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RGN Round 1 Yeho AASv5 - AAR

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  • [AAR] RGN Round 1 Yeho AASv5 - AAR

    Yeho AASv5
    TG/STG vs. 56, 7CAV, AFO
    6 Ticket Loss

    I'm going to keep this AAR as abbreviated as possible while emphasizing what I think are the main lessons to be learned.

    The Good
    • The Roll Out
      • Good positioning set us up initially for seizing West Mogil immediately and delaying East Novo cap.
    • Stout defense
      • Initially good defense of West Mogil and repelling the Abrams.
      • Kropy never close to being overrun.
    • Lethality
      • Had 40 more kills, 40 less deaths and 30 more revives. People may not have always felt it but the enemy was quite literally dying more often.
    • Vehicles
      • We likely had a fairly even vehicle loss ratio, it's tough to say exactly without counting every mrap, logi truck, etc destroyed.
      • With a firepower disadvantage the T72 managed to dish out more pain than they're willing to admit. They at least kept us in the fight and we were never overwhelmed with enemy armor.
    The Bad
    • Lack of speed and initiative
      • We're obviously all aware of the lack of further push to Lower Mogil at this point.
      • The RU is at a firepower disadvantage but a mobility advantage on this map. We did not use our mobility advantage.
        • While my 30mm BTR got a lot of kills on fire support missions, we should have been used more as a battle taxi.
    • Mortars
      • Enemy team initially out mortared us. We don't pay enough attention to them. They created so much noise and chaos, it made defending West Mogil that much more difficult and directly helped us lose that cap
    • Attacking
      • We have trouble attacking the well defended and organized West Mogil cap and didn't achieve the necessary force concentration to guarantee a breakthrough. Our one mech inf push was half hearted and ill fated.

    On our server, we play a certain way. We abhor the rush, we establish good supply lines, flanking FOBs and we conduct long and stealthy flanks. For scrims at least, it's becoming clear we need to play a little differently.

    We need to learn how to:
    • Attack quickly and violently just using rallies
    • Train good mortar operators who don't need extensive spotting or comms
    • Use transports/APCs more effectively to gain more angles on the enemy

    Distinguished Squad Leader

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    Reposting from the AAR Discord chat:

    One thing I wanted to bring up from my experiences with every scrim I've been a part of so far (this one included) is that I haven't seen the level of coordination on the infantry play that I'd expect. I'm not saying my expectations are valid, just that I've yet to see a fire team be ordered to provide base of fire from a particular direction to support an assault along a particular axis, and I haven't seen two squads coordinating closely together apart from 'squad A take this side of the objective', 'squad B take this side of the objective'. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, just that I haven't experienced it and I'd like to, maybe it would make us more effective as well. And also maybe it's just not realistically possible given how the game plays out currently. Just my 2 cents. So all the caveats out of the way, I'm thinking it's possible we need to step up the infantry game between regular server play and these more organized scrims.

    Just putting it out there, I see a lot of fights devolve into I don't know how to describe it other than a messy skirmish line where one guy/a couple guys infiltrate and down the majority of or wipe a squad, and squads fighting to the death in these engagements instead of breaking contact and setting up in a more advantageous position. I'm sure we all see it, and it would definitely be tough to fix, but I just wanted to highlight it in the spirit of things we can hypothetically improve.




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