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Better Integration of Discord and the forums

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] Better Integration of Discord and the forums


    We're working on better integration between our forums and our Discord server to try to better help promote the content you care about as well as make it easier to find information and participate in conversations.

    To do this, we're going to add the ability to store your Discord ID on your forum profile. As a starting point, this will help us to automatically set some channel permissions on Discord and make things more consistent in that regard. Additionally, it will help us get you the content you're interested in and provide easy ways to navigate between the two mediums.

    Below are the instructions to add your Discord Id to your profile to get the process started:

    1. Retrieve your Discord ID
    From any Discord server that you belong to, right click on your name. In the drop-down menu, select Copy ID.

    2. Add your Discord ID to your TG Forum Profile

    Go to your User Settings.

    Paste your Discord ID into the correct field.

    Click Save Changes.

    5. That's it!

    Over the next few days we will be working on granting access to certain channels based on whether or not you have a forum account. We will also be creating some new channels in Discord that will provide a live feed for new posts in the forums as well as many other integrations that will help blend the two mediums together, all with the end goal of making both accessible and easy to use.

    Lastly, we're also going to begin to look at the structure of our Discord and are most likely going to make some modifications to that as well. We realize this will inconvenience some of you that have certain channels muted, etc. We apologize for this, but in the end we hope that these changes will make for an overall better experience.


    If Copy ID is not available when you right-click your name, please make sure you change your Discord settings and enable "Developer Mode" (you can always turn it off after you get your ID):

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