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Talil Outskirts RAAS V2 3/8/2019 - US Squad 3 Perspective

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  • [AAR] Talil Outskirts RAAS V2 3/8/2019 - US Squad 3 Perspective

    AAR 3/8/2019 Talil Outskirts RAAS V2

    US Team

    Squad 3 (95th INF):

    SL - |TG-95th| Shade

    FT Bravo - |TG-95th| Bruce8585(lead), -=jbr=- Tea Time, [iDIP] Klutch, |TG-Irr| Luke

    FT Charlie - |TG| Red Dog Dragon(lead), |TG-95th| Browning, crossfithubby, Mr_Bawsaq


    At the start of the match, my squad went to Destroyed Hangers with a logistics truck to set up a FOB/HAB on the south east side of the point. Squad 2 went to the west side of Hangers and did the same thing. Squad 5 took care of back caps and then moved on to attacking Gas Station with Squad 4.

    Early Defense and Setup:

    When we got to Hangers, I had FT Bravo move to the east side of the cap, looking farther east and north towards Soviet Base area for enemy trucks/troop movement to combat and early rush. FT Charlie stuck with me to establish the HAB and some ammo crates and a strong point on a hanger in the center of the point with good visuals on the surrounding area.

    FT Bravo spotted an enemy truck trying to rush into the point from the north, heading west towards Squad 2 position. I radioed SL2, Dispo, and his squad dealt with the truck before it could drop supplies or dismount many infantry. I then spread my guys our a little bit more for a good perimeter and waited for the enemy's next attack.

    Roaming Defense:

    The next attack materialized on the west side of the Hangers, with Squad 2's position coming under attack from the north west desert by emplaced MGs and troops moving across the open desert under the covering fire. Squad 2 requested some assistance during the fight so I sent FT Charlie to the south of Squad 2 position to deal with a flanking enemy element and after wiping that enemy squad out, to hold the south flank of Squad 2. In the meantime, I sent FT Bravo to Soviet Base east to make sure the enemy hadn't tried to set up a spawn point in the area. As the sand storm makes it hard to see at ranges beyond 500 meters, FT Bravo had sweep a lot of Soviet Base to make sure it was clear. Once they gave me the all clear, I had FT Bravo move up to FT Charlie's positions. I then contacted Squad 2 with my troop movement and advised them to move on the enemy static positions in the desert while my guys filled in behind them and defended their spawn/fortifications.

    While my guys exchanged heavy fire with the enemy static positions north west in the dessert, Squad 2 was able to pull a long flank north of the enemy positions, coming from behind the enemy in a stealth assault that surprised them and allowed Squad 2 to wipe the out and take down the FOB/HAB. At this point, I was the only one on the flag radius at Hangers, watching the map and looking around with my binoculars for enemy movement. I spotted an enemy truck pulling in the 4 building set directly east of Hangers, with troops dismounting and heading into the northwest building. As I watched them place a FOB/HAB, I instructed my guys to double time it back to the point, as we were about to be under attack. Thankfully, the enemy troops took their time moving towards the point, giving my FTs enough to assume their previous positions, as well as constructing 2 .50 cals looking at the enemy HAB and their only approach to the point. When the enemy finally did move towards point, we hit them with a crossfire from the 2 .50s and our 240b, completely annihilating the first wave.

    The fight then grew, with more enemy troops being committed and my FT Bravo attempting to maneuver onto the enemy HAB. They weren't able to get anywhere on the north side, so while FT Charlie continued to be the fire suppression element with the .50s and 240b, FT Bravo respawned and moved along the south wall, clearing out a few enemy troops trying to flank us and then continuing towards the enemy spawn. During this time, Squad 6 had been able to deploy into the east side of Soviet Base and started moving towards the enemy HAB from the other flank, effectively pinching the enemy forces between our 2 squads. The fight didn't last long after that, FT Bravo got on the enemy FOB destroyed it.

    After this firefight had ended, my guys got some ammo and we moved east into Soviet base, advising Squad 2 to fill in behind us on the cap while we investigated some reported enemy movements. What ensued next was a drawn out firefight that occupied us for a good portion of the match. A significant enemy presence was found at Soviet Base and when we attempted to push into them, we were met with heavy fire which wiped out most of my squad. We regrouped and instead, went around the outside of the Base, using the walls for cover until we got closer to the suspected enemy HAB location. We were able to vault the wall, and covered by the 240b and marksman, moved up to the Hanger where we found the enemy HAB, which we destroyed, finding the radio not long after. North of us in the desert, the remaining enemy tried to escape in a logi truck which we shot at, killing several out of the back of the truck but we weren't able to kil the driver and the truck got away.

    Squad 2 meanwhile was in heavy contact on the south side of Hangers and started requesting assistance. Squads 4 and 5 also had gotten wiped at Gas Station so they fell back to Hangers and helped defend from this new enemy attack. The enemy even made it to our spawn point before the team was able to beat them back. An enemy HAB position was reported in the middle of the airfield so I took my guys and we made a move on the position from the east. Using terrain cover, we got into a good firing position inside one of the craters. With the 240b and marksman covering again, we deployed smoke parallel to our approach and moved behind the concealment it provided to some terrain cover close to the compound where the enemy were. Some enemy troops ran out of the compound and tried to get away in a truck but Squad 5 was able to destroy it as they tried to drive away. With suppressing fire from the 240b along with some other squads firing as well, we got up to the walls of the enemy position, tossed frag grenades inside, and breached. We found nothing inside, leading us to the conclusion the enemy had destroyed their own FOB when they realized they were losing the fight.

    Last Minute Attack:

    After this fight, there was a lull in the fighting where we discussed our next move in SL chat. It was decided that would go on a all or nothing attack on Gas Station to try to tip the match in our favor. It took awhile to sort the logistics of it out as we needed to drive trucks back to main to pick up more transportation to get squads over to Gas Station. Unfortunately, not enough trucks were brought up so my squad was unable to ride along. Instead, we stayed on the defense which was a good move since we started taking enemy contact from the northwest again. While the rest of the team moved towards Gas Station, we set up a defensive perimeter looking west to intercept enemy troops. We had to give up the HAB west of the point and fell back slowly towards our strongest point, giving ground but delaying the enemy as much as possible to buy time for the team's attack. When the call over SL chat came that they had almost capped Gas Station, I was down but I told the guys surviving on point to destroy our own radio to deny the enemy the chance. The 4 guys who were there died with their shovels out, moments after the radio was destroyed. I spawned back at main with a few guys, instructing the rest to hold spawn, and started moving towards Gas Station with a logi to reinforce the position which was under heavy assault.

    The match then ended just before the enemy was able to cap back Gas Station which was good because we might have lost then, with no way of quickly getting back to Hangers to defend it.

    Closing remarks:

    This layer is quickly becoming one of my favorites. The infantry fighting on this map is always fantastic and without the fight being decided by whether your tanks so well or not, we can actually play out a match with great infantry movement. The sandstorm also allows for movement around the map that doesn't get spotted instantly due to the lack of concealment on the open desert.

    This was a fantastic match with top notch teamwork from all the SLs. Comms were on point, roaming aggressive defense worked so well at Hangers. Our attack stalled out a lot except near the end but Gas Station is such a hard point to take that it didn't surprise me. Special thank you to my squad for a job well done. Everyone was on point, comms were excellent, callouts were good, fireteams were amazing, with a fire element and a maneuver element. All the non-regulars in my squad commented at the end that it was one of the best, if not the best, rounds of squad they had played yet. Props to the enemy team for a tough fight, could have gone either way at any time. Screenshot below provided by Wicks for reference.

    Talil 3-8-2018.jpg



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