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    My take is that V13 is one of the weakest updates and took 3 steps forward and 10 back. I used to get 90+ FPS at 1440p everything maxed out. Now I'm lucky to get 50 with everything turned down low. Plus every night I get server closed connection, I have looked at every trick to fix this to no avail.

    The maps are boring and have been played to death. Most need to be reworked because of added emplacements, weapons and new vehicles. The no insta-death after a revive is weak ****. Its stupid to blast someone 3-4 times in a window but a rifleman keeps picking them up.

    The buddy rally is a knee jerk reaction to players not thinking or paying attention to the map. Regular forces should not have mines. I'm ok with insurgents a d militia having them, but it almost encourages lone wolfing to set up mines.

    Our map rotation needs more variety. It seems like every night I play the same maps over and over. Narva, Tallil, and Gordok or Yeho. It gets boring going back and forth to U.S. and RU.

    As for more TG players squad leading, I probably wont do it. I hate squad leading and I'm better at other things. That's why I generally like to be in a TG squad because I know they know what they are doing, and most of the time we are the only squad either attacking, defending or setting up radios and habs.

    At the end of the day I'm here to have fun, if I'm not then I'll go do something else.


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      Literally made an account just to post in this thread after someone directed my attention to it.

      Map Rotation
      Whether or not you recognize me by my name, myself and a group of at least 8 (one of whom is maybe the worst driver this side of anywhere) or so people choose to hop onto TG every Friday afternoon/evening when everyone is free from the responsibilities of work or school for the week. This means we really only get to hop on once or maybe twice a week for about 6-8 hours. So its rather strange to see the exact same map rotation in effect every week for periods as long as 3 weeks.

      It also doesn't help that most of the maps/layers in rotation (at the time I last played last Friday from this posting) are conventional v conventional forces, with I think only one of them having an unconventional force (Militia). v13 has brought the Militia and Insurgents new tools and kit loadouts and it feels weird to be stuck in what is essentially v12 2.0 fighting/being RGF every map. I'd like to see more variety in what faction I'm getting to play as/face off with alongside the different maps and layers, esp after v12 withdrew Militia and Insurgents from most maps layers. I myself hardly played on TG (or squad at all as you are the main server my group of friends like to play on) due to this as you can really only play the same layer on the same map every week for so long before you just get numbed to it.

      Perhaps having 4 or 5 preset rotations that can be swapped between every 3 or so days might solve this issue. If I can offer up suggestions for rotations anywhere I'll gladly do so.


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        Hello All,
        I pretty much agree with a lot of the points. I do not think the fault is with TG. The fault is with OWI.

        1. Maps
        - They need more. Constantly show stuff in the Wrench and Modders but nothing gets deployed for public play.
        - They need to get smaller. I spent an hour and a half on Tali last night and only saw 3 enemies. That North side of Tali is amazing, getting some CQB fights in an urban environment the size of Sumari would be amazing. I really do wish they would make smaller "infantry" maps to allow a break up of huge map after huge map.
        If they keep the large maps, they NEED to focus on getting Air assets in for transportation or increase to 100 player count. My biggest "screw this, i'm going to play some xbox" map is Mestia. It's a stupidly large map with terrain that promotes vehicles to position themselves at a distance and carve up infantry. If you own armor doesn't counter by dodging 10 bazillion mines.... then it sucks.

        2. Release Windows
        - When they hired new blood in OWI and promised certain things, releases I thought were a huge topic. So far, nothing has changed. This games number 1 killer is the updates.

        3. v13
        - I'm not sure what people are complaining about frame rates. This update is the best thing since sliced bread for me! I can now play on HIGH and still get 70-80 FPS during fire fights.
        - Enjoying the movement and gun play changes.
        - My biggest issue is the buddy RP function. That NEEDS to go. Completely unfair to allow a crappy SL a handicap. Plus, from a defending mindset, you just went from defending against 8 people to just an onslaught of enemies abusing the buddy rally. I'm pretty sure I've lost a few points because of it, and when I used it... i felt dirty.

        4. Team Stacking and SL
        - I have not noticed it as much. I do know there are a few that try to play with their buddy and I have nothing against that. I'm not a tag wearing member and I only SL now when I see others need help. But I do try to join a squad with TG guys if not, guys that I know. I do not team switch unless sides seem unfair. I'm hoping other regulars do the same.

        - To be honest, I removed my tag because in the past the favorites game with locked squads and certain people ALWAYS taking the tanks were really irritating. The SL burn-out got me bad and nothing was more of a kick in the balls like wanting a break to test out the new tanks and boom, they were taken by the same guys that always took them. That being said, I don't play enough on the TG server to say that still happens.

        - The SL burn-out is bad. Their is absolutely no reward besides winning a match. At least certain members/admins of TG busted their ass to get the stat-tracker online. When I played America's Army there was no reward system but they had an amazing stat-tracker. All I had was a little avatar next to my name to signify active duty member. I would constantly go back to stat-tracker to see how far I've moved up in the rankings. OWI needs to take what you guys made and do something with it. Or maybe pay members of the community that are willing to help them push this out to a game-wide platform. // I don't see this happening due to the hardships they have already with a decent release window //

        5. Map Rotation
        - The large maps at night are a real server killer. If an admin is on, maybe have them make sure we don't switch to a super large map and a super large map....

        6. OWI
        - The real issue
        - Slow to update
        - Updates usually do not include any new maps
        - The maps they have overhauled are amazing, I'll give them that.
        - Publish some of the map makers content for once! There is absolutely NO REASON why we should not have at least a few modder maps available. The only thing I can think of is OWI has just stumbled over their code time and time again that modders just don't feel like going back and fixing the maps.
        - I do enjoy v13 more so than most patches. But not having the Commanders role is nuts. That needs to happen.
        - Look at Post-Scriptum, how is it that they have had a working Commander with the ability to call in support and we still can't for Squad. Heck during a hosted playtest of v9 or v10 we saw them calling in A-10 strikes on Al Basrah.... It's been nearly 2 years, where is that?


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          I have been very itching to play some Squad with you all and been anticipating the update. Timing has been bad with me as far as it's been crazy work wise and I'm on the computer little on the weekends with company for the birthdays & Easter ect...

          I'm only terrible player but I will be getting on after this weekend, but maybe some time on Sat. After that, it looks like things go back to normal.

          I know Dimi & I were talking about getting on and he might be finished his move soon. We'll drum up some A3 dudes that y'all will be able to shoot the heck out of while we take too long to consider each movement lol.

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            Ultimately for myself it all comes down to my available time.

            I don't really have a lot of it in the evenings during the week and never at the time when TG would be populated. Recently even the weekends it's difficult, if the server only populates and starts at 0100.

            Even though I am disappointed with the v13 release and the steps backwards that its taken gameplay. Having only dipped in and out of Squad over the past couple of years I was happy to see it slowly progress towards PR, I feel this update doesn't honour that. However, v13 gameplay aside I still do enjoy playing with any TG guys.
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              Similar to others:

              1. Works, Personal Life (about to be engaged.. so there's that)
              2. When I do get on, not many TG guys on and server isn't populated
              3. Still learning the ropes with Squad, and don't have the familiarity/technical knowledge down to feel comfortable SL'ing. I'd be down for an SL Basics Course/Learn the Map etc.
              4. General populace baffoonery kills the fun sometimes. Haven't had the chance to play in a PW/Srim Event but more of those would help/be fun for dedicated team play/planning.

              General Thoughts - not sure if it's necessarily a TG problem as v13 is just.. weird. A couple of patches would help.

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                1. Squad desperately needs more Maps
                2. I would be open to a learn squad night. Perhaps we could coordinate when there is a free weekend and list the server in the browser as one focused towards new players. Anything to get some new regulars.


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                  I dont get enough time to play to care too strongly about the updates. It's too hard for me to know what all is changed.

                  Perhaps a move to more scheduled play time / scrims / matches could be a solution to burn out and stale maps?


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                    What is stopping me (lately making me just alt-f4) from seeding:

                    -Getting shot while shoveling

                    -Building a nice superfob to defend, then somebody changes to skirmish map

                    -Skirmish maps in general. For me they end too fast. Especially when seeding, just as the game gets going you have to start a new one and do the roll out all over.

                    -no fobs on the flag. I like defending/attacking them. When they are off limits off flag, it's team death match for me and I personally don't enjoy that.

                    -afk seeding. I have the feeling it is counterproductive if more than one or two ppl.

                    //Now most of those are very personal to me.

                    But inversely, what I think might help:

                    -Getting 2 or 3 people in that are not afk to get fobs set on both sides even. If many afk seed this becomes impossible bc teamsbalance blocks it

                    -Generally a more pick-up game (if that is the correct term) mentality. I find this lacking compared to when we had a more vibrant Eu player group. For low pop games in early hours imo it is very important to play WITH the opponents.

                    Have a race, test something, do something fun or silly...Make it fun for people on both sides. This is how we get to this rule of not destroying fobs. Having such a rule is nice, but the mentality behind it is imo more important than having a rule.


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                      I subscribed how do I get tagged up with TG I have been playing with alot of you lately????


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                        Welcome to TG, RedneckCasanova !

                        As far as tags go, please see this:

                        Pretty much everyone who is actively playing Squad gets into Discord VOIP while playing. That would be a good place to start, and obviously feel free to hop into anyone's squad and introduce yourself.

                        Also, make sure you review this information. It has links to our Discord, server rules, etc. It's good information to know.

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                          What is Squad? What is discord? Where is the PoE3 forum?


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                            Originally posted by disposableHero View Post
                            We've all seen it. We all know it. Our server pops later than usual, stays full for a shorter period of time, and there just seems be a general feeling of apathy toward Squad of late.

                            All of this just 2 weeks following a new release.

                            So, if you feel so inclined, can you guys tell us what is keeping you from mustering the will power to launch the game and play right now? Give myself and the admins some feedback to help us try to bring some energy and excitement back to the title and the community.

                            Ready? Go!
                            IMO, it is the seeding that is problematic. We fail to achieve the critical number of seeders to get the server going. I think that is because some of the regular seeders have lost interest. Trying to pop the server for an hour and failing would wear anyone down.

                            How about designating a seeding time every day? 8PM EST or some such. If seeders showed up at the same time, it may achieve that critical number required to get the server ticking.


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                              Something about the game just isn't as fun as it used to be. I honestly can't put my finger on what the problem is, but I don't have the urge to jump on as soon as my kids are asleep any longer. If I were to guess, I'd have to say the maps have just gotten stale. Don't get me wrong, the small terrain changes they have made to some of the maps are great... but those maps are gigantic, and your chances of seeing those when most fights are at the same points each time are rare.

                              I do have a decent amount of fun when in-game, but nothing that lasts longer than 1-2 rounds. I get one maybe once or twice a week now... sort of depressing, I enjoy gaming with you guys too. Just no urge to sit through a "grind" at times.

                              Yup, that is what it feels like to me... like I'm grinding through the same thing over and over and over with these maps.




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