgrades. One of them was the addition of a way to report issues on the server in a way that mimics our "Contact An Admin" thread here on the forums. The nice part about the Contact An Admin thread is that the permissions that are in place only allow the player that makes a post and the admins see it, so it allows for some privacy and anonymity for the player. This eliminates any conversation from parties outside of the issue and allows for the player and admins to focus instead on the issue and get it dealt with in a mature manner.

    With a functional Discord overlay now for Squad, we felt it was time to make use of that to help players to better report issues that they may be having on the game server, so.....

    We've now implemented private reporting functionality in TacticalBot by adding support for the !reporting command.

    To report a problem on the server or even to request a map for seeding, just follow these instructions:

    1) Select TacticalBot on Discord to send him a DM
    2) Type !reporting your particular issue here as a normal sentence
    3) Send the message to TacticalBot

    That's it! TacticalBot will then process the message and do the following:

    1) Send you a receipt in a DM acknowledging receipt of your message.

    2) Ping the SquadAdmins in the #need-an-admin channel with your message.

    The #need-an-admin channel has now had access restricted to everyone outside of the SquadAdmin group to read or post messages. Please utilize TacticalBot for reporting issues.

    Lastly, we ask that only the issue and offending player name be reported. Back-seat admin'ing will not be received favorably. While we appreciate everyone's support and passion for TG, we remind everyone that the best way to support the community is to just report issues and let the admin team do it's job after that.

    Thank you!
    The TG Squad Admin team

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    If you're unfamiliar with the Discord overlay feature, check out this link:

    It allows for quick and easy access to all things Discord while in game and can be easily customized!




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