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2/25/19 Conscripted Combat Commander AAR

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  • [AAR] 2/25/19 Conscripted Combat Commander AAR

    This AAR will review first, the administrative handling of the event and then second, the tactical considerations and lessons learned.

    The Event Itself

    After talking with TG SLs after the match, we identified 3 primary issues that dragged down the quality of the event.

    1. Teams were significantly uneven especially at the beginning of the match.

    Our side (the British) had an 8 player disadvantage at the outset of the match. It was only well past an hour into the match that the difference was reduced to 3 players. RGN was aware of the discrepancy but did not commit to evening numbers forcefully during our event. It's something they will look into for future scrims. The reason no one would voluntarily switch over was because of the next issue.

    2. Clan Stacking

    It was clear that most of the other organizations that play in conscripted combat brought squads in to play on the RU side (l56, STG, CC). While the event was pitched as being a mix of scrim and public play, the other team was primarily composed of an amalgamation of other organizations. Instead of having to manage a large group of public players, it was clear that they formed up along organizational lines and had at most only 2-3 players per squad they weren't familiar with.

    TGs composition was much more diverse with a large mix of clan/unaffiliated players being managed by 3 infantry squads with only 2-3 TG members in each squad. Our composition was much more in line with the spirit of the event. That being said, our randoms performed extremely well for the most part with a grave exception being a few bad apples in Astas squad which leads me to the last issue.

    3. Babysitting

    We had a few individuals who weren't interested in cooperating. Somehow they all found their way to Asta's squad which was also assigned to defend Mound. Asta's squad was only at half strength due to the uneven balance of the teams. In what was an extremely fortuitous sequence of events, as some of these players began trolling (one l56 member falsely called out contacts on our HAB) an RU attack hit Mound at exactly the same time. With Astas few players severely out of position due to the false callouts and Asta forced to admin and instead of leading his squad, the defense on Mound quickly fell apart.


    TG Monday through Sunday has its own server where we deal with the issues of public play everyday. We are all more than well versed in dealing with trolls, backseat squad leaders, comm hogs etc. We strive and succeed most of the time at providing balanced and hard fought matches due to the good quality of all our TG SLs, squad members, and an extremely quality admin team. Putting in the effort we did to setup the scrim only to face admin and balance issues we could have easily had solved in our own server was disconcerting. I understand and admire RGNs goal in providing scrim level play to public players. However, we already do that in our server.

    RGN has indicated going forward they will be creating a new event geared specifically towards clans and organizations. This ought to be where TG focuses its efforts. From what I gathered from my SLs last night, we aren't really interested is going through this sort of style of event again due to the aforementioned issues. Combining the stresses of planning and leading a scrim with the hassle of having to actively police public players isn't worth it. TG participating merely at the squad level as has occurred twice now is a much better route to go.

    Tactical Considerations - Gorodok AAS V3 (British) - 77 Ticket Loss

    Overall, I think my plan wasn't great. I wanted to try some new strategies out and while our 77 ticket loss was closer than we expected, my plan probably have not been a winning strategy even on a fully stacked TG team.

    The crux of the plan was a slow but careful build up at Mound followed by a well scouted but careful attack on Niva Upper and Lower.

    Why did it fail?

    We ceded the Nivas in the initial stage because it was clear they could get their team there faster. To put it simply, by ceding the most important objectives on the map we ceded the initiative which would come to define the next 2 hours.

    Every commander wants to see some awesome super coordinated mega mech infantry flank come to fruition. But as I planned in my previous scrim, a simple attack designed to simply defeat an opponent through sheer speed, weight of numbers and violence often wins the day (See opening US moves on West Mogil). On Gorodok, I opted to have 2 squads harass/overwatch the Nivas while we prepared a grandiose DBZao style mech infantry attack. Instead it took us 30+ minutes from setting up and skirmishing at Mound to finally get a Niva attack doing. The attack became even further slowed when a Bulldog got stuck on a bridge heading to the Nivas. The attack for what it's worth looked great on the map and definitely would have broken through had we simply possessed more time. But time, like tickets, ammo, and build points must be managed carefully.

    Leaving Asta's undermanned squad by itself to defend the Mound proved a costly gamble I'll take credit for. Through no fault of his own, Mound was quickly overwhelmed and seized by the RU, sealing the fate of the British team in the process.

    What could we have done better?
    • I expected too much and leaned too hard on my Warriors
      • I became spoiled by how mobile and dangerous my armor crews were from last match. An Abrams and Bradley paired together can act as a decisive QRF, putting out any fires and disrupting any flanks that might surprise us.
      • Warriors are just not the same. They are slow, unstabilized and significantly more vulnerable to infantry. My armor crews still performed admirably, but they couldn't be the difference makers heavy armor might have been.
      • My directions to the armor squads were poor. I share some responsibility in why they were constantly split up when they should have been together.
        • People may not remember, but pre-v12 before we had tanks, Stryker and 30MM squads often operated in one full squad instead of separate ones. This should have been the format.
    • There should have been an attack on the Nivas in the first 10 minutes
      • We should have taken 2 full infantry squads + both Warriors and made a Niva push. By heavily committing to Niva initially, we dictate the area of engagement and we control the initiative.
      • We tie down RU mobility by simply forcing them to fight where you want to fight and where they have to defend. That's how you defeat superior mobility.
    • Radio Tower was a mistake
      • Primo quickly became pinned down in Radio for little to no gain. RU forces never had to even leave Niva to put Radio out of commission

    What went well?!?!?!?!?
    • Wookie's Sneaky Squad
      • There was ample enemy praise for how sneaky and effective Wookie's squad was. You eliminated practically every backup FOB they had on Niva and they had no response.
    • Armor Lethality
      • Shade's warrior laid the hammer down on RU 30mms. Another TG style armor ambush occurred when he caught the rears of all 3 30MMs. He destroyed 2 and 1 got away. He destroyed some more 30mms after that.
    • Baron's HAT
      • To no ones surprise, Baron got a HAT hit on a moving BTR crossing the river at what I suspect was 400+ meters. Typical.
    Other Observations:

    Bruce made a really great observation that TG squads are really good at defending because we spend so much time doing it on our server. As a result though, I think our overall attack prowess leaves something to be desired. Perhaps its time we refine this skill.

    Distinguished Squad Leader

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    Originally posted this in Discord, and C0p suggested piggy backing here:

    Celt's Riflemen perspective for the RGN/CC event thingie:

    My issue with the thing was that we were 8 people down for the first hour of the match, and then 4 people down for the second hour. At one point, there was a full squads worth of difference weighted against us. It was what it was, but that disgruntled me a bit. Not trying to make excuses… we did not get mud stomped, so I think we did well considering that handicap.

    Hindsight being 20/20, we should have pushed harder on the Nivas. Wookie’s short squad of 6 dudes caused a disproportionate amount of havoc over there, pulling off 3x 30s (twice that I can remember) and a full squad to deal with us. We discovered that the west was not being watched very well, and that a concerted effort may have very well rolled right over them from the west.

    So, hearing of the pain for the squad on Radio Tower, it may have been better to pull them off and immediately send them to reinforce Wookie’s mob on the west… reinforcing success, rather than remaining as MG bait. Coms needed to be flowing (and I am not saying that it wasn’t) in order to recognize that a) Radio was a Bad Place to be, that b) great success was being had in the west, and c) being flexible enough to untether ourselves from the initial plan and FRAGO the move. Lastly… we lost by 77 tix. Surrendering the Nivas gave them an additional what did we figure… 60? At least contesting them there may (never know for certain of course) have narrowed that deficit a bit.

    So, lessons learned:
    1. Bold, aggressive movement to at least contest a point. Do not concede a point. Ever. Harken back to the 2nd TG Scrim where the bold move by the US to secure W.Mog pretty much handicapped the RU. Make the enemy pay for very step. If you get beat, you get beat, but make sure they know they have a fight on their hands. It turned out that the other team seriously considered, up until start, conceding the Nivas to US. If that had happened, we would have been in no position to exploit that. As it turned out, they made the right call by deciding to contest the point and got lucky that we didn’t. This opened up some freedom of maneuver for them.
    2. Plans are fine, but the enemy always gets a vote. Because of this… mental agility is required, and a willingness to “semper gumby” (always flexible) is important. In line with this, is tunnel vision. Sitting up on Radio getting hammered by MGs and just taking it… can narrow your focus. I think that’s a bit of what happened. If it’s a bad spot, call it out as such. Offer suggestions, FRAGO, brief and execute. If you (general you, not pointed fingers here!) are not being productive, find someplace else to be in order to do so. This is just take aways from listening to the OPFOR talk about the situation at Radio, and our own team comments about being on the receiving end of.
    3. Reinforce success when possible and recognize key/decisive moments. As stated above, the western approach was largely unguarded and Wookie’s mob waltzed in on two or three occasions. If we as a team had been sharper, we would have identified those moments as key, and rushed reinforcements in. If Wookie had had a few more guns in the fight, the Nivas would have folded. As it was, the late push from the north onto Nivas was after the key moment, in essence too little, too late.
    C0p, please don’t think I am sharp shooting you, nor any of you SLs. Had I been in any of your positions, I likely would have fallen into the same issues I mentioned above. This is simply the lessons I feel should be highlighted/learned from our first collective step into this arena. You’ll did great, and I am only offering my POV in an honest effort to make us better for next time. I know, I know… if it’s so easy Celt, YOU be commander next time. If I had the time.

    To end on a positive… if you stuck around the AAR, you heard that they, at times, felt like they were getting beat on pretty good. I heard them mention that they came close to turtling up on Mound and riding it out. That means at the end, they knew they had been in a fight. It wasn’t a monkey stomp. Lets do better next time and bring home that W.



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      Solid AARs, guys. Thank you for taking the time to put these together as they are great learning/teaching tools.

      "Failure is success training."

      No one likes to lose, but so long as you are wise enough to let it teach you the lessons you need to learn then you turn a loss into a victory. It looks like we're lucky enough to be a community of mature, thoughtful individuals who are willing to put ego aside for the benefit of getting better, so there are going to be plenty of wins in our near future.

      With the cheer leading speech out of the way, I do want to add that I'm disappointed to hear - if I'm understanding this correctly - that the arrangement of 20 members from a clan/community wasn't necessarily adhered to? Maybe I'm not reading that correctly. It is unfortunate, if this is the case, but you fight the fight regardless. I do tend to agree with the view that maybe leading a team in Conscripted might not be the best thing to do for us and just participation at a squad level would be better suited for us with the other event looming.

      The admin team is still feeling our way through this. We want to find an outlet for everyone to be able to participate in events against other communities and our standards for those engagements are pretty high. As C0pernicus mentioned, we are perfectly capable of running organized, full-on scrimmages here so we're not going to just settle for matches against outside opponents unless they meet our criteria in terms of organization, drama-free and what we feel is worth associating ourselves with. People can think that is elitist of us, but the truth is that we value everyone's free time, and going back to high school for stupid drama is not how we feel anyone should be spending their free time after working all day and having families (those of us that do).

      Anyway, I digress. We are looking at participating in RGN's new event that would allow us to have an entire team roster made up of TG players. When that event is finalized we will evaluate it and we will make the announcement with the details.

      Great job, TG!

      "You milsim guys are ruining the game."
      |TG-42nd|Wicks-Today at 4:47 PM

      No it was fine mate I'm just an *******


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        Originally posted by disposableHero View Post

        With the cheer leading speech out of the way, I do want to add that I'm disappointed to hear - if I'm understanding this correctly - that the arrangement of 20 members from a clan/community wasn't necessarily adhered to? Maybe I'm not reading that correctly. It is unfortunate, if this is the case, but you fight the fight regardless. I do tend to agree with the view that maybe leading a team in Conscripted might not be the best thing to do for us and just participation at a squad level would be better suited for us with the other event looming.
        To clarify. The RU side was heavily composed of squads dominated by either (l56, STG and cc). None of these individual organizations had people over our 20 person established limit (and 100thPresident isn't even in an organization anymore). However it was easy to see that combined together, they probably had 30+ clan affiliated guys. I don't think it was necessarily intentional on their part, they are just used to all playing together from these events I suspect.

        Unfortunately it clearly made it so that there was probably less than 10 actual random/public players on their side which was another organizational advantage. Basically it was like fighting 3 organizations with 20 TG guys and 20 blueberries. We could have done a lot worse.

        Distinguished Squad Leader


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          I was unaware of Asta's situation over there on mound. If it was a non-TG but 'tagged' guy... that would make me raise eyebrows given the timing of the attack followed on the events heels. Not accusing, just saying, 'that's interesting.'

          I was trying to be upbeat with my ending about "next time." But given the persistent imbalance issue, and then coupled with this particular nugget of info... I think i'll stick to TG run stuff. For my own sanity. I am discovering that I get what I need in terms of camaraderie, team work and general fun right here at 'home.'.



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            All points were hit by C0p and Celt. Some of the things that I noticed were already hit on but 1) The squad at Radio Tower did prevent the enemy from using it but at the same time took a squad out of the fight for offense or defense (since we were down 8 players). That squad could have been used as defense on the mound or as already stated offense on the nivas. 2) When we were talking about the best approach into the nivas I could have taken more of a moment to suggest coming from the west but I did not due to my belief that the 30s could have been patrolling in that area. I do not really have much more to add, I think we all did a really good job and definitely made them fight (the ticket count is there as proof of that). At the end of the day though everyone had an excellent time and with this loss comes lessons learned and when the next time comes around we will be better prepared.

            GG everyone!


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              Originally posted by C0pernicus View Post

              To clarify. The RU side was heavily composed of squads dominated by either (l56, STG and cc). None of these individual organizations had people over our 20 person established limit (and 100thPresident isn't even in an organization anymore). However it was easy to see that combined together, they probably had 30+ clan affiliated guys. I don't think it was necessarily intentional on their part, they are just used to all playing together from these events I suspect.

              Unfortunately it clearly made it so that there was probably less than 10 actual random/public players on their side which was another organizational advantage. Basically it was like fighting 3 organizations with 20 TG guys and 20 blueberries. We could have done a lot worse.
              This. In my honest opinion, like we agreed last night., we should just commit to a squad level participation. This event is a great one, like fuzzhead said last night, at introducing new players into a higher level of organization and team-play. We should definitely support it. But I don't feel that we should command in the future. RGN needs to improve their policing about who participates and how many as well. It should be much more organized than just "this clan and this clan is attending tonight" without counting the numbers, which by impression seemed to happen. RGN should, if this event is to improve, make a strict roster with an even split of 20/20 between clans and pubbies before the match. To add on to that, they should manually team switch pubbies to even out the teams. Having the other team with 7-8 extra guys really messed our stuff up in the beginning, although like we discussed this wasn't the reason we lost.

              If RGN improves upon the things we discussed and implements the roster I mentioned, we should try our hand at commanding one of these events again.

              Also, I simply cannot wait for the full roster external scrim. Those will be the events that defines TG and our skills.


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                Originally posted by C0pernicus View Post
                I expected too much and leaned too hard on my Warriors
                • I became spoiled by how mobile and dangerous my armor crews were from last match. An Abrams and Bradley paired together can act as a decisive QRF, putting out any fires and disrupting any flanks that might surprise us.
                • Warriors are just not the same. They are slow, unstabilized and significantly more vulnerable to infantry. My armor crews still performed admirably, but they couldn't be the difference makers heavy armor might have been.
                • My directions to the armor squads were poor. I share some responsibility in why they were constantly split up when they should have been together.
                  • People may not remember, but pre-v12 before we had tanks, Stryker and 30MM squads often operated in one full squad instead of separate ones. This should have been the format.
                I'd like to add for future reference, when Warriors get their turret damaged, which happens extremely quickly from a 30MM, you loose 100% control - meaning they're as good as dead, unless the driver can somehow turn your gun into the enemy 30MM, which without a HUD with the current turret location, is extremely difficult.

                One LAT to the front, immediately pops the engine, and smoke will obscure all front firing LOS. When the Warriors engine is dead, even when repairing to 50% - climbing ANY hill steeper than an Wheel Chair ramp is no longer possible.

                I think in other matches, Warrior usage should be exclusively relied on for medium/long range engagements, in an easily retreatable position.

                -Things I learned about Warriors from that match.

                I'm honestly surprised how RGN handled that match. I wasn't sure what to expect, but how the match was handled was...well, it left a very poor impression, and I'm really glad I'm a part of the TG community.


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                  Perspective as HAT kit, Charlie FTL on Primo's (Radio Decoy) squad on British Team
                  • Charlie team got into position quickly on Radio Tower, proceeded to ridge north, identified convoy of x3 30mm BTRs on west side of river, moving north along the road. Engaged armor with HAT at range of 200m, scored hit on lead BTR
                  • Squad was under-strength, the only rifleman at the time with an ammo bag was Bravo FTL and unable to quickly reload HAT, ammo crate was not dug. By the time HAT ammo was resupplied, armored contacts were long gone
                  • Ridge along the road north of radio shortly came under heavy enemy fire-support, machine guns and RPGs, small elements of enemies began probing flanks (assumed these were bored stragglers breaking off from defense squads on Niva Lower)
                  • Charlie team then began reverse slope defense to the east of northern ridge, in order to deny the enemy's fire support advantage, small enemy forces were dispatched at regular intervals, intense mortar fire persisted on main radio compound throughout this time
                  • Charlie team persisted it's reverse slope defense for roughly 45 minutes until ordered to attack Niva Lower, crossed river without contact, made it into north east corner of Niva Lower before taking casualties from high ground between Lower and Upper, squad wiped shortly after this.
                  • Charlie Team along with squad respawned at Industrial as we had lost Mound during the attack on Lower. Frantically tried to deal with 1-2 enemy squads attacking from west of industrial, but with mostly just our squad defending Industrial and enemy squad(s) consistently shifting directions, they eventually managed to breach inside the compound on multiple sides (west, north & east), which led to tenacious close-quarter fighting in which many casualties/tickets were lost
                  • Towards the end of this fight, x3 30mm BTRs approached from Western road, came under fire of friendly Warrior, HAT engaged damaged BTR at close range (sub-100 meters) which was destroyed in one shot due to suffering fire from the Warrior. HAT missed shot on 3rd BTR which had ex-filtrated North by the time HAT had reloaded
                  • Had a |56| member on Charlie team for majority of game, played as squad marksman kit with no comms, mostly strayed on his own but returned to FTL after reiterating directions several times
                  • cc/Dox joined Charlie fire team part-way through the game and was exceptional, was attached to FTL's hip and provided ammo when needed
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                    Warrior 2 perspective:

                    We tried to do what we could to support our infantry but being so slow, we couldn't be everywhere at once. We tried to react to areas that desperately needed help as best we could.

                    I believe we had more success than Warrior 1, as we survived the entire round and never lost our engine once, which, from talking to Holy, seemed to be the main reason they lost their warrior. Probably amounted to a good bit of luck as we took multiple HAT hits and LAT hits to the rear and sides, as well as front, plus a lot of 30mm fire over the course of the match. Positioning was maybe a factor too as we tried to never be within 100 meters of any enemy troop or vehicle, preferring to engage at 200-300 meters if possible.

                    We were able to ambush their 30mms twice during the round, once north of Mound, once west of Industrial. First engagement we destroyed 1 30, heavily wounded the others, but we were too slow to chase. Second engagement, destroyed 2 30s with the help of Barons' HAT getting the killing blow on the second, third escaped but we hunted it down and destroyed it not 5 min later.

                    Speaking generally about the match, seemed slightly disorganized administratively speaking, especially compared to our events. Team balance was a problem all match number wise. The other factor was, like mentioned above, we seemed to have around 15 unaffiliated guys whereas the enemy team had maybe 5 unaffiliated, plus the extra players. Threw some wrenches in our executions of plans at key moments, dealing with trolls and not having full squads.

                    I can understand why the other clan guys all played together because they dont know us but it seems like a bad precedent for new groups getting involved when they have to wrangle all the randoms while the other team doesnt have as many. While we definitely have done it and do it every night on our own server, for an organized event, it doesnt sit right. I agree with Browning that maybe we should sit out commanding for a bit until the level is brought up to our own standards. Investing as much time as we did in planning and then this stuff happening was very disappointing.

                    Its not all negative though. I had a good time overall. Match was extremely close, 0-77 at the end. Which is very close considering we never capped a contested flag. C0p did an excellent job commanding as always, was a pleasure to work with him rather than against him this time.

                    I think what the RGN guys have going on here is a fantastic idea, and they've obviously been running it for awhile now and its still going so they are doing something right. With a bit more polishing, it could definitely turn into something truly amazing. Playing with other clans/communities is a lot of fun, meeting new people is always awesome. And just knowing that there are other communities out there that are trying to play Squad the same way we do is very refreshing.


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                      AAR from my perspective as Asta's FTL - Gameplay and Event

                      I agree with a lot of what has already been said, but wanted to add a perspective as someone within Asta's squad which seemed to be the most effected by some of the nuisances. Unfortunately this AAR may come off very negative, but it's the truth and how I felt about last night.

                      Gameplay - I lead a mighty fireteam of 2, which eventually became a fireteam of 3 for the last 20 minutes or so (and for the record those public players near the end were great). After securing the Mound we pushed out, setup a quick OP just East of the river, and were able to call enemy positions on a few occasions. We held that point for about 15 minutes, at which point Asta's squad was tasked with holding Mound. So we started to fall back and here's where it got a bit wonky, as I lost both members of my fireteam for generally being difficult, or flat out turncoats. One player in my fireteam openly admitted that we was in the other teams discord while playing, and felt that sitting around defending was "stupid and not how you play". Additionally, another player made what I believe was a fake called "contact" to the NorthWest of Mound, and then a full squad and 30 rolled exactly to the location of our back up HAB at Mound from the SouthEast a few minutes later.

                      That aside, I felt we were way to slow to react to Wookie's successes, and after he established the HAB on the West and dug down their back HABs we should have made one coordinated infantry push from the west using that HAB, while pressing vehicles from the east as a distraction. If it failed, we could resume defensive operations. We took too long to switch to the attack, and I think that is what cost us the round. Had we unsettled them a bit more and pressed Upper/Lower together I think we would have closed that 70 ticket gap considerably and had a shot at it.

                      In conclusion I can appreciate the goals of this sort of event as pairing public players with organized communities/clans inter-squad can elevate the game to a higher level of play. Unfortunately for Asta's squad this was just the opposite. It should be noted that we had one player refuse to change kits, say they were going to report us to RGN, and quit 5 minutes into the round.

                      My feedback would be to revisit the expectations of both the clans/communities participating, and the public players for this event. It seemed to me the public players showed up to play a normal game of squad - run, shoot, die, give up, run, shoot, die, etc. TG showed up with a timed plan and expectation to execute (or at least attempt tp). For Asta's squad this was definitely not the case till the last 30 minutes when we had some public players join who were great. I also think the Administration of the host server needs to be stepped up for these types of events. Team balance (numbers) should be a goal, along with even distribution of public players if that is the aim of the event.

                      I look forward to additional organized play with(in) TG, but I don't know how quick I would be to sign up for the next event until some of the issues that have been brought up are addressed. Just my opinion.
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                        My thoughts:

                        As an admin for our Squad server, I had the pleasure of being a part of TG’s first encounter with Conscripted Combat. I enjoyed it a lot, and advocated TG’s participation in future events. The goal of an organized event, one that shows blueberries a potentially higher level of play, is good. But after last night, I am severely questioning my decision to advocate TG playing in it at a CO/SL level.

                        I am not a foul mouthed man. I detest foul language with a passion, and can count on one hand the amount of times I have felt driven to the desire to use such unprofitable and base language. Last night was one of those times. Though I managed to hold my tongue, the desire to rage in all manner of ways was there.

                        Everyone bellyaches about “Free Weekends” because of all of the “Noobs”. I have always argued that it is a huge opportunity to help and grow more players into solid Squadies, and is not to be feared. I will take a squad full of people who have never played a round before, over the cancer that infested my squad last night. All of whom were veterans of the event. (This excludes Weet-bitz, STG-Headache, and Sugoi. All of whom replaced others over time, and were assets to the squad.)

                        Things I don't care about:
                        1. I don't care that you think I should “label” my squad so that you would know who was going to do what. It is not practical to title a squad "“MechInf2MoundThen2LowerTillCappedThenDismountFro m MechAndInvadeUpperWithFullInfantrySquadSecurePoint SuperFOBItAndRunOutsidePerimeterDefense"”. You joined an “Organized” event. Did you stop to think it just might be organized? Some squads just might be going to do more than just one thing. Just as a Running Back in football, so was my squad. Half of the time he is running the ball up the face of the other team. The other half he is blocking on the line so the QB can throw the ball. Our first play was to hold the line. Then we run the ball.
                        2. I don't care that you think we “hog(ged) all of the good roles”. You know nothing. The “good” roles, nay, the *BEST* roles are medic and rifleman. Medic because he is literally the most important. If your team isn't alive and healthy, you are all dead and not able to fight. As a medic, not only do you decide who lives and dies with or without your bandage, you get to shoot the people your rifleman missed as he cleared ahead of you. Rifleman, because you get two grenades, can resupply yourself, your medics, and then everyone else. You are the muscle of your team.
                        3. I do not care that you didn't want to drive a vehicle for any length of time. You are playing a combined arms game in an organized event. Somebody has to do it. My boy Luke didn't want to drive either, but he happily did because that is what we needed, and we needed *that* only because we knew pubbies wouldn't want to drive. As it happens, I needed a gunner. Your loss. More so, I didn't want to be on the offensive push. I am WAAAAAY better at, and prefer, defense. But the team didn't need that, so I was set to be on the offense.
                        4. I don't care if you think you can land mortars on Lower from Mound, I told you we aren't going to to be running mortars. To run mortars on the defense point, you need to have enough defense on the perimeter to protect them, AND have a secure supply line. It just so happens that we didn't have the manpower, and the Commander called a halt to the logistics, due to a misplaced pack of Russian 30's. Now get back down to your post with your fireteam to the south and watch it!
                        5. I don't care that you think you can single-handedly take a fortified FOB down, you are in my already small squad defending Mound. Do your job and get back over here and watch the perimeter.
                        6. I don't care that all of your buddies are on the other team, you are on my team, and in my squad, in an organized event. You will give it your best, the same as if you were playing with them. Did you know that in the first event TG took part in, due to connection issues, I had to play against my guys? Ask FifthYangPro if he felt I was a troll or an asset.

                        If RGN cares to continue to promote this as a “next-level battle”, they are going to have to make sure that those who participate understand that it is a “next-level” event. To have a “next-level” event, people CANNOT be allowed to think that they can join and act the fool like they can on most public servers not named Tactical Gamer.

                        That said, Dispo does not allow the admin team to present problems without presenting potential solutions, so here are some suggestions:
                        • Rename the server in the server list to something like, “RGN Organized Battles”.
                        • Set a chain of command rule. Squadies follow SL orders, and SLs follow Commander orders.
                        • Set a common decency and sportsmanship rule. If you are a veteran attendant of the event, you must be at your best behavior, no matter which team you are on, or which squad you are in. (If your best behavior falls beneath common decency and sportsmanship, not my problem.)
                        The plan:

                        The plan was for me to run a full squad. It was going to look like this:
                        • SL
                        • Bravo Lead (kit of choice):
                          • Medic
                          • Team member (kit of choice, less marksman)
                          • Medic
                        • Charlie Lead (Crewman - driver):
                          • Crewman (driver)
                          • Rifleman (gunner - infantry reserve)
                          • Rifleman (gunner - infantry reserve)
                        We were going to take the Bulldogs up to Mound, and secure it. Once we received the go, we were to travel deep to the southwest with the warriors, then cut north, place an attack FOB, then proceed with the attack on Lower. Once Lower was taken, we were to push west and finish securing Upper with Wookies squad. Once held, we were going to super FOB Upper, and run patrols outside the point while another squad held Upper proper. Or something like that.

                        What actually happened:

                        None of what should've. I ended up on defense at Mound, with 5 or 6 in my squad total. Got trolled, then rolled, and never regained my footing.


                        I ended up letting myself get distracted by events already stated, and as I was distracted, other things slipped past me that I should have caught and dealt with. The two together caused me to get angry at the situation I was thrust into, as I was able to process what happened between things. This caused me to over think what I was going to say, before I said it, so as not to speak out of line, as I was angry. This over thinking led to poor communication with my squad at times, and thus was not fair to my guys and those who did find their way into my squad to stay. I need to do better at accepting what is and move on, not let trolls rent space in my head, and I need to communicate more with the guys who deserve it.


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                          I got an essay due in 4 hours and I don’t even know what I’m writing it about yet but just my opinions

                          - not tactically sound to set up a supporting position past your FLOT(forward line of troops). Radio tower is perfect once we own the nivas, can deny the enemy the east and north side of the objectives from radio tower. I am not saying never do this tactic but if what you are doing something that doesn’t positively effect our team then we must change( just dig down the radio, it’s not a big deal by any means)

                          - We go to war to find fix and finish our enemies. On the battlefield we should always. always have most of our efforts pushing the next objective until the possibility of actually losing the defense point arises. It is the Commanders job to manage this. I would keep a squad+ on defense and everyone else on offensive operations. On serious contact of the defensive cap call back the fireteam so make 2 full squad on defense.. if still overwhelmed pull back another squad. 3 squads to regain control. By regain control meaning the extra squad neutralize the local enemy fob. After that go back to your squad +

                          - leadership....ever evolve, different style. There are things we can all agee on. know your job. If you can not instill in your men that you are competent you will lose their motivation and they will question everything. Keep your squad informed on the next 2 moves a head( chess games go 5). Keep them informed on how other squads are supporting the fight. Often your squad mates will open their map and see a squad or vehicle assist is BFE, inform them on they current course of action to calm them down. Always, always aknowledge when your squad does something good together. Positivity is contagious.

                          -For scrimmages if you got an ******* . they get one warning, that’s it! It’s scrimmage time, commanders and SLs spend their own time to set tactics and plans. Do not waste your squads time trying to get a dude in line. The rest of the squad will support you if your judgement is sound.

                          - the best games we play are the ones with simplest plan created 60 seconds before we have to roll out. I think commanders and SLs get too wrapped up in a plan and try to force it when it’s straight retarded to keep going with that course of action. At the end of the day, this is a game. If your squad is not having fun, we need to re evaluate what we are doing. Adjust fire to get a small victory and make it a positive experience for everyone again.

                          As always, thank you leadership for taking on the burden and thank you TG community for making this possible

                          h8 out


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                            Great AARs guys!!!

                            I hope some of the admin issues doesnt dissuade you guys from playing these events in the future. Yeah the team balance did seem like there was 37 vs 43 for chunks of the round (i dont watch scoreboard too closely so it could have evened out, though anytime I looked at it it was roughly around that ratio)

                            It was a fun round over all and great to see such coordination. Indeed the enemy was WELL Coordinated, and I honestly think that was the most decisive point, they out manuvered us at each step of the way, and they put their force multipliers exactly where they were needed, while our team had squads spread too thin most of the times (from my perspective anyways). Good to read all the thoughts of each SL as it shows the good and bad of different plans and being out of position really at the wrong time is all thats needed to lose the initiative.

                            Some thoughts from Primo's Squad 5 playing as a Medic with no prior knowledge of the plans:

                            - Initial roll out of Squad 5 was a bit clunky - as we had no designated Logi driver to return it to the Logi Squad, but we managed to get it sorted at the cost of some early deaths and tickets as the Medic was out of position when the Radio tower took initial contact.

                            - We had orders to hold at radio tower to create a distraction. It was unclear what the distraction would be, or how long we would be creating this distraction and what we would do once the distraction was over. Primo did a good job as SL, but the morale in the squad went downhill the longer we held that untenable position. I would not assign this kind of role to a squad of public players, its an tactic that can pay off greatly - but its ALL about the timing, it needs to be precise and all parts of the assault and distraction force have to go as planned. Instead none of it went as planned, we were outgunned pretty much off the get go and any re positioning got us cut down pretty quickly. Once the enemy dug in, their mortar batteries and 50cals had us zero'd, it was hellish, with no chance of counter battery since we had no intel on enemy mortar positions.

                            - We held the radio tower position for around 45-50 minutes. This was not an objective area and we had no clear goal there (from the squad members perspective - we couldnt hear command comms). Which is a very long time to put on a distraction routine when all the enemy defenses were well positioned to counter any move we attempted. By the end, they had 3 50cals and 2 mortar batteries dialed in on us, it was merciless. This put our squad morale very low, so when we lost the defense point and had to push all the way back to our final defensive objective, I noticed our squad did not have a strong will to fight hard or smart - we did our best but we were definitely suffering from the earlier losses.

                            - Might have been wise to pull back the distraction force much quicker (within 5 minutes of figuring out that the plan was not going to work), which would have saved some of the squads morale, and brought us to a more fruitful endevaour where we could have worked with another squad to become a force multiplier on putting pressure on attack or defense.

                            - Another option, would have been to break off most of the squad to do QRF/Recon helping Wookie's squad. The prolonged 50 minute "distraction force" at the Radio tower could have been done pretty much just as effectively with 1/3 the amount of man power and would been just as effective.

                            - Prolonged distraction force could have utlized a solid stealthy marksman, taking single kill shots and then displacing immediately to not be seen, with 2 additional squad members holding in tight defensive posture, covering blind spots, with a mortar built nearby to put occasional rounds down on hard targets. This would have been quite effective at keeping the enemy distracted, without using up alot of additional man power. This would would have free'd up 6 extra players to use for QRF, Recon, Assault or Defense, which would have been useful especially considering the enemy team outnumbered us by at least 6 players for a good chunk of time.

                            - Also, would have been great to have seen a specific recon unit right from the beginning, that would be tasked with locating enemy mortar, HMG and ATGM and HAB positions, getting those fixed positions marked accurately, which would have given the mortar crew counter battery opportunities which would have hampered enemy ability to defend the Niva's. We built a mortar but were firing blind, or had limited target opportunities from our own spotters, which were quickly gunned down. A 2 man spotter team would be ideal, able to stealth into good OP.

                            Perhaps more autonomy given to the Squad or stepping up to recommend such actions, not sure of the command structure you had prior to the scrim, I had the feeling Primo was following orders and didnt want to deviate, but I dont think we were an effective force. Not in anyway representing the skills of the leadership, just a good lesson to be learned for future planning, I think adaptation and altering plans in a timely manner is super important to maintaining team effectiveness.
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                              C0pernicus TGU has a class on 'Assault' that covers, unsurprisingly lol 'Assaulting an objective'. If there is demand we can set that up to run soon.




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