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Tactical Gamer and the Conscripted Combat Squad events

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Tactical Gamer and the Conscripted Combat Squad events

    The Squad Admin team is very excited to announce that our Squad community will be participating in the Conscripted Combat Monday night events!!

    What is Conscripted Combat?

    The Conscripted Combat event was started several months ago by members of Cracked Clan to solve a problem they were having: playing organized matches on a full server. The current competitive scene in Squad suffers from the ability to run a full, 40v40, organized match. This is due to a list of factors, from not enough members in a clan to busy real life schedules, etc. You've already seen these same issues when we run an internal scrimmage. Luckily, we have a big community to draw from, so we've been lucky enough to run our scrims on a full server. But I digress. This post explains the genesis of Conscripted Combat much better than I can, so if you're interested give it a read.

    After reading that post I liked the ideas presented so much that I proposed to the admin team that we copy their system for our scrims, as filling one was a major concern of ours. Luckily we haven't had to do that, but reading the thoughtful post and following the events as they've progressed did present us with another idea: Why not participate?

    Why Conscripted Combat?

    We all love our internal scrims. Organized play, with high levels of coordination, thorough planning and the fun in seeing your plans come to fruition is an experience that is really hard, if not impossible, to duplicate in public play. To be perfectly honest, for many, having to play public matches after experiencing the high levels of organization in a scrim becomes a chore and probably even lessens the overall enjoyment of the game. You simply get jaded to public play. It's understandable.

    We cannot run an organized scrimmage every week and expect to fill the server for those matches with all TG players. We have no desire to compete against another successful event because to do so would mean we have to directly copy it, and we also feel that it would eventually change the core of how we view our community as well as how the server itself is run.

    However, we are also looking to build positive relationships with other clans and communities that are aligned with our philosophy toward gaming in general, and Squad in particular. There are a lot of reasons for this, but the most obvious one is that these relationships can and will lead to opportunities to play with and against these groups in organized matches.

    So, we've looked for a long time for the right groups to align ourselves with. In Conscripted Combat and Rebound Gaming (and the clans that make up that group), we feel that we've found those people. It is because of this that we want to participate in the Conscripted Combat events and help support them. As players. As squad leaders. As commanders.

    How does Conscripted Combat work?

    The concept behind Conscripted Combat is that every week two communities/clans face off against one another in a match. Each team has a commander who establishes the plan with his squad leads. When the night comes, the commander and his squad leads brief their team on the plan and then the match begins.

    Each commander can bring a set number of players from his community to act as squad leaders and to fill in some spots in those squads. They are not allowed to bring an entire team, however. Open spots are filled by public players, however only pre-approved squad leads can create squads. This allows the commander to maintain control of his team with players who helped prepare and know the plan for the match. The beauty of this event is that is allows players who typically do not have the ability to participate in an organized match the opportunity to do so and expose them to higher levels of play in Squad. The obvious goal through these events is to help better the overall Squad community, and that is a goal that aligns very well with what TG is about and how we try to run our server and community.

    How is this going to work?

    Since we made the decision to go forward, the most important questions we've been trying to answer are:

    How do we participate?


    How do we make participation in these events as fair as possible to the members of our community?

    The answers we've come up with are probably not perfect, but they're a start.

    First, there are rules governing how many players can participate in a single Conscripted Combat event. The number of players allowed vary based on the level of participation your community has for that particular event:
    • Clan-affiliated players are limited to 7 persons per clan if you are not the commanding/leading clan
    • The clan leading each side is limited to 12 players from their own clan at a time on the server
    These numbers are subject to change and if they do I will update this post, but these are the published numbers as of now. I do know that if your community is providing a commander you can change the total number of participants allowed from your community so long as it is agreeable to the other commander. However, for purposes of this announcement, just assume the most we can ever have in the event from TacticalGamer is 12.

    Before I add any more, it is important that the following rule from Conscripted Combat be read and understood by everyone interested:

    Violating any of our rules may result in your clan being banned from our server and future events.

    So, flooding the event with TG people would absolutely, 100% be a violation of the rules and the spirit of the event. To solve this issue, we've decided that we will require a registration process to determine who is eligible to play in any given event. The fairness in the registration will be that participation is a first-come, first-serve queue for participation, and you will not be allowed to register for another event until you have fulfilled your first registration. Also, the registration queue will be public at all times, displayed in our Discord server in the #conscripted-combat-registration channel.

    How do I enter the Queue?

    Simple! TacticalBot.

    This will work exactly how we register for scrims, etc. You will need to send a DM (direct message) to TacticalBot in our Discord server. For Conscripted Combat, you will not need to send any additional information about a role you want to play, etc., as this will be determined by your squad leader once you get into their squad in the event.

    Simply send TacticalBot "!conscript", and you're in the queue!

    Registration Queue Rules
    1. The queue will be filled with registrations in order of registration, with the newest registrations always added to the bottom.
    2. Each week, depending on the number of TG players that can participate, the first X players in the queue, starting at the top, will be given the opportunity to play in that week's event and represent TacticalGamer.
    3. A player who cannot participate in a particular week who is eligible will be left in the queue at their current position and be offered the opportunity to participate in the next event. This will continue until the player can participate, at which time they will be removed from the queue and will then be eligible to register again. A player can be left in the queue in their position at the top indefinitely unless they contact the admins to be removed.
    4. Each week, once our team has been selected, the names will be published and their registration in the queue channel will be marked that they are participating. After the event is over the queue will be cleaned up and ready for the following week.
    5. Supporting Member status will not impact queue position - each player has equal weight for our participation in Conscripted Combat. Why? Because this is not a TG-hosted event.
    When do we start?


    We do have some guaranteed spots for the next two events already taken:

    Monday, February 18th has 3 openings for TG as we have 4 players already assigned.
    Monday, February 25th is currently closed. TG is commanding that night and our team is already filled.
    Monday, March 4th and beyond: Wide open!

    I see they allow for people to volunteer to be CO and SL. Can we do that?

    Absolutely! In order to keep some semblance of order and eliminate confusion around the queue is that players interested in volunteering for these roles please communicate their intent with the admin team before submitting their name for those positions. We need to make sure we get support organized for you and we need to know how it will impact the queue for those weeks.

    If you are interested in volunteering for one of those positions, the information is on the Rebound Gaming web site.

    In closing, I have a few important points to mention (and probably repeat):

    Playing in these events means you are representing TacticalGamer. In doing so, it acknowledges that you have read our Primer and agree to abide by that regardless of the server you're playing on. Representing TG is a privilege, not a right. Please be a good ambassador for our community.

    Please follow all rules on the server the event is being run on. If you are not sure about the rules then play like you were playing on our server and follow our rules instead. That will be the best option and 99.99999% keep you out of trouble. However, you should probably know the rules of the server you're playing on.....

    Please follow our rules regarding eligibility and the queue, and if you are not eligible to represent TG that night that you DO NOT PLAY IN THAT EVENT! Yes, you are a free person and can do as you please, but don't be selfish and ruin this for all of the other TG players. If needed, the admin team will take action against players ignoring this. This is the "don't be that guy" rule.

    Lastly, and most importantly, we welcome questions, comments and feedback. We also acknowledge up front that this system (the queue) is probably not perfect. We've really, really struggled with this for a week to figure out the best way to manage this so that it would be fair to everyone in our community as well as somewhat easy to manage so it does not become a full time job for someone, all while being transparent to everyone so there is never any question about eligibility and participation. It's pretty much impossible to hit each of those points.

    That should cover everything. Thank you everyone for making TG such a great place to play and hang out, and we all hope everyone is excited about this opportunity. Let's put our best foot forward, represent TG well, enjoy the new relationships we'll get to make, and let's all be excited for the future of Squad!

    Conscripted Combat events are played on the Rebound Gaming Network (RGN) server, Monday nights starting at 9pm Eastern (8pm Central, 7pm Mountain, 6pm Pacific).
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