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Op. Valentine. Team USA Commander After Action Report

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  • [AAR] Op. Valentine. Team USA Commander After Action Report

    Planning Stage:

    The objective of the US plan was to seize West Mogil in one overwhelming opening move where 3 US Infantry squads + 2 MRAPs took control of the cap. The initial intent of committing such a large force to West Mogil was to shock RU forces into committing the majority of their forces into contesting the West Mogil cap where RU mobility would provide few advantages. Second, it was my desire to draw RU armor assets into West Mogil where superior US armor could then eliminate the T72 so so that an immediate offensive push into Kropy could be entertained.

    Initial Contact:

    It was clear on first contact that we enjoyed a decisive advantage on West Mogil. RU infantry squads were slow in reaching the cap proper, and their numbers were too few to deal with two full strength infantry squads (Celt & Leech) and one 5 man squad manning 2 MRAPs (Pooh). Spork's squad was tasked with backcapping East Novo and this is where we immediately ran into our first difficulties. We had predicted the RU BRDM would attempt to interdict our East Novo backcapping attempts. What we did not see coming was the addition of DB's 30mm and mech infantry squad also assisting this endeavour. We immediately activated our backcap contingency plan which consisted of redeploying our armor team (Browning & Ash) to decisively assist in securing the East Novo back cap. This contingency plan paid off handsomely as Spork's squad was easily able to hide guys in radius to complete the backcap (Note: Ash's abrams spent an idiotic amount of time stuck in a ditch at Airfield much to my dismay).

    As has now become apparent, it is clear that the US however may have not adequately planned the entire backcap situation. While US had a contingency plan to seize East Novo, the next cap in line, Lower Mogil was literally only assigned to be capped by myself with Bleedingknee out of cap but nearby on a TOW. In what was truly a fortuitous set of events, neither Dispo's infantry squad nor DB's mech infantry made any attempt to enter Lower Mogil and stop the backcap. Furthermore, Lower Mogil was actually a defensible in play cap for at least several minutes. Even if RU had not found me in time to stop the backcap, RU could have easily forced a double neutral between West and Lower Mogil with the potential to divert valuable US assets away from the now ferocious West Mogil battle going on.

    Rest of the Match:

    The remainder of the match can be summed up as follows.
    • US armor continued to dominate RU armor, denying safe usage and eliminating the respawned T72, several BTRs and the BRDM at various points throughout the match.
    • US defense squads played a highly proficient defense on West Mogil, preventing the cap from every being truly in danger.
      • Except when Mikes snuck in and nearly mucked up everything.
    • US attacks on Kropy were haphazard and were unable to overrun RU defenses.
    • US logistics was virtually unmolested and operated unchecked with only 2 logi truck losses.
    • The abrams ambush of the 2 RU BTRs and T72 was the play of the match. A potentially blistering mech infantry assault on West Mogil was neutralized in a matter of minutes.
    • Overall, US armor was able to much more mobile than even I expected, constantly responding to every threat rapidly and quashing it before it became too dangerous.

    Lessons Learned: (These are observations and musings I have for both RU and US)
    • I did poor job coordinating US attacks on Kropy. Tactically, I should have better tasked my attack squads (Leech & Spork) to prepare a more organized assault on Kropy. Even with armor, our thrusts into Kropy were never really in sync and resulted in unnecessarily high losses in a fruitless assault.
      • Strategically, it may not have been worth it to even actually cap Kropy because West Mogil was clearly the more defensible position. Capturing Kropy would have severely exposed our supply lines and open us up to having more mobile RU forces cut off the US backfield. Feint assaults at Kropy should have been arranged to tie down RU forces on defense.
    • US forces lost a lot of FOBs (maybe 6-7 radios at least)
      • RU SLs I noticed were fantastic at hiding radios and forcing us to look for 10 minutes for where a radio was hidden.
      • US radios were a bit more lazily placed and easily dug up by either lone wolfs being sneaky in our backfield, placing them too close to RU flags, or lastly just Mikes and his entire squad also being sneaky bastards.
    • RU Armor Tactics
      • I thought RU armor would come up with crafty ways to deal with the US armor advantage
      • I.e. Kornet ambushes, hidden HAT support, harsh language, etc
      • I dreamed up a scenario where an RU logi would follow around the T72 at a distance, When US armor engaged, the T72 would pull back while the RU logi would quickly deploy a Kornet to even up the firepower and try and bait US armor into the killing zone.
    • RU Team Tactics
      • More kornets. Our armor sometimes operated in areas I was certain would be watched by a kornet (I know I did hear about some zero damage kornet impacts on the abrams)
      • Mech infantry was too vulnerable to US armor. More traditional infantry assaults may have actually secured better results.

    Distinguished Squad Leader

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    As a BTR crewman I always felt very vulnerable and it was almost as if you had invented Star Trek transporter tech for your armour.


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      Further Notes

      Watching Fuzzhead's whole match video it was really interest to see the RU roll out and form up in and around West Mogil.
      • The form up was clearly overly cautious so that it sacrificed speed vs. getting in the cap in force
        • Contrast this with the BTR/T72 ambush massacre where being more cautious would have definitely garnered better results
      • The East Novo blocking force had too many forces committed to it. Having DB's BTR and squad at West Mogil would have helped RU tremendously

      Distinguished Squad Leader


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        Regarding East Novo, we committed a larger than normal force to force you to fall back with equal or greater numbers to get the cap, as well as armor support. Unfortunately, your guys were able to sneak onto the cap therefore not requiring any sort of fall back response from you.
        Also unfortunate, as i mentioned in my AAR, we stayed too long on East Novo and were too late in getting to Lower.




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