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The v12.1 Feedback Thread

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  • The v12.1 Feedback Thread

    As most of you probably noticed, there were some significant changes to aspects of the game in the 12.1 release from the 12.0 release.

    We'd like to hear your impressions of the changes.

    A few simple rules:

    Provide your honest feedback on 12.1
    Feel free to discuss feedback so long as you provide your own but do not attack another player's feedback. No one person is right or wrong on any of this.

    Examples for feedback (plenty of others and certainly not limited to 12.1 but also 12.0 in general):
    • Gunplay changes
    • Ticket changes / round duration
    • Vehicle changes - damage system, torque, etc


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    • Suppression/Recoil/Weapon Sway - Seems like a combination of these things might have changed from 12.0 - I felt like we had more authentic firefights in 12.0 where now I feel more likely to get killed by an enemy I'm suppressing. Engagements between infantry in general seem more decisive and quick and aren't not protracted enough for decision-making that could sway the fight. Feels much more twitch shooter-ish.


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      Ticket Changes - it seems rounds are much shorter now at around 30 mins, much too short to feel any investment in the round. The reduction of tickets and re-balancing needs to be re-balanced. A round should really last 1 hour minimum if properly contested, and potentially longer depending.
      Further to this, more tickets should be added to teams and heavy weapons like direct hits on infantry from tanks, and .50 kills should be insta-kills. It seems strange to get to the end of the round and have a kdr like 5 kills with 15 incaps. These larger weapon systems should be more lethal, and more tickets should be added to each team to make up for it.




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