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Conscripted Combat: STG vs STG AAR

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  • Conscripted Combat: STG vs STG AAR

    Yesterday I led TG in the weekly Conscripted Combat match, this time featuring STG vs ... STG. Obviously that clan wanted to win . Me and six others were under command of STG | CRiTiCaLBiLL fighting for control over Kohat Toi. We played the role of the tea loving British while the other side drank Vodka and blasted weird EDM as Russians.

    I didn't get a chance to meet with the commander until an hour before the match, in which we discussed some strategy. Everything seemed fine and we did have some sort of strategy, but I noticed right off the bat that there was very little planning going into this. Bill, I felt, knew what he wanted to accomplish, but didn't put much thought into how to go about it. My squad was going to be under control of the two Warrior IFVs that the British had. We both knew that our IFVs were at a pretty big disadvantage due to their slow mobility and vulnerabilities to enemy Kornet missiles. Bill and I agreed that we were going to have to play them low and behind cover to avoid Warrior losses. Thus he decided that the Warriors should push Chakar Kot and stay around the point, avoiding Kornet fire as best as we could. Besides that, the overall plan was slim in detail. All I knew going out of the meeting is that there would be squads dedicated to backcaps and one squad that would rush the northwestern hill looking over Chakar Kot.

    When the briefing started, the TG guys all got the impression that this wasn't planned enough. There weren't contingency plans or a dedicated logi team. When the match started, I had C0pernicus and LetumComplexo in one Warrior, Treefingers and Mushee in the other. The rest of us, Poohbear, Uncle, and me, were going to be infantry. Our plan was to have our infantry provide support to the Warriors and prevent LATs from moving up on them. We rolled out after our friendly Logis left base and made our way to Chakar Kot. The Squad that was tasked with taking the Northwest hill got there in time, but the enemy team decided to come up from the south of Chakar Kot with one squad. Inside the point, there was only half a squad, at most, defending the point to make sure it caps. The squad quickly overran the point and the rest of the enemy team moved up. Our Warrior squad was just rounding the bend towards Chakar Kot when this happened, and there was a HAT and LAT waiting for us. C0pernicus' Warrior got hit, and we had to push back. Because Chakar Kot was lost, our squad rolled into Thira to defend the point and set up a FOB. Luckily, we were able to secure Thira quickly and managed to hold it for the next 45 minutes. Our Warriors performed admirably when holding that point, and we managed to score a few BTR kills along with repelling some Infantry squads. Eventually, the enemy found our weak point. They came up from the east, on top of the cliffs under which our HAB was placed. Bill and his squad had been defending that direction, but they pushed up quick and fast. They were wiped and the HAB quickly overrun. Our Warriors tried to stop them, but their BTR distracted us enough that they were able to push down and clear the objective. Our Warriors tried to pull out towards the south, but both of them were destroyed.

    After this, our team decided it was time to turtle around Ambar Bridge. Our squad held the southwestern hills for the rest of the game. Not much happened, as the enemy decided to turtle around Thira as well. We engaged a few vehicles and tried to get a TOW FOB up, but because there was no dedicated logi squad it took a very long time for us to get supplies. By the time we did, the match was almost over. When we put a TOW up, it was destroyed by other enemy TOWs.

    Overall, it was an OK experience. I think it is a great idea. Bringing communities together to have competitive and organized games is fantastic. To match up TG strategies with other clans and improve upon it is a great opportunity, let alone TG The TG guys and I, for the first half of the match, had a lot of fun defending Thira and I'm pretty sure we would all do it again. But I did wish that the Commander and Squad Leaders came together to make a more coherent plan. Bill was great, but I feel that if he crunched the numbers and put more effort into strategizing, we would have gave them a run for their money if not won. Perhaps it was an off night for him, or he had alot of work and didn't get to plan much. But overall I felt like the overall strategy was light and lacking, which was the critical problem for our team.

    Heres the things I would have liked to change:

    Instead of rushing the hill northwest of Chakar Kot, we should have secured our cap so our Warriors and other squads could move up.

    We should have had a dedicated logi squad. This made getting supplies a complete hassle. At one point we had no logis in operation, with 2 being abandoned.

    Once our Warriors were down, I put the squad on defense around Ambar hills to the west. I didn't receive any orders from our CO for the rest of the game. I did wish I asked to go on the attack, but our CO seemed pretty defensive minded for the rest of the match.

    We shouldn't have turtled so much while we were down. Playing defensively while low on tickets can sometimes be a good idea, but only if its close. The game was definately not close, with the enemy being around 200 tickets above us most of the time.

    Overall, I CANNOT WAIT for TG to go up against CC next week with C0pernicus in the lead!!!

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    Thanks for posting this AAR, Browning.

    Curious to get the feedback from everyone else who participated in this event as well, not only on your perspective of the event but also, more directly, your AAR on the match itself.

    As a viewer, I was surprised that the Brit team did not commit more troops directly onto Chakar as well, and especially once it became clear that capping that point was in trouble the squad to the northwest seemed really slow to react. Granted, my view was restricted to whatever the streamer was covering at the time...

    Also noticed several times that flag defenses seemed to focus on the obvious vectors of attack - a straight line from the last flag, and flanks were not covered very well at all. This seemed to be the downfall of every defense. At one point, a lone RUS player managed to sneak in behind the defense squad at the bridge, get on a .50 emplacement they built behind the point and mow down everyone on the roof looking the opposite direction. That one player almost wiped the entire defensive squad and dug down the radio on that defense point by himself. It just didn't look like the Brit team had their stuff together in that match.

    Your decision to abandon the armor was probably a wise one, as the enemy team had some pretty dominant TOW positions established. I noticed that the Russian team seemed to keep their BTR82a's back near their TOW emplacements for mutual support in fear of Brit TOWs. As you noted, though, your team really only seemed to have 1 or 2 TOW positions established during the entire round and they were neutralized pretty quickly.

    However, as you noted, the biggest issue hamstringing your team was the lack of an organized and dedicated logistics squad. That is a fatal flaw in any squad match.

    I thought TG represented itself well. Nicely done to everyone who played, and we're looking forward to showing off more of what we're about in the coming weeks!

    GG guys!

    "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
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    No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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      I drove one of the warriors with Letum gunning at the beginning.

      As Browning has mentioned, it was clear that the initial planning and forethought was completely lacking.

      Our commander made it known that he believed the key to the match lay in seizing and holding Chakar Kot in the opening move. While this supposition may have been true, it was clear that no actual plan had been developed for taking and holding this objective. The plan was essentially to rush in infantry and armor and hope for the best. Clearly little thought had been given to how quickly RU forces could reach the point in comparison to the British and there seemed to be no direction being given to how the Brits ought to best deploy our armor, infantry, logistics and just about everything else.

      The roll out went as poorly as we all expected. The lead British logi dumped its infantry into the middle of the Chakar where already present RU forces gunned them down immediately. Despite this development, British SLs and the commander failed to adequately mark enemy positions on the map or express concern that we were about run into a full RU squad. As our armor finally rolled up to Chakar without any appreciable infantry support, our lead warrior (mine) immediately took 2 rockets from waiting RU lats and I somehow managed to extract Letum and I from a near death situation.

      Our next assignment after our failed Chakar push involved assigning the British warriors to defend Thirah Upper. Thirah Upper is a wholly unsuitable point to position armor. It sits in a bowl surrounded by high ground on 3 sides. Its southwestern face is completely exposed across the Kohat Valley to RU kornet positions. We managed to defend this point for far longer then we should have been able to. After waiting an unacceptable amount of time for a logi to establish a FOB and repair station at our position, we somehow managed to destroy several BTRs and stop small infantry assaults using our TOW and Warriors.

      Eventually RU forces managed to flank the position and overun our FOB on cap in a matter of seconds. There not a single British infantry squad in any appropriate defensive position on cap, nor was there a backup FOB in place. Both our warriors were destroyed quickly through LAT and kornet fire.

      Our defensive stand on Bridge for probably a whole hour was a clear sign that our side did not have a sensible picture of the situation we were in. Being down by probably over 100 tickets, our team proceeded to build a poorly placed and vulnerable FOB in Bridge with a TOW that could only guard the river. Useless HMGs and mortar tubes were scattered about as well. Our team possessing no logistical backbone, proceeded to not place a single other FOB on the map until the last maybe 20 minutes (TG squad placed this FOB). I then watched one British squad for the rest of the match try and assault Chakar and Thirah by itself with no support and no hope.

      To sum up:
      • There was no coordination. We never once formed up with other British squads to do anything.
      • There was no logistics. Infantry squads and eventually our squad made supply runs at their own leisure. For more than 50% of the match, we had 1 FOB.
      • There was no plan. With absolutely no hyperbole intended, the organization of level of our team was on par with a free weekend.
      What could have TG have done better?

      In the interest of criticizing ourselves, I think we could have taken on a more active role. We pretty much spent the last hour of the match bored and griping at the situation we were in. While this was STGs show to run, sometimes you just have to either deviate from the plan or assert yourself because there is leadership vacuum. If our squad had actually been unleashed and Browning whipped the other SLs into shape, things could have gone a lot better.

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