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It was pretty lonely out there.

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  • [AAR] It was pretty lonely out there.

    First, I'd like to start by offering my congratulations to the Russian team (which I was a part of) for this successful victory over the US team.

    Now, some of you have heard my thoughts about the game and how my position has affected my feelings about how this all went down.
    I'd like to reassure you, I'm in no way "complaining" ... sure it was a little boring but it was what it was as unfortunate as it was.

    I wish things had gone a different way, true.
    But they did not ... I didn't get the chance to engage in combat but that's totally ok.
    In a perfect world, I would've been swarmed by enemy forces but in this one ... the US totally avoided the western front.
    It is by no means my CO's fault that things didn't get interesting (for me)! IT IS THE US CO'S FAULT! hahaha! :)

    In wartime, sometimes ... a minority of soldiers don't get to fire their weapons even once during combat.
    I reckon for me ... it was it.

    The most important is that ... I am definitely looking forward to the next scrim!
    Once again, thanks to everyone for showing it and making this possible.
    Thanks to the US team without whom this victory wouldn't have been possible.
    And congratulations to the Russian team for our well earned victory.

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    Well, you can look at it like it was lonely out there, but there are other perspectives as well.

    Perhaps your presence guaranteed that we denied the enemy team the opportunity to launch a flank on our defense flag? Without your contribution of waiting patiently on that TOW, perhaps we would have lost that round. Perhaps your contribution was the determining factor that won the game for the Russian team by allowing your teammates to focus on their objectives in front of them instead of an enemy flank behind them.

    For the next scrim, if you find yourself assigned to a "boring" task of defending / denying the enemy terrain, talk to your squad leader. See if he can rotate you off of the role that you're currently assigned. I'm sure he will work with you and get you something different to do or look at for a while.

    BTW - The CO decides the overall strategy and builds his squads to accomplish that strategy. He isn't responsible for assigning individual tasks within a squad ;)

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
    |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      I've quite definitely weighed this possibility ... and yes, eventho I did feel like my contribution wasn't all that important, it is true that I played a part in securing this victory. It wasn't the most glamorous job but it ensured nobody came around the western front unnoticed.
      I wouldn't go as far as saying I was "the determining factor" in our victory but yeah ... I had a role to play and I played it as best I could.

      As far as my assignment, my Squad did what it needed to do... Mikes has done a great job as SL.
      I was well aware that ... as the commanding officer, there was absolutely nothing you could've done for me and that if I had wanted to be moved around, all I needed was to ask my SL. Again, I'm not blaming anyone for the way things unravelled ... aside from the US CO and his battle plan!


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        It was an endless funnel of enemies into the Abandoned Soviet Base. I lost a bit of my hearing after the constant barrage of MG fire and mortar fire. Barely 30 seconds to take a leak or a drink. Freaking awesome. Sorry to rub it in Dropdead. Queue up the next one!!




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