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Tallil Scrim - Russian Team Plans and Perspective

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  • [AAR] Tallil Scrim - Russian Team Plans and Perspective

    From the desk of the Russian CO:

    Comrades! Well done pushing back the American capitalist pigs from our air fields!! Tonight we celebrate with Pelmeni and Vodka!!

    As promised, here are our plans for Team Russia in the Tallil Scrim:

    Vehicle assignments at Roll-Out

    Squad 1 - Command: 1x Ural Logi (1200 build, 1800 ammo - building 2 TOWs and 900 ammo each at roll-out)
    Squad 2 - Tanks: 2x T-72
    Squad 3 - Mech Inf: 1x BTR82a
    Squad 4 - Infantry: 1x Ural Logi (1500 build, 1500 ammo OR SL option)
    Squad 5 - Mech Inf: 1x BTR82a
    Squad 6 - Scout: 1x Ural Logi (700 build, 2300 ammo - build 1 TOW and 1 AMMO BOX), 1x BRDM Scout Car - scout car can opt to drop all ammo at FOB so it is available for TOW - SL option In reserve, spawns in at 1:54:00 - 1x Ural Trans truck

    Squad 1: Command Squad

    Squad 1 - Command |TG-X|DisposableHero

    Rollout Plan:
    • Logistics truck with 1200 build 1800 ammo
    • Roll to all locations marked, drop radio. Supply radio 2 and 3 each with 600 build and 900 ammo. Build 1 ammo crate at each location.
    • Deploy HABs at marked locations.
    • 2 members return to main with truck to meet the logi from Squad 4. Both trucks will be refilled per SL orders and dispatched to new locations. Member from Squad 4 will be returned to his squad.
    • Capture point.
    • If **** hits the fan: CO will request assistance from scout squad, armor squad and mech-inf squad 5 to help clear point and take the flag.

    Squad 2: Amor Squad

    Squad 2 - Tanks Portable Cougar

    Rollout Plan:
    • Move tanks at SL discretion to western portion of airfield.
    • Operate as needed. Not much to this. I'm not going to micromanage the tanks and dictate specific locations. You guys know what you're doing so I'm going to let you do it. CO will ensure there is an abundance of ammo and repair points nearby at all times. Beyond that, please kill everything.

    Squad 3: Mechanized Infatry

    Squad 3 - Mech Inf dbzao
    Smygdamp (Spazz)

    Rollout Plan:
    • Full squad in BTR82a.
    • Drive to first point - BATHA - drop 1 member to cap.
    • Drive to second point - WEST AL-KHIDHIR - drop 1 member to cap. Be aware of US rush to this point and react accordingly. Advisable to drop squad rally prior to crossing bridge?
    • Move to strong point in rocks west of cloverleaf.
    • Establish radio for supplies and TOW.
    • QRF in airfield if it all goes to hell. CO squad will be running supplies to you. Consider dropping a radio west near river to use as staging point for ammo. Your BTR can carry 600 points of ammo, so it can act as a logistics ferry between the staging radio and your radio in the rocks to minimize exposure of logi trucks and save drive time.

    Squad 4: Infantry

    Squad 4 - Infantry |TG-X|Celt
    Rollout Plan:
    • Send 1 FireTeam of 4 people with Squad 5 in their BTR. Make sure everyone is clear on where they're going and with whom.
    • Remainder of squad moves to location just west of SOVIET AIR BASE flag (shown below).
    • Deploy rally outside wall for cover.
    • Leave 1 squad member in truck to deploy supplies as soon as radio is dropped. Once supplies are dropped immediately begin returning to Main.
    • Deploy radio at agreed upon location (and get it supplied).
    • Drop HAB at agreed upon location with ammo box.
    • If SOVIET AIR BASE is contested move to flank enemy location. If SOVIET AIR BASE is not contested then proceed to defend as agreed upon.
    • Squad member will be returned to you by CO squad on next supply run from main.

    Squad 5: Mechanized Infantry

    Squad 5 - Infantry - Mech Inf |TG|Browning

    Rollout Plan:
    • Entire squad in a BTR82a
    • Also take 1 FT of 4 players from Squad 4.
    • Drive to SOVIET AIR BASE on fastest route possible.
    • SL + 2 members dismount outside to establish rally and get timer started on the spawn wave.
    • BTR + remaining troops move in to dismount troops on flag behind hard cover.
    • Position troops in FTs expecting contact from a US rush.
    • Once captured, establish 2nd radio where/when able and away supplies.
    • Defend that flag.

    Squad 6: Scout

    Squad 6 - Scout |TG-X|mikes
    Rollout Plan:
    • Take 1 Ural logistics truck + 1 BRDM
    • Move to position agreed upon.
    • Establish radio, ammo box and 1 TOW
    • 1 squad member returns logi truck to Main
    • BRDM positions as needed to help cover southern flank of airfield with TOW on overwatch to support tank squad.
    • CO squad returns squad member (or he may take the Ural trans truck to return)
    • Rest of round is dynamic and SL has authority to do what is best - communicate all movements with SL. Since you need 4 squad members to get AT, BRDM ammo can be used to supply radio for TOW ammo and to also ferry ammo forward to TOW positions from back staging radios since you won't need to save the ammo for AT.

    Commander's Strategy:

    From a command perspective, Squad is in a tough place right now. A CO is really just another SL that has as much or as little authority as the other SL's on the team want to give him. Obviously in an organized match such as this one that isn't an issue, but cooperation of the other SLs is the only tool available. That will be changing soon, though, and I eagerly await the capabilities that will be provided a real CO role.

    With that out of the way, my strategy was relatively simple:

    1. Assert control over the bunkers on the northern half of the runways as soon as possible.
    2. If we executed #1 then defend until the opportunity arose to attack Gas Station. That would be dictated by the status of the enemy armor.
    3. If we did not assert control over both northern airfield flags then we would defend our position with Db's squad (Squad 3) attacking from the northeast with his BTR and the support of the Armor Squad.
    4. Defend defend defend until we were ready to push, and not one minute before.

    Overall strategy was to box the US into the east and south-east side of the map by establishing control over the bunkers as well as setting up TOW positions near the cloverleaf south of West Al-Khidhir and west of Air Hangers with over-watch of the entire runway. The armor squad was to help with that by rolling west to the runway and controlling that.

    The push to Gas Station was going to be a one-time shot, if it happened at all. This is due to the "island" nature of that flag and the expected resistance we would encounter (and casualties expected to our vehicles) from crossing the open desert to assault it. Therefore there was no "official" planning done for this other than we know we're going to make a big push when it happens, and when it happens it will involve our iron fist.

    My philosophy with commanding any type of organized match is that, beyond the roll-out and getting forces into place to take and control the initial fight, planning too deep into the game is a waste of time and effort. Additionally, detailed "long planning" is going to create a desire to adhere to that plan longer than you should simply because you're so invested in it and because of this it will likely put blinders on you. I'm a big believer in my squad leaders to lead and think on their feet. Communications are vital after the roll-out so I can react to the situation as it currently is, not how I envisioned it would play out during planning. So, I keep it simple so I'm not constrained by over-planning and feel that the team can react better that way. It usually works out. Also, I consider the fact that this is not anyone's first rodeo; everyone playing in the match has more than enough time in the game to know what they are doing so there's no reason for a lot of hand-holding. Just get in position and then play.

    How Did The Match Go?

    I'm very pleased with how everything went. The roll-out went flawlessly and the decision to not cede the Soviet Air Base to the US at the start of the match was the right one. We didn't want to give them the initiative and pushing hard to that flag was just the right amount of aggression without over-extending our opening hand. Celt and Browning's squads performed valiantly while being under what seemed to be continuous assault by US infantry and vehicles. They held strong and were the anchor our team needed to be successful.

    Our armor squad danced with the US armor most of the match. Portable.Cougar is a very experienced SL and is a master with armor so I just got out of his way and let him do his thing. It's a really wonderful thing as a CO being able to trust your SLs and let them just work. It makes everyone's life so much easier. At any rate, Cougar's boys performed magnificently and despite not getting a whole ton of kills definitely influenced the outcome of the match.

    Some things I wish turned out a bit different was the stark contrast in action some squads had compared to other squads. While Celt and Browning were in the poo the entire round, Db and Mike were probably struggling to keep the interest up in their squads for most of the round. Would I like to have used them more aggressively? Sure. Should I have? No. I'm very comfortable with the decisions I made with regard to what those squads did during the round. As boring as some of it might have been, they served absolutely vital functions by guarding our flanks at airfield and keeping the enemy boxed into their "funnel" they were forced to use to assault Soviet Air Base. I know both squad saw some action: Mike went logi hunting and managed to disable a US TOW position in Ali Air Base for a while that was giving us fits. Db's squad got into the fight with Cougar's tanks leading the way to assault Ali Air Base. That move opened the door for us to make a southern approach to Gas Station that resulted in the large ticket differential when the round timer expired and secured the win for the team.

    Lastly, L-O-G-I-S-T-I-C-S!

    C0pernicus and MasterJack spent pretty much the entire round looking through the windshield of their logi trucks. Let's talk about boring. However, those boring 2 hours of driving supplies around is what won the match for us. If Celt and Browning's squad didn't have a constant supply of build and ammo supplies there is no way they hold Soviet Air Base. If Dbs squad didn't get a steady supply of ammo for their TOW position, rockets and to keep their BTR armed the US would have had a better opportunity to push to our northern flank, which would have disrupted our supply lines and most likely lead to the collapse of our control of the airfield flags. If the TOW for Mike's squad would have ran out of ammo for too long the US could have had the opportunity to make a stronger push on our western flanks and really caused us problems. Boring jobs but absolutely vital to the success of the rest of the team.

    Final Thoughts

    Overall, I'm thrilled with this scrim. Not because my team won, but because the real winners are everyone that plays Squad at TacticalGamer. The enthusiasm that this event brought was incredible. The bonds of our community were made stronger by everyone pulling together in the planning for their teams and the fight itself. Hopefully, after participating in this kind of organized event and seeing what is possible in Squad, players try to bring this caliber of play to the server every night. In doing so, perhaps another player will be inspired to keep coming back to TG because of what they got to experience and our community grows.

    So for all of that I'm so happy.

    GG's everyone! Well played and I look forward to seeing you all on the field of battle soon.

    I'll close with the video I played for the Russian team prior to the scrim to get fired up.

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******

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    As a member of the RU Logistics Department, I had a good opportunity to sit back in somewhat relative safety and observe the flow of battle.

    RU Logistics Perspective:

    The logistical demands of the Russian team stretched the ability for 3 logis to provide consistent supply throughout the entire match. While the first half of the match consisted of more balanced logis loads, delivering even splits of construction and ammo, the second half of the match saw our logi squad switching to ammo heavy loadouts, often requiring us make full 3000 ammo runs.

    The biggest consumption of ammo consisted of the 4 FOB positions that we possessed that also had Kornet emplacements on them. I personally underestimated how often these Kornets would be firing. The Kornet position manned by Dropdead holding down the far western flank of Destroyed Hangers likely had 20,000+ ammo alone delivered to that one single FOB. DB's FOB with Kornet and mortars at the Highway Interchange also proved to be challenging to keep consistently resupplied simply due to the vast distance required to reach it.

    Midway through the match RU logistics began to heavily use a staging FOB north of Destroyed Hangars, Masterjack exclusively delivered supplies to this FOB for probably over 20 minutes while Dispo and I then moved supplies off of it to resupply the other FOBs. This system worked well for a while providing us with reduced travel times. However as the ammo demands towards the end of the match increased we were not able to keep the staging FOB fully supplied and had to revert back to trips to main.

    Overall, there were definitely gaps in coverage where key FOBs ran deleteriously low on ammo at certain moments. The 2 FOBs in Soviet Airbase were the most dangerous to resupply and definitely experienced moments where ammo reserves dropped to practically nothing. However these moments never lasted for more than 10 minutes at a time and didn't seem to negatively affect our fighting capability.

    In the entire match, RU logistics lost 2 trucks, both to TOWs. I assumed going in that the biggest danger to our trucks would be avoiding US interdiction efforts behind our lines. What I did not count on was that US TOW emplacements at what I believe was Ali Air Base would have the range to threaten our trucks literally just south of Batha. The dirt road that runs on the south side of Batha and Al-Khidhir was surprisingly enough within US TOW range. Multiple TOWs were fired at RU logis while we were north of Destroyed Hangars but throughout the match only one managed to connect with one of our Logi trucks (ironically our first logi truck destroyed was driven by Dispo while the TOW that destroyed him was probably fired by Tree resulting in what was the only direct engagement between the commanders of both teams).

    Personally, I think there was a missed opportunity by the US to sneak MRAPs or the Stryker north of Al-Khidir and Batha and conduct interdiction against our logi trucks, but I'm an unashamed fanboy of those sorts of squads so maybe I'm just being biased.

    Overall Match Observations:

    Unlike public play, it seems that territory control is significantly more important to these organized bouts. It's crucial for both teams to prevent enemy forces from moving throughout your backfield unopposed. Significant manpower and resources must be sometimes put in positions where little combat is happening (See: Mike's squads guarding the far western flank or DB's squad sitting on the Highway Interchange for most of the match. These guarding forces mostly by their existence discouraged US attempts to perform a wide flank and forced them to enter a meat grinder on Soviet Base.

    Some people on the RU correctly predicted that the Armor for both teams would not have the sort of disproportionate affect it usually has during a regular public match. With the huge amount of anti-tank emplacements on both sides watching the approaches, armor was mostly relegated to moving around in zones protected by friendly emplaced AT. As I talked about earlier, these AT emplacements can really chew up ammo rapidly and require the logistical backbone to be firing on all cylinders lest a TOW or Kornet run out of ammo during a crucial enemy armor push.

    I think the US seemed to get too caught up in and around Gas Station. I was expecting the US at some point to fully occupy and fortify either Destroyed Hangars or Al-Khidhir and use this a springboard into Soviet Base.

    For the RU, I think DB's position could have been mostly manned by a fireteam keeping the Kornet up and running. His APC and squad could have been better used raiding behind enemy lines or helping out at Soviet Base. That being said, having his entire squad as QRF I suspect provided some great peace of mind throughout most of the match and then put him in a position to perform successful attack on Gas Station.

    Also when DB left the Highway Interchange we should have dug up his FOB because Lou on the US manned our Kornet and blew up my Logi resulting in the only time I died during the match. This was completely unacceptable.
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