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OP Valentine: Russian Team Commander Perspective

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  • [AAR] OP Valentine: Russian Team Commander Perspective

    I've linked the PDF for our plans here so I won't go over those too much.
    Our basic plan was to execute the roll-out described then adapt to whatever the US team threw at us over the course of the round.

    A lot of our planning hinged on getting to West Mogi at the beginning and winning the fight at the start as fighting uphill into that point from Kropy is exceptionally difficult. Unfortunately, though roll-out went well, the US team beat us to the point and had far superior numbers inside the point before we did. For the first 20 minutes of the match, I heard reports of my squads in a tremendous firefight, just bashing their heads against practically a stone wall of enemy troops and gaining next to no ground. While we were able to cap the point at first, we were too committed and unable to pull troops away to Lower like planned to take advantage of the slower US cap times.

    Part of that is on me as I asked Dispo's squad to help out at West Mogi rather than continuing on to Lower based on my belief that we could just out flank and kill them on West while their armor was tied up at East Novo with DB's squad. We also spent too much time at East when we should have packed up and left as soon as it was apparent we weren't going to stop the cap of one guy hiding in a building. If DB and Dispo had both hit Lower as soon as West Mogi was capped with 2 squads and a 30mm, the match could have really have gone a much different way as, from talking with Copernicus, I don't think the US team had much of a plan for losing West Mogi either. DB and Squad 3 were slowed by the Bradley presence a lot but eventually got to Lower Mogi and took out 2 enemy radios but it was too little too late as the enemy team was already firmly entrenched on the point and had it capped and the subsequent attacks were unsuccessful.

    As for the rest of the match, massive shoutouts to all my team for pulling off a huge audible at Kropy, we did not have much in the plans for holding that point but we still manage to stymie the enemy team there time and time again. Lots of great comms and flanks used to stomp enemy attacks before they got close to the point. I don't think the enemy team even stepped foot in the cap radius once, even with an Abrams and Bradley roaming unopposed for 80% of the match. We even managed to take down a Bradley after it got caught out of position by a LAT hitting its engine and some great coordination between friendly AT and both 30mms. Majors props to mikes and Squad 4 for holding Kropy for most of the round. Crawling and manyface with the 30mm here also did a great job suppressing enemy troops so infantry could move on them.

    Our major offensive into West Mogi halfway through the match is well documented at this point so I won't go on about it too much. We put all our armor and most of our infantry into that push and they got shut down by a really well done ambush, props to the US armor squads for that one. In hindsight, I possibly could have had some kind of scouting party go in first to find the armor as we knew it was in the vicinity but on the west side, not the east. I think that attack might have turned the match around right there as we had Dispo's squad on the south side of West Mogi at that point I think, ready to go in when the rest of the team got there too. Of that assault, only mikes and Squad 4 survived and they spent the next good portion of the match hiding from enemy armor hunting them and reporting enemy positions. Eventually they found the enemy spawn point and took it down but we weren't able to take advantage of it enough in the end.

    After the assault on West failed, Trooper and DB defended Kropy for a long time, shutting down even more enemy attacks with a roaming defense strategy that really worked well for us. This defense was reflected in the scoreboard at the end of round as the US squads tasked with attacking took tremendous losses while inflicting minimal casualties.

    Hats off to Cougar and the armor squad, they had their work cut out for them. Playing a T72 into both an Abrams and Bradley is very difficult, especially on a map with that much concealment. They eventually won a duel near the end, destroying the Abrams but dying to the Bradely TOW just after. I probably could have done a better job with giving them some help via a TOW network that never really got off the ground or maybe just had them sit in ambush more.

    Our BRDM/scout squad was also not as effective as I wanted it to be. No fault by Tree or anyone involved, the enemy was just ready for it. I envisioned epic moments of solo kills on Bradleys with the HAT kit on board but the enemy team was too aware of the threat and time and time again, shut them down quickly. There was also never really a moment when the enemy armor was split up enough for a surprise ambush. I also probably should have released Tree and his guys for raiding enemy logistics earlier as I think we only got 2 or 3 trucks over the whole match and those only near the end. Tree and his squad however did exceptional work at spotting enemy movement. He was constantly on comms, radioing enemy positions near Kropy for the defense squad which is why we were able to find the attackers and their spawn points and push them away, over and over again. No way we would have held that point if we didn't know where the enemy was coming from before they got 100 meters away from the point.

    And last but certainly not least is the logistics guys. Huge thanks to Takker and Mushee for driving trucks and staring out windshields the whole match. We never had trouble with supplies on FOBs. Unfortunately, I was so distracted by everything going on, I forgot Mushee was in the passenger seat of my truck after setting up a TOW that he just rode with me for probably almost an hour before I realized and set him out to help at one of the points. My apologies for that one again.

    I really hope I've covered everything there, it was a great match but part of it feels like a blur to me thinking back on it and I'm having a hard time remembering specifics at some points. Commanding for the first was a ton of fun and I learned a lot from the experience. I hope at some point I will be able to do it again and apply that knowledge. Thanks to my team for the effort they put into the match, they were the ones who really made it work.
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    During the push into West Mogliyovo that failed, my squad was in East Novo getting mortars up to support when we were engaged by a roaming enemy squad. We never got into the fight at West until after our armor column was already destroyed. From East we regrouped and ended up in West Petryvka to establish a FOB and TOW to watch the ridge line extending E-W near West Mogilyovo.

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      ahh ok yeah I remember now. I was having a hard time remembering exactly where you were. thanks for clearing it up! I'll edit the original post.


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        Always nice seeing these.


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          Great write up Shade thank you. Fascinating to see the plans of the other team, their perspective etc. I wouldn't be too hard on yourself in the harsh light of hindsight. I can tell you, at least from my perspective as a US boot, that it didn't really feel like we were winning at times lol with Russian Infantry swarming out of vehicles, vehicles shooting us up and our radio's going down left and right. The fog of war! Well played, it was a hard fought game.




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