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  • [EVENT] Squad Commander Series - Event information


    First - this is a long post and there is a lot here. Please read the whole thing, probably more than once, before asking questions.

    As most of you are aware, TG has been sending teams every week to participate in the RGN Conscripted Combat event. We've viewed this event as a way to promote Tactical Gamer and our Squad community, give our TG Squad players the opportunity to participate in organized events outside of Tactical Gamer (to fight different people every once in a while), and as a way to build some bridges with other communities that share TG's philosophy on Squad.

    Despite some occasional hiccups, I think this has been pretty successful and met most of our goals. However, we've lacked the ability to really achieve what we've wanted out of this, which is more of a closed setting (no public players and the disruptions they bring as we get that every single night on our own server) and the ability to match up against other communities in an organized match. We get that in our internal scrims, but we are also playing against the same people we play against every other day, just with a bit more planning before the match.

    Well, RGN has now created a new event that is more suited to what we're all looking for and we will be shifting our focus from Conscripted Combat to this new event, which is - as of now - being called "Squad Combat". The name isn't important. What it involves is. This is how the event will be run:
    • The new event will be run as a "campaign" of 4 matches between two teams.
    • The teams are set prior to the start of the campaign, with each team being composed of participating communities. Each week, the responsibility of providing a Commander alternates between teams, so that over the course of the campaign each community will be able to be Commander for at least one match.
    • Teams will alternate between BluFor and OpFor each week during the campaign so that each team plays each role twice during the campaign.
    • The campaign will be promoted as an on-going "war", with each week being one battle in that overall war. The results of the week's battle determines where the next week's battle will be fought. The maps/layers for each week - after the first - are chosen by the RGN staff to fit the storyline of the war.
    • Team rosters are closed and the server will be password protected. Public players will not be able to participate in this event. Conscripted Combat remains as-is and will serve as the means for public players to play in a semi-organized match.
    • The winning team over the course of the campaign will be determined by total ticket count from each match. All game modes - AAS, Invasion and Insurgency - are a possibility to be played during the campaign.
    • There are rules of conduct during a match and teams that violate those rules are assessed a hefty ticket penalty. There will be 2 referees present during each match.

    For the initial campaign, the following communities will be participating:


    The first battle will be fought next Monday - April 8th - at 9pm EST. The fight will take place on Yehorivka, playing the AAS v5 layer.

    The first campaign will pit TacticalGamer + STG against |56| + AFO + 7th Cav.

    disposableHero - me - will be captain of the TG/STG team for the first campaign and will be CO for the first fight on Yeho. As we are alternating CO responsibilities each week, STG will provide a CO/plan for Weeks 2 and 4 (both BluFor weeks for our team) and TG will handle CO/planning for Weeks 1 and 3 (OpFor weeks).

    How will we handle our roster?

    We're going to handle this the same way we handle any of our scrims: registrations via TacticalBot on Discord.

    1. Open a private message to TacticalBot
    2. Type "!signmeup <enter what roles you are volunteering for>" and press enter
    3. You will be given permissions to our event planning channel.
    4. The team captain will announce the roster by the Friday before the match.
    5. Supporting members will have priority over non-supporting members. There are benefits to membership. Consider supporting TG.

    Is this perfect? No. It is not. I recognize this and agree. As captain of the first campaign, I will do my best to make sure everyone that signs up gets to play. Will I be able to? I guess that depends on how many people sign up and what roles they volunteer for.

    Some math:

    TG can bring 20 players during any given week for the first campaign. There are 38 slots available on each team, with 2 slots needed for streamers and 2 slots needed for referees. STG has committed to bringing 18 players each week. If they fall short then we have the capacity to make up the difference, so 20 may or may not be a hard number on any given week.

    20 players * 4 weeks is 80 players total.

    For Operation Valentine we had close to 100 registrations total by the time it was all said and done. I realize that this event is on a weeknight, not a weekend, and with a 9pm EST start time and most of us needing to get up for work the next day it might not be easy to commit to. This could reduce the number of people who are willing to sign up.

    Here's another stipulation: If you sign up to play and are selected for a given week, I would hope that you will be able to play. However, life gets in the way and it is really hard for any of us to plan to play Squad up to 4 weeks in advance. I understand that. However, if you register this week, are up to play in week 3 and need to back out, it is entirely possible that you could end up not playing at all because there is only 1 week left in the campaign and juggling the rosters around to accommodate someone who missed out the week prior with 1 week left and 20 other people still waiting is not going to be something I or anyone else who is captain is going to be willing to do: someone is going to get screwed.

    So, if you sign up, please make sure your Monday nights are free to participate and be flexible in terms of which week you may be put on the roster.

    Signing up and no-showing will get you blacklisted from further participation. This is a lot of work to organize, someone else was probably asked to wait so you can play, and others are sticking to their commitments and showing up. Please respect all of that and show up. If you need to bail, please let the team captain know this as soon as possible so a replacement can be arranged.

    In the end, we want everyone to have fun and be happy, but I can also guarantee someone is going to be pissed off at either not being able to play or something else going wrong. Just know we're trying to do our best, but I also don't want to hear about it. Clear? Good.

    Above I said Supporting Members get priority. How is this going to work? A few ways.
    • If we have more than 80 sign ups, all SMs will be added to a week's roster prior to non-SMs, so if there are more than 80 sign-ups, all SMs will be guaranteed to play and non-SMs beyond the 80 count will be bumped to reserves.
    • SMs will be eligible to be picked before non-SMs for any given week.
    • SMs will get priority over non-SMs to substitute for a drop during a week.
    • SMs will be eligible to play more than 1 week during the campaign. This would be in situations where we don't have enough SL volunteers or other circumstances such as that.

    Lastly, the team captain is responsible for the week's roster and the composition of that roster.

    Do I sign up now or should I sign up for the week I want to play?

    Sign-ups are open now and will remain open until the last week of the campaign. For the first one, this means sign-ups will be open until Monday, April 29th.

    I'm going to suggest that if you are interested in playing in any of the 4 weeks of the first campaign that you sign up now. If there is a week you know you will be unable to play, put that in your signup message or DM the team captain on Discord after you've registered. The sooner we have an idea of our head count for any given week, the sooner we can get the weekly rosters figured out and give people an idea of when they'll be playing. We'll do our best also try to accommodate any scheduling needs or conflicts. Our best doesn't mean it will be guaranteed to work, either.

    Ok - how is this campaign going to work?

    Below is the flow chart for campaign 1:

    Since TG is Russia - OpFor - for week 1, if we win then we will be playing as the BluFor faction on Mestia Week 2. If we win that, then we will be playing as OpFor on a layer of Belaya for Week 3. If we win that it looks like we would play another layer of Belaya in Week 4 as the BluFor faction. Clear? Cool.

    How will team captains for TG be picked?

    Beyond the first campaign, we will open up the role of Team Captain to volunteers, with the Squad Admin team having responsibility to select the captain from those that volunteer. If there is a tie or for any reason the admin team cannot come to a decision, the Squad GO will have final say.


    Post them below or ask them in Discord.

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