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Operation Valentine - Russian Squad 2's debrief

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  • [AAR] Operation Valentine - Russian Squad 2's debrief

    Operation Valentine is in the books, and there are lessons to be learned from this scrim as there are in every round of Squad played.


    Our team identified West Mogilyovo as the key flag for us to capture because if we lost it, the fight to retake it would be uphill and the entire northern half of the map is visible from that point (essentially).

    My squad was tasked with keeping the US team away from the small village just east of West Mogilyovo. We intended to set up an L-shaped ambush position south of that point, with a fire team along the road and another fire team south and to the east. If circumstances warranted, our southern fire team could probe into Lower Mogilyovo to disrupt the enemy team and maybe get lucky with a radio. We were also going to help keep an eye on the western approach to East Novo, which we had hoped to stall the enemy at without our armored rush (that will have to be a separate AAR by those squads).

    Roll out went to plan, no problems traversing the terrain and the squad dismounted as planned, FT Alpha deployed the radio for the team while FT Bravo went ahead through the village. However, things going "to plan" quickly changed as reports of immediate contact in West Mogilyovo came across the radio and then requests for help. FT Alpha and FT Bravo had not even reached our designated positions when I moved the entire squad west to attempt to sweep into West Mogilyovo from the south. Our progress was impeded by what we thought was a marksman to our south, just north of Lower Mogilyovo. After a few revives and smokes for cover, we were able to temporarily gain control of the school building in the southern portion of the cap. This proved to be too late, though, as precious minutes were lost trying to make it into the cap by harassment from the lone marksman/rifleman on our approach. We got into the school with reduced numbers, engaged a MATV and killed the gunner but then were quickly overran by infantry.

    After this we tried several other approaches to get into West Mogilyovo, but with really limited approaches it proved to be rather fruitless. The only direction with much concealment was from the south, and this was an obvious attack vector. West was not an option as there was no way to get there and it was under control already, exposed to enemy vehicles. From the east and the north were obvious no-go areas as any approach from there was also up hill with no cover nor concealment of any kind.

    We fell back and attempted to make a move far south and then west, but were intercepted in East Novo by a stray enemy squad. We killed them and then were forced back north as our presence had undoubtedly been communicated to the enemy team and we had no idea where their armor was.

    We ended the round establishing a TOW position in West Petrivka and then trying to cause a distraction on the northern side of West Mogilyovo so Mike's squad could push in from the south. That seemed to have worked as the sneaky intrusion by Mike's squad and subsequent "Mortar Massacre" has already been discussed. The round ended with most of the squad trapped behind a small ridge, suppressed by MG fire from above us in West Mogilyovo and the enemy troops that took out our TOW position in West Petrivka.

    Lessons learned: After speaking with C0pernicus and learning that he was the lone troop capping the Lower Mogilyovo flag, I wish that we had stayed on mission and pushed Lower. At this time our squads at East Novo were still delaying the cap, so perhaps we could have established control of Lower and drew some of the enemy forces from West Mogilyovo back toward us, giving our other infantry squads a better opportunity to take that flag.

    Also, better coordination and communication with the other squads. It is so easy to become wrapped up in what is going on with your own squad that you become oblivious to what is happening with everyone else, and specifically you miss out on opportunities to perhaps coordinate an assault or work together to get things accomplished. I'm sure I'm not the only SL that develops "tunnel vision" during a round, but I know this happened to me during the scrim round and my squad suffered for it. It's the same thing - information overload and an inability to communicate effectively with the way the coms system is in the game. I don't think there's really much you can do about either of those other than to remove yourself from the action and spend more time on the map and focused on coordination. At any rate, I feel the lack of success of my squad and our being stalled at times was more a result of my actions, or lack thereof, than the enemy team.

    There are larger lessons learned from a team perspective, but I'd like to see what our other SLs have to say now that they're 24 hours removed from the game and have had some time to do some analysis of what went right and what went wrong during the round.

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    The USian side ID'd West Mog as the "Key Terrain" as well, given the commanding view it had of the surrounding area. We knew you would rush it as well (ya'll being smart folks after all!) I'm sure C0p will provide the nuances of the plan, but in general it was to run a heavy fire team up in the 2 faster mat-vs, and gain at least a foothold, while another squad (Leech) with a logi was 30-60 secs behind to actually FOB up and help push ya'll out. Lead squads job was just to make contact and buy time for the trail squad to get established. It sounds like you spent a few valuable moments doing radio stuff and only pushed a FT whereas we blitzed a fire team+ (Wookie's) with 2 mat-vs (Pooh's vic squad). Hell, we expected to bump into at least a 30 up there, if not 2, and were surprised at the initial contact was inf only. By then, Asta's FT had spawned in and I pushed him up to the NE side of W. Mog to act as a screen cause I figured you'd all be pushing from there. You did. In hind sight, I should have pushed Asta's guys into that wood lot/camp area a lot sooner to drive you out, but for the moment I was content to let yall bash yer heads on his rifle muzzles.



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      Making an early push on South Mog is the big 'what if' for our squad (SQD 2) I think. I was shocked when we immediately diverted to West Mog but given the contact there it was understandable. From my distorted grunt's perspective the time window for pushing South Mog was so short I cant fault us too much for not acting on it.




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